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I've got to give me~self a pep talk...all is NOT lost even when we think it might be!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

emoticonOkay Roberta...this is my serious talk to me~self given name.

Get over your slump. Get back up in the saddle and RIDE!

The economy is in the crapper...so what else is new? You could be living in Iran and be afraid of walking outside because you would be bombed or gunned down.

You could be living in a place in the world where you were sold like chattel and not allowed to show your face to the world!

You could be a WHOLE lot worse off than you are...so get back up in the saddle and RIDE!

Your focus is your reality.

All you've been focusing on lately is lack. Of course that's what the universe is going to serve up to you.

Don't you remember when you were successful because you EXPECTED to be successful?

Don't you remember when you bounced out of bed because you couldn't wait to tackle the day and all of the awesome fabulous opportunities it afforded you?

Success begets success, stop focusing on this dip in the road.

Kindness begets kindness, stop grousing about how you have been treated so poorly.

Hope begets faith, and faith brings about miracles...I'm looking for the miracle that is right around the corner! emoticon

I've decided that our house is WAYYY too tied to my identity. I've spent SO much time and effort defending it, fighting for it, licking my wounds over the sorrow of mistreatment we've been a benefactor of in the lending world.

I love this house...but as they say if you love something and let it free, if it is meant to be it will come back to you. Okay...I know that's meant more for humans than houses...but I think it will do.

I'm letting go of hanging on. If something else better is meant to be...bring it!

I need to save my sanity, and my energy for ME...and the hubs of course. Not this house...it has just sucked me dry and filled me with sadness lately.

Okay universe...serve me up the next big adventure...I'm ready for it...yes I am!

Too much stress eating this week, too much heavy deep thinking about the 'what if's' and the negatives of life. I can't let these constant trials and tribulations continue to weigh me down. As long as I have the hubs, my little brown fur baby cat Keanu, and my friends....home is anywhere I am.

Nuff said. emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm off to the treadmill and I'll do my 30 minutes with my music blasting and a smile on my dill pickle face! emoticon emoticon but...did I tell you I really, really REALLY, like dill pickles! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a gift you have of expressing yourself with the written word! I am more vocal, a visualist, so all this blogging is different for me.

    Keep up the GREAT communalization! You are helping many of us, Sparkers!
    Have a Sparkling Day!
    2078 days ago
    Today is a new day, you can do it! emoticon
    2090 days ago
    I just read your blog for the first time. Great way to look at our life and been thankful for all the wonderful things that make us happy.. Letting go of the negative things in our life that make us sad. I wish you the best. emoticon
    2091 days ago
    I know you love your home, and that makes it worth a fight. But if the stress is to much, then you may have to cut back on the amount of energy you are using on the fight.
    I know first hand what happens though if you don't do everything yourself. We put our home fight into the hands of idiots and lost the battle. If I could have a do over, I would try and find some smarter idiots. Or maybe I just should have done it all myself.
    2094 days ago

    I related to this b/c of my struggles with chronic pain and immobility. It's really hard, but so important to count our blessings. Thanks for the reminder and God bless.
    2100 days ago
    Great blog.
    2100 days ago
    Before I read your blog, I was feeling really bombed because I was having one of those 'feeling fat again' days, because yesterday was my 60th birthday and no-one thought it would be a good idea to throw a party or something for me - and a gazillion other things that have been make me somewhat depressed lately BUT your blog put me back on track to being my usual optimistic self - so what if hubby is concentrating more on his work than on me - I am responsible for my happiness and if I am happy then those around me will be happy and our happiness will radiate to each other .. thank you .. good luck on your journey .. good luck with that wonderful positive attitude, even if you are convincing yourself, it is better than allowing the negative to creep in ! emoticon
    2100 days ago
  • CMTH08
    Great blog - couple of lines hit home, too. Especially the one about "Kindness begets kindness, stop grousing about how you have been treated so poorly. "

    But, it sounds like you about to lose your house, and that makes me very sad.

