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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wow, this past week was crazy. I had a lot of big stuff for school due, plus an insanely crazy high-pressure interview on Friday morning.

I actually did really well keeping up my nutrition tracker, and I tried when I could to squeeze in 10 mins of exercise throughout the day. I wasn't wildly successful there, but I still did more than normal (which is pretty much zero). Even driving home on Thursday afternoon for my interview, I cranked up the tunes and "car danced" for 20 mins. Imagine what my fellow travelers on I-35 just north of Ames, IA thought!

I was reminded, though, that traveling makes it super hard to eat well. Not impossible, you just have to be incredibly prepared and thinking through everything. I ended up meeting a good friend for dinner Thursday night and she wanted a margarita, so we hit a local Mexican place. They had a "low-carb grilled chicken"....salad (I think it was called??) , and I skipped the pico de gallo and added guacamole (which I could pretty much eat all day long) and sour cream. They don't have nutritional information online, and I'm sure it was more carbs than I wanted, but it was the best option I had, and I was proud of myself for not caving. (Also, go me: I shoved the basket of chips and salsa over to my friend and didn't touch them all night!)

Friday morning for breakfast I had one of those packets of ready-made tuna salad, and a string cheese while I got a little work done in Starbucks. Then I hit the road for the 2 hr drive to the interview. It went *extremely* well (deo gratias!!), and they had a luncheon afterwards, which consisted of a breaded chicken patty, green beans almondine, and a cookie. I had LOTS of green beans, and managed to peel most of the breading off the chicken (skipping the cookie, of course!).

Now, here's the part I'm really proud of: somehow or another, I've learned to conceive of "yummy food" as a reward - I suspect it has something to do with family stuff. We celebrate with ice cream or a special dinner or something. So...I was *really* pumped about this interview going really well. (It was the final interview with my church denominational leadership to determine if I can be ordained and serve as a pastor somewhere, and I had *NO* guarantee that it was going to go well...) It was incredible, and the whole thing was just an example of how crazy and outside-the-box God is. But that's a different story. So...back to the food part.

It would have been easy to have a cookie at lunch, but I didn't. After I left, I went to go visit my absolute BFF who's struggling with some bizarre family stuff. Her tiny little Iowa town has an absolutely adorable old-fashioned soda fountain, and a coffee shop. Before I told her that I was trying to (once again) be serious about low-carb, she suggested going there to grab ice cream. But I said no!! (And because she's awesome, she readily agreed.) We did go to the coffee shop, and I managed to resist all the homemade baked goods. An iced Americano with plenty of cream was good enough for me. I hung out with her for a couple hours, and as I was getting ready to leave again to go home, I started feeling really woozy, and it occurred to me that I really hadn't had much to eat all day. She gave me a big chunk of cheddar cheese for the road, to tide me over until I could get somewhere to grab dinner. Eventually, when I re-entered civilization, I found a Jimmy John's and unwiched a #9. Excellent.

So...bottom line, I had this big important thing to celebrate yesterday, and my old self really wanted to reward me with a cookie or ice cream or a beer or, at the very least, sweet potato fries. But I successfully told Old Self that Future Self would thank me for not doing so. I'm trying to break the bad habit. Instead, I'm going to hit up Bath and Body Works this weekend for a "reward" that will make me feel pretty.

Mmm-hm. Yay for me!
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    Great blog! I love how your Old Self and New Self are talking. I need to do that! It's a great way to break Old Self's habits and create a New Self that eats healthy foods in healthy ways!

    1969 days ago
    Wow! Congrats on everything, especially the interview and the chips! I find that if I eat the things I really want in a controlled environment at home, I do ok. For some reason I cannot eat a few chips without eating the whole bag. The only exception is plain tortilla chips. I don't know why, but I can count those out and stop at one serving. So today I had 140 calories of bite size (it looks like you get more) tortilla chips with a tablespoon of light sour cream. Delicious, and totally ok on calories!
    1976 days ago
    Wow -- You did fantastic on your travels. When traveling it is very hard for me to eat healthy. One time I took a cooler and packed my own food for the weekend (since I wasn't meeting with friends or family to eat during the trip). All I needed to buy was water and coffee. I was surprised by my feelings as I stopped at the Tollway oasis to use the bathroom. I bought my coffee and left as soon as I could. I had extreme feelings of deprivation -- I felt like I owed myself goodies -- even though I had a cooler full of healthy food! It was an enlightening moment. Now I'm prepared for those feelings. I applaud your success!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    ~Ruth Ann
    1978 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/26/2012 8:02:36 AM
    Katie --

    Congratulations on an excellent interview!!! I'm sure you are still feeling the effects of such a positive experience.

    Next -- good job not giving into the chips and salsa. I never ate them until my daughter discovered them. The salsa isn't bad it's the chips. If you only have 12 chips then it's okay -- but sitting around chatting with a friend could lead to serious munching - lol! So BRAVO to you for moving them away and not being tempted!

    I think B&BW is an excellent place to give yourself a well earned reward. You managed to be mindful of your new lifestyle and didn't give in . . . . when it would have been so easy.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


    1983 days ago

    Go you indeed! I looked in vain for an emoticon of "jaw-dropping awe" but, well, you'll just have to picture ME looking that way instead! What a series of wins! Excellent! And congratulations on the interview as well!
    1983 days ago
  • GLC2009
    i like the idea of naming a sandwich sans bread an unwich emoticon i am going to have to remember that one.
    1983 days ago
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