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Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm cranky. ROYALLY cranky.

I feel like I'm plateauing, but it's also possible that I'm just being impatient. With my Max Muscle consultant flaking out on me, I haven't had an official weigh-in or body fat measurement in what seems like forever. Consequently, I have no idea if I'm actually plateauing or not.

I feel like I need to switch things up to jumpstart my progress again, but not sure what to change - I feel lost, floundering. I've also been following a lot of supposedly motivational weight-loss / health pages on Facebook, but realize that when I really think about it, what they really do is make me feel inadequate. One page swears the way to health is paleo vegetarian. She says you can be healthy AND feel satisfied eating kale and beets. Really? In her defense, she also ruthlessly shoots down nutritional myths like fruit makes you fat, but mostly when I read her posts I feel like a loser because as much as I believe vegetarian would be good for me, I know I can't do it.

Another page claims that you can get the leanest, sexiest body of your life without cardio. Just strength training and their eating plan. That's the I looked into yesterday. SURPRISE their program is 1.) very expensive at $300 / month 2.) apparently in very high demand because there's a waiting list to become a client, and 3.) the owner is blunt to a fault and would likely end up just pissing me off. I don't take kindly to someone telling me my goals are irrelevant stats without offering an alternative - even when I ask for it in a follow up question. Made me feel like Adam Sandler in "Anger Management" when Jack Nicholson asked him to tell the group a little about himself and every answer he gave was wrong.

Yet another page is mostly espousing the power of positive thinking type stuff, but they also spout off about muscle-building and nutritional myths and the profile picture of the shirtless, ripped owner is intimidating.

While these pages on their own are not harmful - weight loss studies show that it doesn't really matter WHAT program you follow as long as you stick to it - they all seem to offer conflicting guidance and I think it's contributing to my stress / frustration. Even Farrell's and Max Muscle don't agree on their nutritional guidance. I feel like a FemBot whose robot brain is overloaded with Austin Powers mojo resulting in a system shut down. Only I don't get the benefit of the the Austin Powers mojo dance.

Even though I've modified / relaxed my Max Muscle eating plan, I'm pretty much eating the same thing every day. This is mostly for simplicity's sake for me. I can pop a frozen salmon fillet in the microwave for 2 minutes and dinner's ready. However, today I found myself feeling a general case of the munchies. I'm guessing it's the result of a lack of variety in my diet, but I'm not entirely sure. I made sure to have some red meat for dinner tonight, but I'm still feeling unsatisfied / restless.

After doing this for a bazillion years, I'm losing patience. I want to be LEAN. I know that I'm a satisfactory size, but I feel like I should be able to get leaner and I'm getting cranky that I'm not getting there. Admittedly, I don't KNOW if I'm getting there since I haven't been able to weigh in. So, starting tomorrow I'm going to start actually USING the bathroom scale I got for Christmas. Although weight isn't the best indicator for me, it's SOMETHING. Then, when the owner of my gym gets back, I'm having her check my body fat.

As to my budding OCD about my body composition, I'm going to "unlike" the Facebook pages that make me feel inadequate. I'm also considering loosening up my nutrition plan. Maybe I'll let Sparkpeople tell me what I should be eating next week and see what happens. Although, we have a mid-session weigh-in next Saturday, so maybe I'll put that part of the plan off for a week...
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    HUGS girl! I am also OCD about everything and since being almost the same weight since JULY have been having mini temper tantrums. You saw the vacation blog and the fact that I was pissed that I only lost 6 pounds in 12 weeks for the Gold's Gym Challenge. 6 pounds is GREAT! I was just whining and impatient. You and I are SOOO much alike it's scary! We about the same weight and about the same level of activity. We BOTH need to relax and realize that this is a journey, not a race. We ARE making progress as long as we're eating right and working out no matter what the scale says. I envision myself as this lean, mean, fighting machine and when I look at stupid pictures (like the Gold's Gym one) and in the mirror all I focus on is the fat belly and legs I see there. NOT the toned shoulders, arms and BONES in my upper body along with the much thinner face that everyone else sees.

    Take a deep breath, accept your cyber hugs from your friends and relax. The rest will come.

    On a side note - I'm taking my own advice this week and relaxing and BOOM! The scale was down another 3 pounds this morning. Hang in there friend! You ROCK!
    1980 days ago
  • TIFFY0906
    I agree with KAYECAN - thinking about how great you looked in that swimsuit.

    There is so much advice from professionals and non-professionals alike about health and fitness. But the one thing I have learned in this journey is it is not a one size fit only thing. Everything is not for everybody. So while some of this advice might be good for some it is not good for others. What I say is find that niche that fits you and that you will be able to incorporate into your lifestyle - not to say you won't make changes along the way. I know we are impatient thinking we should be smaller quicker than we are but remember it took a while to put on the weight and develop the bad habits we had so its going to take awhile to turn it around. Don't get frustrated just enjoy how far you have come to this point and know that each day you are getting stronger, healthier and more fit.
    1981 days ago
    1981 days ago
    I'm disappointed we didn't get a pic of Austin Powers somewhere in this blog
    Ally, you are stubborn....inpatient....a perfectionist.....and oh ya...."Analytical, introverted she-nerd". I think out of all my spark friends, you have undergone the most transformation of anybody. You need to deeply appreciate that and know that your journey isn't a race. Heaven knows I'm not on your tail. Just go with healthy changes that are pleasing to you and can be lifelong habits. Your body will get lean in's a lean mean athletic machine now. Relax while you kick box your way through life and smell a rose or two. (these are all words of wisdom from someone that is absolutely STUCK in the 160' I do believe in you though and am very proud of all you have and are accomplishing.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1981 days ago
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