    2100 days ago
    I think that we all need to do a reality check once in a while, and you have caused me to take a second look at my life right now. No matter how bad I might have it, there is always someone else facing something worse. I have a loving family, a roof over my head, a good job, and I need to learn how to appreciate what I have and make the best of it. Thanks for the wake up call!
    2100 days ago
    Bobbi, I really enjoyed this blog. After I read the last one I was going to tell you to quit being so negative and look at how much you do have. And then I deleted it because I decided everyone has a right to be down once in awhile. So I am happy to see it is over. emoticon
    2101 days ago
    Very nice. That's what I've learned too - to encourage myself to get back up. emoticon
    2101 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2101 days ago
    This could have been written by me minus the house part. You've got to pick yourself up and just do it. What is meant to be will be and there is no way to change it. emoticon
    2101 days ago
  • JUST4ME71
    I loved reading this! Good luck to you and your endeavors! Knowledge is power and kindness is what keeps us ticking...believe in yourself!
    2101 days ago
  • FUN2BME3
    OMG !!!! This could have been written by me a couple of years ago . Let me share with you that I walked away from the home that I raised my 3 children in and at times worked 2 jobs & borrowed money to keep it going. I owned my home for 21 years and thought my world was over when I had to leave. Leaving was the absolute best thing that happened to me. I made it through The empty nest syndrome at the exact time that I had to relocate. I am in a much better city now in a beautiful rental house that I can afford. I am much less stressed because I am not responsible for I insurance and repairs and this whole thing was a huge lesson in that you can be home anywhere as long as you make anywhere your home. Moving on & moving out was one of the best things that I ever did but it didn't feel that way for awhile. You too will rise above this.

    I too LOVE pickles,

    2101 days ago
    2101 days ago
    I've never met you (and am unlikely to ever do so). I've never stumbled across your SparkPage before, let alone read your blog, but today I have read this blog post and am so glad that I did.

    I really needed to read what you wrote. I'm losing my lovely house too and much more besides. My security has been so badly rocked it has felt as if my world has been washed away in a tsunami.

    but you are so right - compared to most other people in the world, I am still very rich and if I started counting my blessings I'm sure I could keep going until midnight.

    So, just like you, I will take a deep breath, stop licking my wounds, stand up, open the door and dare to step out into the world again. Scared? yes, but inspired by your blog and your strength.

    If you can do it, then perhaps I can too.

    Best wishes & God bless

    2101 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    2101 days ago
    Good for you and good luck moving on, you deserve it!
    2101 days ago
    2101 days ago
    2101 days ago
    Great self motivating talk. Stay positive.
    2101 days ago
  • DEBK0923
    great blog
    2101 days ago
    2101 days ago
    Way to go lady! You can do it! I feel for you. I actually am on the other end of what you're going through and the emotional ride is quite similar to what you're experiencing. Hang in there. You're getting a "second chance" at your life. Take it and never look back.

    2101 days ago
    that's the kind of motivating self-talk we all need to give ourselves! Thanks for sharing yours. Keep it up! Good luck!
    2102 days ago
    This was an excellent inspiration to me to lift myself up out of my funk over what-not in my life and move along. Thanks for posting it! emoticon
    2102 days ago
    Good for you Bobbie! You deserve a new fun adventure. And with your positive attitude it will happen. I am really trying to go along but it is oh so hard some days. Knowing you have such a can do positive spirit shows me it can be done. At this stage in my grief i do need all the energy of others to carry me thru. Take Care! emoticon emoticon
    2102 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    Great motivating positive talk. Thank you. emoticon
    2102 days ago
    This is a good example of what we think about we bring about! Great job flipping a negative to a positive.
    2102 days ago
  • SUSANK16
    Stay positive
    2102 days ago
    Great blog, good luck on your journey
    2102 days ago
  • DJSHIP46
    You have a great attitude (or you're working hard on finding your great attitude) and that is wonderful. My daughter lost her home a few years ago and it was a horrible trauma for her and her family. They live in a rental now that they may be able to buy someday and life is good again, most of the time! As you go through these difficult times, I hope you are always able to look for the positives and reach for all the good things life has to offer. Be good to yourself and best wishes on your successful journey!!!
    2102 days ago
    You got this!
    2102 days ago
    Let's get out of the boat (feel like we have been on the same boat lol) and start swimming :) I can relate to what you have been feeling. Now I am finally getting active again on the Teddy Bear's team after a not so great lull. Let's move it :)

