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Friday, April 20, 2012

Just read the Daily Blog on SP (link below) about how the "new" Federal lunch program recommendations are being operationalized in the schools. The main excitement in this article is how pizza is now being served with a serving of veggies and fresh fruit.

I know - a step in the right direction and all that, but REALLY?

I also know we have to give kids what they will eat, cause even pizza at school is probably better than nothing until they get home and load up on Pop Tarts, but REALLY?

Anyway, I sometimes despair at what passes for progress, I am always in a hurry for positive changes to happen - I wouldn't do well in highly politicized environments - like school lunch programs.

Have a great non-pizza filled day.

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TMORELLI 4/23/2012 2:19PM

    This instantly makes me think of the free pizza nights they have once a month at Plant Fitness, where I work out. My thought exactly " REALLY " ?????

I'm pretty sure that eating pizza is one of the main reasons I am overweight in the first place ! What a joke. I stay far away from it, not wanting to even smell it.


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MERRYROBYN 4/23/2012 10:53AM

    I heard about an intercity school for troubled teens that had only offered a lunch of lean meats, fresh veggies and absolutely no sugary junk food on campus. The lunch offered looked like spa or resort food. Guess what? The teens ate the food and did better in class and had less disciplinary problems. It was so successful, no other school followed their lead.

I tried googling it and couldn't find it. I saw it on TV.

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RUSSELL_40 4/21/2012 9:46AM

    I remember out nutritious lunches back in the late 80's. 2 French toast sticks with a 2 oz cup of sugary fruit cocktail.

Not sure if pizza is worse, but hardly an improvement. I think if they gave kids a healthy lunch, they would eat it. Its all about cheapness. A local school tried to get us to deliver 100 pizzas once a week, but they wanted them for $2.75 apiece. My offer was $4, so it didn't happen. They sell these for $3 per slice and a fruit. 10 slices is $30, for a $3 pizza. This is how schools are balancing their budget.. with the health of your children. Think of the food you could feed children for $3 a lunch. I pay $.78 for a 4 ozs boneless skinless chicken thigh.. $3.09 a lb. With a side of rice, and a fruit, plus a milk, I would still make a profit. However, they are trying to pay a large chunk of their budget with the food program, so they serve the children garbage, and keep the rest.

To fix this, parents are going to have to complain. With the discounts a school gets they can make it even cheaper. I know when we broasted chicken, I bought 500 pieces a week at $.39 apiece. buying anything in bulk is cheaper, and most schools are buying large quantities. So in all probability, they are spending a $1, and pocketing $2 a child.. so they can pay teachers $60,000 a year to work 9 months. Shows you who they care about, doesn't it?

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KWRIGHT26 4/20/2012 8:14PM

    Oh, and a laugh for you:

We were served bananas as a fresh fruit option. They were always slightly underripe and therefore impossible to peel because the stem wouldn't break, and of course there weren't any knives of any sort because you just can't trust teenagers not to stab themselves or each other with plastic knives. Ergo, no one ate them.

I wouldn't do well in a politicized environment either. All this "baby steps" and "everything in moderation" is crap to me, now, even though I used to chant it like a mantra. Sometimes you HAVE to do a complete overhaul, and I can't understand for the life of me why we collectively choose to prolong conditions that disintegrate our health and the health of our families.

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KWRIGHT26 4/20/2012 8:10PM

    Jello with chunks of canned pears mixed in was considered a serving of fruit when I was in high school six years ago, and a healthy lunch option was two of those Smucker's Crustables. Not sure that's changed. I'll take a Big A$$ Salad any day before I'd let that stuff near me... The longer the shelf life the less I want it.

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-LINDA_S 4/20/2012 7:16PM

    It's a sad state of affairs. I wish I knew an answer that would really work. As long as huge corporations control everything, I fear we'll be in big trouble.

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ARLENE_MOVES 4/20/2012 2:21PM

    My kids never ate at school either. I'm not sure it was the food tho. They didn't like standing in line so long that they didn't have time to eat and go outside and play. Packed good stuff - their favs: veggies and chunks of meat - all finger foods. lol

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GRACEMCDOG 4/20/2012 10:55AM

    I get so angry, frustrated and depressed by the greed and corruption that fuel this travesty. Have you seen the shows that dealt with Jamie Oliver's attempt to improve nutrition in school lunches? I think the bottom line is: you have to get enough parents to care about their children's health so that they will become politically active. And doing that requires, first, education for parents and children alike. If children are taught, at an early age, about good nutrition they will have a sound basis for good eating habits for a lifetime. Parents have to break their own addiction to sugars and empty carbs before they can teach their children how to eat for optimal health. We need education of parents.

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JAMGIRL8 4/20/2012 8:01AM

    I can't figure out when pizza and burgers became the norm in school lunches. I am with you, I could not be on those boards would be so heated because I don't understand how serving salad bars, and grilled chicken, and whole fruits is a bad thing....

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PERFECTLY_LIFE 4/20/2012 7:32AM

    Unfortunately, schools could serve top-notch lunches that were the most delicious and nutritious meals you could find...
But they can't make the kids eat them. It is a sad reality.
As with everything else, it has to start at home.
My son is in the 7th grade and has never had a school lunch.
It is a tough gig for the funds and the governments hands in everything.
Not something I could be involved with either.

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ADZY86 4/20/2012 7:11AM

    I'm totally with you on this one. I feel like, if you're going to make a change, make it BIG. The kids will get used to it eventually. And if we're going there, WHO even decided to start serving that rubbish in the first place?!

Unfortunately I will be having pizza today, whether you like it or not emoticon Except mine is home-made, very low carb (like literally 4grams in the whole thing) and DELICIOUS!

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