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A God-Breeze...

Friday, April 20, 2012

...blew into my mailbox today!

THIS magazine was delivered to my house today for FREE!

...And it came with a message:


Considering that it has been intermittently snowing and gloomy for two weeks (after weeks of SPRING weather throughout March... and I'm tired of the struggle to find the energy to eat, be and live WELL), it was a welcome diversion and inspiration!

Things I like about this magazine:
It seems to be a resource I can enjoy on many levels - mind, body, spirit.
It has something for literally every possible lifestyle and eating plan!
It has a cross-cultural appeal and flavour with respect to recipes!
It features ingredients/products I see on the shelves in my grocery store every day!
It is mindful of the seasonal availablity of products in MY world!
It's Canadian!

Here are some samples from the on-line version:
(in no particular and in an extremely random order, LOL!)

Diseases that attack women differently than men

Jukari: The Next Fitness Craze

Tone up faster, better

10 things you need to know about female hair loss

5 medical reasons you need to stress less

Bra-fitting basics: 8 signs you're wearing the wrong bra

How to live a balanced life

The best time to shop for bargains

5 building blocks of great relationships

Master troublesome talks

30 tips for eco-friendly living

10 cheap ways to stay organized

Grow a healing garden

Grocery Cart Makeover: The Donchevs

Healthy food hot list: Recipes and nutrition tips

14 great Canadian recipes

Sustainable seafood buying guide

One problem... maybe two... I have no idea why it's called 'FRESH JUICE' when there is nothing about it that is even remotely associated with 'juice'(which actually disappointed me a bit, LOL)... though it is focussed primarily on whole, clean fresh food and ecologically sound (green) living! And, while I really like the magazine, I'm not sure it knows who/what it wants to be when it grows up, and I'm not sure that this isn't going to hurt it in the long run.

... I guess time will tell. For today, it was a breath of fresh 'juice' for my ailing spirit (maybe THAT is the idea?).

Truthfully, I'm just barely 'okay' right now... I just don't have the energy to do more than manage the immediate concerns of my life (which does include my own wellness... in itself a full-time job at the moment... some things are improving, but as they do, something else of concern comes to the fore).

I am blessed beyond words in my DH (who takes care of everything I'm not managing AND ME with grace, good humour and tenderness)... his presence reminds me that somewhere in my miserable youth, or childhood, I must have done something good (points if you got the reference).

My Divine Miss O is finally fully back to that very sweet spot of wellness, and is thriving on every level! She is GROWING! and excelling at school in all areas... the brightness of her has me catching my breath daily (honestly, I am humbled at the gift she is in my life)... even if, at the age of almost eight (in grade 2 and reading at a grade 4 level) she will soon be beating me at Bananagrams (think 'scrabble' type game) and is keeping me laughing.

I'm pretty introspective at the moment (I have a dozen or so blogs rattling around in my brain and heart but not the energy to write them... nor do I feel I'm in a position to comment on anyone else's life... brain too foggy), though I'm still reading, watching, cheering you on and praying where required!

Each of you are still helping me find the where-with-all within myself to strive a bit more every day, and for that I continue to bless you!

A special THANK YOU to those of you who continue to check in on me and let me know you're paying attention, too (it's amazing how much something small like a 'like something' on a feed can brighten a heart and day).

You ROCK, and I love you, my dear SPARKlings!

May today and every day bring to you a ridiculous abundance of whatever you need. May all your concerns, struggles, anxieties and fears fall like ashes as you rise on eagle's wings, SOARING above all that would hinder you along this tremendous adventure of being and becoming all you are created to be. May the grace of God simply "overtake" you moment by moment. May the joy and victory of the risen Lord be yours in a very personal way... may you always be overwhelmed by the grace of God, rather than by the cares of life!

{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

P.S. We're eating tons of fish these days and I happened across a great recipe resource here:

brainfood blog (all things fish)


...Because YOU deserve the best life has to offer!



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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Looks an interesting magazine. Thanks for sharing the articles, although I could not find one I was wanting to read - the one about hair loss in women. I don't know where it got to. When I click the link, I just get shunted to the home page.

