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My Busy Life

Friday, April 20, 2012

Things have been very busy for me lately. Between the meetings, family Bible study, working, caring for the kids, excersizing and other responsibilities.... It seems like I have no time for anything these days!

This week I've worked every day except Thursday and on my day off I had to go to the doctors and run errands! The good news is my doctor gave me a new medicine for my anxiety that helps with my back pain too. But its a non-narcotic that's reeealy good! [I still have my other medicine but I rarely use it. I have it for the night time b/c the tend to make me sleepy.] The new medicine doesn't make me tired but it does make me itchy, lol. As with any medication I am cautious, but so far today [and yesterday] I noticed an great improvement in my mood! I had been a little anxious and stressed lately, probably b/c of all the added things going on, but I'm getting myself back in the grove of regular, vigorous exercise [something that I have found to be the most helpful over everything else- cept prayer of course.] So I'm trying to focus on cardio on the days that I feel down b/c I've found that it helps pull me out of the blues better than anything!

My youngest is going to be enrolled in school for next year! I can't believe she is already gettin ready to go to school- my baby!!! My older daughter is going into Middle school this year!!! Its crazy, I feel like time is flying by and I just need it t slow down.

Recently Spark People contacted me about getting before and after pictures because they said I was a perfect candidate for a pitch they were sending to Woman's Day [and other magazines.] Of course I was shocked a very happy. My hubby took some better "after" pictures of me in a white dress that we bought back in 2005 for me to wear on my honey moon but I turned out to be too heavy for it back then- NOW it looks so beautiful on me! Icing on the cake for this wonderful week. The pictures will always have a special place in my heart for those several reasons.

Even if nothing comes about of it, that's ok, I'm just happy that I've seen the changes I have in my life! And that's all that really matters. It cracks me up when certain people make comments about me being to skinny [which is obviously a statement made out of a lack of knowledge about the whole situation, b/c if they knew how much muscle I've been putting in my body, if they knew how wonderful it makes me feel to eat right and workout regularly, if they knew how many health problems I HAD that have gone AWAY from all these changes, if they knew how much all this has helped with my alcoholism and anxiety then I'm pretty sure they would see how ridiculous it sounds from my point of view... but I just laugh it off.] I'm sure they mean well, but that's why it meant so much to me that Spark People noticed and considers my story worth sharing. I know that Spark People understands me and there are a ton of people here that understand me too and are cheering me on, not trying to hold me back!

I invite any one reading this to go to my main page and read the highlight statement. It sums everything up pretty well. I'm not concerned about losing weight any more. I'm proud and happy to say I've reached my weight loss goals. But now my gears have shifted. Now I want to get stronger and put more muscle in my body, which I have already begun to do. No No No, I'm not trying to bulk up! LOL. I want to look feminine, but I believe its just as beautiful an feminine to have lean muscle on me. Its the "magic secret" to maintaining weightloss and the best way to make your life easier physically in this world!

Today I worked [10-4] then came home and did TF45 Class with my hand weights. It used to be so hard for me to make it through a Turbo Fire work out with weights on my hands, but now its like nothing! I continue to be amazed and inspired by the gift of fitness that Jehovah has blessed my life with. I'm making some healthier food choices too.

Ok, I gotta catch some zzz's for work tomorrow. Another busy day ahead of me. Hope all my sparkies are doing well. I haven't forgotten any of you! Life is just throwing alot at me right now. But its nice to know that my friends here understand that and never jump to negative conclusions about me just b/c I've been busy, lol. I really do miss chatting with many of you and wish I had more time. Maybe Sunday I will be able to catch up on some of my sparkin', hahaha!
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  • NEW-ME-IN2012
    I can remember when our baby started school. That May 2 of our daughters graduated, one got married in June, had convention in July, He started kindergarten in August & another got married in September. Where did I get the time & energy? I certainly couldn't do it now.
    2134 days ago
    Great all the way around! Good for you!!!

    I know about the "baby" going to school. When my baby started kinder, my middle son was in middle school and my oldest was in high school. Now, My oldest graduated, my middle son will graduate this year and my baby will be in 4th grade next year. Time flies!

    Congrats on your many successes!
    2134 days ago
    I don't know how you manage your busy life! It seems like you have everything under control and are doing great. I'm glad the medicine is working for you. Keep up the good work.
    2134 days ago
    How wonderful that you see yourself changing for the better! We can see it, too! Your life sounds busy, but that's a great thing. Living a good life is never boring. I wish you all the best for continued joy and success!
    2135 days ago
  • MBUSSAN210
    Hope you are getting some much deserved "down" time! Your new picture looks BEAUTIFUL! How exciting about the magazine possibility. You are awesome!
    2135 days ago
    You have done a wonderful job! Do not let people who say negative things affect you. There are always gonna be those who want to find fault. (too fat, too skinny, too whatever) Be happy with your accomplishments and thank Jehovah every day for the good things in your life! I am learning those lessons myself. I basically have stopped talking to anyone around me (except your dad) about my hopes and the things I want to happen with my health and weight. Anytime I mention those things I get alot of critical feedback (not helpful feedback mind you), it is like the food nazis must have their say. Just last night I had someone tell me just to eat salad for dinner! I had to try and tell them that I have to eat protein or I will not lose weight! Just can't get some people to understand, losing weight is NOT about eating salad!!! LOL how foolish some people can be!

    Anyway....YOU GO GIRL!!! You are looking and feeling great and that makes me very happy. Take good care of yourself and your family and remember your old mom once in awhile.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2135 days ago
  • BD3269PM
    You are doing great! Stay healthy and get strong! emoticon
    2135 days ago
    I love, love, love your photo! I was going to comment on it before even reading your blog. I'll check out your page next.

    It sounds like life is busy and good. Getting stronger and more fit is only going to make things even better. There is no need to worry about not looking feminine. That won't mysteriously disappear by having great tone and some muscle. You will only radiate good health. So go for it!

    I have been too busy to spend much time on Spark, too. But I've missed you. It was great to find your blog this morning.
    2135 days ago
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