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April is HALFWAY OVER? Before pic

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So I never took a "before" picture when I lost weight previously.
This took a lot of guts to post because it's just sickening for me to look at.

It was almost a year ago that I ran my first half marathon. I was in shape and felt great. Somehow I got into a slump and my year thus far has been lackluster.

I'm struggling with a lot of things emotionally and I have a tendency to let those emotions take over my thoughts, pushing aside everything else that is important to me.

I'm not sure there's a good way to get past that.

I've got weddings this summer, swimming in my parents' new pool - I have to get back to a healthy weight and feeling great about myself. I don't want to spend this summer dreading wearing shorts or putting on a bathing suit. That's no way to spend your summer.

I've been working on my eating and have been working out, but I'm not giving my all - that's for sure.

Eating healthy came easy to me before, so I know I can do it. I know I can go to that next level. I just have to hold myself accountable for my own actions.

My "after" pic is going to be fantastic. So prepare for that. ;)

What about you guys? What are you struggling with right now?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    gosh, the year has flown by hasnt it! we saw you at the HM in Lawrence last spring. and even found pictures of you in our pictures! haha. what a small world.

    Life is what happens when you are making plans for other things. take what you can use and leave the rest! make the most of it.

    btw, You look B.E.A.utiful!
    2063 days ago
    First of all I want to comment on your picture. While I know you want to improve, I by no means think you look sickening! I think that a big reason why your after picture will look SOOO great is because you will feel so much better about yourself and have more confidence which will show in the picture!

    Second, ah, my JOB..I don't like my job environment and want to make a career change, but with the way the economy is, I often think it is unrealistic of me to want to change careers. Second, I have a lot of food allergies/intolerances, which I have REALLy learned how to accept and live with and I'm actually doing much better in dealing with them!

    I want an awesome "after" photo too!
    2064 days ago
    Hey, gorgeous! Good idea. I can see the difference my 7 pounds gained has made around my middle, and maybe some everlasting proof is what I need. emoticon

    So on days when pain and/or tiredness (my current struggles) don't interfere, look out, flabby tummy, here I come!
    2064 days ago
    I'm struggling with getting remotivated to work out. Trying to resolve that. Maybe I'll a before pic too....THAT should do the trick!!
    2064 days ago
    Like you said, the after picture will be awesome and having a before pictures makes you appreciate the after picture all the more!

    My issue is food too. This week I set a goal for eating in range and getting in my fruits and veggies and I'm doing well so far!
    2064 days ago
    Good for you for taking a pic! and even more Kudos for posting it! Hope you find it highly motivational!
    Yes, emotional eating is always a challenge that I too am struggling with. I try to make the right choices, but sometimes those bad foods creep in anyway!
    Keep rockin' the healthy choices and we will get there!
    2064 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    If you asked me last week, I'd have a list of things I was struggling with. By the end of the last week I was so mad at myself and said "enough is enough". Friday I finally started adding ST to my routine, something I should have done a long time ago, because I've fallen in love. Every part of my body has a slight ache to it, but I know it's a good thing. Today is day 7 in a row of working out AND doing ST. That's the longest in a long, long while.

    I'm not exactly sure what got into me, but I'm loving it. Join me!!
    2064 days ago
    I'm struggling with anxiety. And when I feel anxious I don't have the energy to focus on cooking and eating healthy meals.

    But I'm overcoming it! It's been a long stretch this time but I'm starting to feel much better!
    2064 days ago
    I'm struggling with health issues for my daughter. Exercise and eating healthy are what helps me stay sane but I don't always keep my eye on that. It's easy to get side-tracked but it helps to know that other people have struggles too.

    You can do it as long as you remain focused on what is best for you.
    2064 days ago
  • KSIGMA1222
    Allergies are my issue currently. Amazing weather we have had and are having here in Kansas and much of the country but with it comes pollen and everything else. Had my allergies hit me so bad they knocked me out of action for one week then the next I had a cold that was going around and then it turned into a chest infection for the next 2 weeks. Now I take a 24 hour antihistamine to try and fight it but still on my long runs feel my throat closing after mile 6 or so.

    With that much time off I have lost a bit of my motivation since my times have suffered and have gotten off track it feels like. So I am just keeping at it and knowing I am human and will get back on track in time. We all have our ups and downs but I am not going to stay down and lose my drive.

    Also over past 6 months I have tried switching my cardio up quite a bit to see how I handle it. First took a swimming class to learn the basic 4 strokes and some of the other basics of swimming. Then started taking a core/spin class then swim after it to give me an hour and a half workout but not all centered on one exercise. But with this my weight lifting has suffered from lack of time so still trying to learn how to balance it all along with work and family.

    My main goal always is to feel good and happy about myself. I try and not weigh myself so much and not get down on myself when I feel a fluctuation but instead know that it always evens out and I just need to keep doing as I have and challenging myself along with doing what I can when I can. So have fun swimming, running and everything else and enjoy the highs with the lows.
    2064 days ago
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