    2102 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    An excellent pep-talk, not a pity party. That has
    always been your forte-strong and dedicated.
    2102 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/22/2012 8:04:31 AM
    Hang in there girlfriend!!!!

    Wendy emoticon
    2102 days ago
    Well done for your positive thoughts, life can be tough at times, but letting it get you down only compounds the misery. Look at the good things in your life, look forward not back and you'll soon be back on track and in a happier place for you.

    All the best

    2102 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    emoticon How wonderful to see your blog featured in the Spark Mail. What an inspiration you are to others!! Today you are a emoticon
    2102 days ago
    I SO understand your situation! Having been widowed now for almost 4 years, my house is SUCKING ME DRY in terms of the mortgage, grounds, repairs, etc.!! Black pit of Calcutta! I also have 2 daughters in college and a third on her way....how am I going to PAY for all this! ?????

    I've decided to downsize and just plain live more simply. It has been a huge relief! The big house will go up for rental after the first of the year, and I'm going to move in with my boyfriend into his 3 bedroom row house, with my youngest.

    Perks: not as much house to clean; not as much yard to care for; neighbors all around; walking distance to almost everything I could want, especially the gym!

    Here's hoping you will find your way into a place that is meant just for you! Perfect, just for you! You have a fabulous attitude, and I thank you for making me realize I am NOT alone! Keep us posted on your progress!


    CJ emoticon
    2102 days ago
    You go girl. Remember. God has many miracles.
    2102 days ago
    Love the great self talk . . . we all need to do that more often as we often get way to wrapped up in what we think we feel or need. May you find peace and improved spirits (both mind and body).

    2102 days ago
    You have such a great attitude Roberta (hee hee). I know how you feel. I LOVE love love our house which we built as our dream home... but unfortunately we aren't going to be able to live here indefinitely.. it will have to go before it drags us down the tubers. We are fortunate to have a separate shop/office building with a small apartment so mentally I'm preparing to downsize substantially. In a way, it is very freeing... right? Spark on and that bright future is beckoning. Hugs, R.
    2102 days ago
    Isn't it amazing how we let our "stuff" own us, instead of the other way around? Its very liberating to pare it down - may you enjoy the letting go and lightening up! Here's to the next chapter!
    2102 days ago
    things have to get better...... it is always darkest before a storm .... so just keep on keeping on! emoticon
    2102 days ago
    2102 days ago
    2102 days ago
  • NANNER2121
    Man, I felt that pep talk waaaaaayyyyyy up here in northern Ontario. Ok, ok, I'll gittyup along with you and go along for the ride. Thanks for the pep talk.
    2102 days ago
    It's not easy to let go of something that you have invested so much time, money and energy in. I think you have the right attitude now though! Change isn't easy which is why most people avoid it like the plague. Some things haven't gone the way we wanted or expected them to. It has made me sad and mad about it. However, I'm trying to move on from it. I realize that sometimes things happen for a reason. Usually it means that something better is coming along or that it just wasn't the right time for things to happen the way we wanted them to. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that you have done all that you can to keep you house without going insane and without making it into a full time job. I think you've made the right decision. Like you said, as long as you have your hubby and kitty, home can be anywhere you make it! emoticon emoticon You will always have your memories that you have made in your house and no one can ever take those away from you!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2102 days ago
    You may not remember but I told you a long time ago that getting another place to live might be the right thing for you.I still believe that.
    I love you and only want the best for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2102 days ago
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