    1639 days ago
    As always it was a pleasure reading this. I'm way behind on my email, that's why I'm just getting to it. Thanks for the great articles. Blessings to you. HUGS
    1640 days ago
    emoticon and prayers!
    1645 days ago
    WTG, Ramona....another great encyclopedia of reference material. Don't remove this blog, 'cause I put it in my POCKET. I love my helps me to pull up stuff like this to read later whenever I a "favorites" for stuff I want to constantly go back to for reference or reading.

    YOU GO, GIRL! Thanks for all of this!
    1645 days ago
    What a full, interesting, fascinating blog. I've learned LOTS which is always a good thing! Thankyou for sharing and well done for your weight loss so far....your body has changed so so much emoticon emoticon
    1645 days ago
    Thanx for posting these links, I had to read the hair loss one....LOL I always had thick hair when I was younger, only to have it begin to thin as I aged, which distressed me. In my case, I found it was genetics.....I finally saw a pic of my bio mom, who was literally BALD on top before she died, which just horrified me. LMAO But ironically, I changed my calcium supplement...after taking Citracal for some years, I happened across the Be-balanced calcium and Vit. D chews at GNC and once I began taking them, for some reason, my hair grew back...and has stayed, so far. ?? I have NO clue....

    But thank you for posting these links, I'm gonna check out all the rest of them soon as I get more time. And I hope you can climb back up from the exhaustion, etc. and find your good side again SOON. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers, sparky bud.....
    1645 days ago
  • REJ7777
    Thanks for the links to all that great information! emoticon
    1646 days ago
    So glad you posted an update, it was good to hear from you! I love new magazines with health info, I can't get enough. I really like cooking light but that's more meal planning.... Thanks also so much for recommending the blog. It looks so great and I've always found fish difficult to cook. I've finding more and more healthy living blogs that are great. Makes me want to do one of my own!

    I do so hope you are well and things are going smooth for your family. You have such a positive attitude and are so insightful, I know you're going to come out of this difficult period shinning. Thinking of you often, E
    1646 days ago
  • TINATC26
    Hey Sweetie..I'm glad to see you..glad that magazine is tickling your brain and engaging you.. I am tracking you, though you would not know it.. I hope you are taking one step at a time towards finding that balance which will put you in a good place, first to feeling better, then to getting back on that journey.. thoughts and prayers are with you..always..

    Love to you and of course, your fabulous family..

    1646 days ago
    Oh my goodness! You're probaly right about the name... and I think I am old, LOL! It just sounds silly to me... I guess I'm not the demographic they're shooting for, LOL!

    ...and Cheryl, THANK YOU for the lovely inspiring comments you always leave for me. I feel deeply blessed... and it's funny... I do feel very much like a tree with extremely deep roots! Honestly, it would take one heck of a wind to even disturb them... deep in my centre, I always feel a calm and rightness... a peace and abiding joy.

    I also like the idea that if a tree didn't bend with the wind and storms, it would break. I'm swaying, but firmly rooted!

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}
    1646 days ago
    emoticon blog Ramona, I adore fish too.
    Once it was deep fried and with a pile of chips now my taste buds and eating habits have changed dramatically and it's grilled mackeral or salmon (or whatever) and salad or veg, potatoes or rice or wholemeal bread.
    And I feel so much better for it.
    Have a good weekend hun emoticon
    1646 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Yes, I'm "tracking" you. Sorry to hear that there's struggle(s) involved.

    I guess I think about Psalm 1 and about the tree planted by the river of Life that gives fruit in season... That is somewhat morphing the words of my translation (NIV), but when I think of trees I remember that the only way they stand strong and tall is through the wind, and the rain, and the storms that blew that enabled them to send down deep roots.

    I'm sorry for your storms. May you cling to the God who loves you deeply and find hope in your time of need (Psalm 142).

    love & prayers! emoticon

    * Thanks for the links to the magazine. Definitely an interesting resource.

    Found this:
    JUICE. An exclaimation. Slang for overwhelmingly good. Used frequently to descibe tastes of food.

    Maybe they were trying to be "hip". (kind of makes me feel old!?)
    1646 days ago
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