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Frolicking Summer Goddess Mini-Challenge - I'm A Goddess Mashup!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I love this mini-challenge, but since I am a typical Gemini, I have my fingers in all kinds of goddessy pies, and don't identify with just one, but a few.

I identify with the element Air - one of my favorite feelings in the world is standing on the shore of an ocean and feeling the salt breezes blow my hair around. I have hung wind chimes on at least 5 trees in different points of my yard so that no matter where I am, I can hear music in the wind.
Plus, I like that wind can be gentle, soft and warm, and can also destroy everything around it when whipped up into a frenzy.

I am the Mashup Goddess between Kuan Yin and Durga.

Kuan Yin is the Buddhist goddess of deep compassion and the mother of us all, kind of like the Virgin Mary without giving birth to a savior. Her full name means "One Who Hears The Cries of the World." She is the embodiment of the most loving divine feminine energy in the world, endless compassion and love. Her story is fascinating and I have a little statutette of her at my office to remind me to patient and kind to the boneheads who work with me...obviously I need more than one statue.

Durga is a Hindu goddess, and a WARRIOR. I am a WARRIOR aka BADA*S MAMMAJAMMA. Durga is another motherly goddess who was born from a sea of light and has many arms holding weapons given to her by all the other gods/goddesses and she comes to town riding on the back of a tiger. She came to destroy a demon who saw her and totally underestimated her thinking, "How can she hurt me? She's just a woman!" Then Durga let out a belt of deep laughter that caused an earthquake which scared the crap out of the demon. He came at her with many forms but she had all the weapons she needed to defeat him each time he changed forms to attack her. She was blinding him with her light and laughter when she finally cut his head off.

I am a combination of Kuan Yin and Durga because I am gentle, loving and compassionate - my strength is my softness...yet I am also a Tiger Riding Warrior of Light - I have every weapon I need to fight my demons, no matter how they change their forms (in my life that would include self-hatred, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, compulsive spending, etc.) It can change its form and come after me, but I have many arms holding many weapons. And my laughter can shake the Earth, and the light inside me can BLIND all the things that try to take me down. So people might think I'm soft, but really, I will laugh their head right off.

My strengths are my self-awareness, the years of work I have put into my personal growth, my positive attitude, my compassion for myself and others, and that I can LAUGH at the worst things that have happened to me, or that I've done. I can find the bright side of almost anything. I have depth of desire, too. I want to be healthy, strong, and fit. I don't need to be a supermodel, I just want to stop abusing my body and start using it for what it was made for -- to move, to dance, to be of use to my family, friends, and community.

My weaknesses are my terrible rebellious streak - I rebel against everything that's good for me, I resent any attempts at control or manipulation from people outside myself and I'm worse towards any attempts at self-control. While I have the weapons in my many hands, I don't use the right one for this demon....YET. I think with the help of my Sparkfriends and real life support group, I can find the hand with the right weapon.

When I reach my goal weight, I plan to wear a tutu on the back of a motorcycle and take a picture of myself giving the finger. Seriously, that's one of my "rewards". But beyond that moment of exuberant self-expression, I plan to continue a very healthy lifestyle of eating well, exercising, fighting off my demons of addiction and emotional eating, and I plan to be a power of example for anyone who had been beaten by food addiction, negative self-talk, poor body image, and who felt they could never get the weight-monkey off their back. Because that is who I was before I realized that I am Kuan Yin/Durga.

My motto is "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Once I reach goal, I will continue doing what I think I cannot do.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OMG I loveeeeeeee windchimes! Where I live right now, there are no places I can hang them, so they are just sitting in a box waiting on me to love them again.. and I miss them dearly. Kuan Yin sounds super awesome. LOL @ "obviously I need more than one statue".. hehe That's really cool that you have something to remind you like that. Love it! I cannot tell you how much I freakin' LOVED this blog. Oh My Goodness!!! It was PHENOMENAL! I loved the explanations and your strength, power, and beauty. You are amazing and I am officially in awe :) XOXO

    2128 days ago
    "When I reach my goal weight, I plan to wear a tutu on the back of a motorcycle and take a picture of myself giving the finger."

    Can't wait to see the wait....make it a video!! emoticon emoticon
    2129 days ago
    OMG(oddess)! I love, love, LOVEd this blog! What a fantastic statement. You will find those "right" weapons and I can't wait to see your motorcycyle tutu pic! Keep it up. :)
    2129 days ago
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