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Mayonnaise Revisited Again

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I make my mayo with an immersion blender. I have, over a couple of years messed around and messed around with making mayo in order to get the most nutrition yet also come up with a condiment that actually works the way I want. Here's the recipe I have been using lately--follow it closely and you will have the greatest tasting mayo in an instant. The most important thing is to do everything in the right order and timing. For my ingredients I use a combination of olive oil, hemp oil, flax oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil (gently melted). Sunflower oil is half the cup and the rest is mostly olive oil with the other oils coming in at a couple tablespoons each...approximately. Just make sure you end up with 1 cup total. Too much coconut oil will make a very stiff mayo which might not work the way you want mayo to work.

Also, be it known to all who read this, that all the oils I use are organic and cold pressed. Of course the olive oil is organic extra virgin and all that.

1 cup Oil
1 egg yolk
2 1/4 tsp vinegar
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp water
1 slightly bulging 1/4 tsp sugar
1 slightly bulging 1/4 tsp salt

Have your immersion blender plugged in and all ready to go in front of you along with your cup of oil and the little bowl with the vinegar/lemon juice/water/sugar/salt mixture—all ready to go!

Important technique follows:

In a small bowl combine vinegar, lemon juice, water, salt, and sugar,. Stir for a minute until salt and sugar are dissolved.

Put egg yolk into bottom of the immersion blending cup (or you can use the jar that you are going to store the mayo in). Make sure the yolk is broken.

Pour oil over egg yolk, and then immediately pour on vinegar/lemon juice/sugar mixture.

Submerge stick blender to bottom of mayo jar. Then start the blender and then slowly and evenly lift the blender while it is going, upward (Don’t let go of the trigger ‘till you have lifted the blender clear of the mayo.) until all ingredients form mayo consistency. This should only take a few seconds. (shocking actually!) There might still be a few lines of oil noticeable on the mayo; ignore them while you clean your blender and transfer the mayo into a storage container, preferably glass. You can gently fold the mayo a little to incorporate those little lines of oil if you want but it’s not necessary; this is a wonderful, rustic mayo. You can give it a little stir later before each use. Sometimes it comes out perfect with no need to stir.

Repeat: blender touching bottom and THEN push the trigger and lift slowly, evenly. Mayonnaise will happen.

PS: throw that extra egg white into your next batch of scrambled eggs or add it to any recipe that calls for egg...or delight your doggy with it! Meringue cookies are good!

PS: if, by any chance you blow it and the mayo turns out soupy, pour in the leftover egg white and begin the blending process again. This will often save your botched mayo. If that doesn’t work either, and the mayo is still soupy, use it as a base for a great salad dressing (just add some more vinegar and…whatever) and/or give some to your dog and/or cat. It would be a lot of good ingredients to just throw away. BUT, don’t fear, I have only botched my mayo when I wasn’t paying attention and started lifting the blender before I pressed the “on” button or didn’t measure the vinegar right or left out the water. There was always a good reason it didn’t turn out. It never fails me anymore.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, cool. I didn't know that was THAT Kathleen. She hasn't gotten back to me yet; said she would when she had milk. She probably has some by now. thanks for the reminder--I'll call her again.
    I sure have been enjoying going up to Genevieve's place every week; she's always got surprises in her refrigerator and you are right she is a real sweetie as is her husband not to mention her fascinating children who I love to stop and talk to when they are playing outside (in the healthy dirt!!). Living the farm life was always my dream but my dear husband just isn't into it at all. He loves to eat the healthy food that comes from local farms just doesn't have a heart to farm himself. Oh well.
    2131 days ago
    Oh yes Annie, you don't want to miss out on all that goodness trapped in the blender! emoticon

    I do use a rubber spatula instead of my fingers to get it all out though.
    Kathleen is the same lady I gave you contact info on for the goat the milk, by the way.
    2131 days ago
    That's a cute blog Stephanie--she's funny; thanks for that. I guess everybody has their own little differences. The guy on the video certainly does it different than me. I couldn't get it to work unless I kept all the fat parts (yolk and oil) together on the bottom and then the acid stuff on the top. I also haven't had to do the pulsing thing at the beginning. I do wiggle it around just a little at the very end to get the last pockets of oil to mix in but even that, I have found, isn't completely necessary. I can stir it a bit with a spoon after I put it into my glass storage jar. He sure is right about the taste; wow, absolutely tops over any store-bought brand. And isn't it good to know that when you make it yourself you know exactly what's in it--plain, good ingredients!

    REMEMBER: when it's done, unplug the blender and get your fingers in there to dig out the very last bits--don't want to waste anything! :)
    2131 days ago
    Annie, here's where I got the directions on how to do the Mayo. My friend Kathleen's blog! :) There's even a video, so you can see how the immersion blender works, and you definitely have to keep it on the bottom of the jar. This recipe has you add all the ingredients directly to the jar.
    2131 days ago
    Stephanie, that's great! I have been leaving out the sugar too (even though it's only a quarter teaspoon--[it was in the original recipe]) I "worried" that it might have something to do with pulling the whole thing together but not so.

    Yes, my mayo has a wonderful yellow hue and has thick, creamy, bright texture and flavor. I'll never go back. Thanks for the exceptional way you raise your chickens.

    How did we survive before immersion blenders?? Can you imaging whipping up mayo by hand like our great grandmother's had to do?? Whew, LOL!
    2132 days ago
    I recently started making my mayo this exact same way! It comes together in seconds, it's amazing and my family loves it, and the added bonus is that there isn't any sugar in it, as there is in regular mayo. :)
    The only difference for me is that I use the whole egg and I use lemon juice, no vinegar. I add some garlic powder, onion powder and salt. And it tastes just like store bought mayo! I'm sure yours comes out just as yellow as mine does since we use the same eggs. emoticon
    2132 days ago
    Good points, Ani. I'm putting your recipe with another one I haven't tried yet (can't eat eggs for another 4-8 mos. right now). You might appreciate:

    (actually, I'm eating yolks, not whites, so I can maybe make this work!)
    2149 days ago
    I forgot to add that the egg yolk that I use comes from chickens that are totally pastured raised (on the ground and grass all the time except when roosting) and supplemented only with organic feeds. I get them from a neighbor...fresh!

    I know not everybody has access to this kind of poultry but I encourage you to not use cheap, mass marketed eggs but to try to find organic at the least and pastured/organic which might be the best you can find at your supermarket. Some experts tell us that the chances of getting sick from any raw egg is very slim but still, if you have any concerns, to stay away from the most risky ones and those are the ones that are cheap.

    The people that are at the highest risk of getting sick from raw eggs are people with compromised immune systems and maybe the elderly if they are sickly or weak. I eat a raw egg almost every day in an eggnog, "pudding mash" or an egg yolk plopped on top of soup.
    2149 days ago
    I'm so glad you shared this. Thank you very much. I'll let you know when I make it. emoticon
    2150 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this recipe; I want to start making my own- healthier :-) emoticon
    2157 days ago
    Sounds great, THANKS!
    2157 days ago
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