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Lunch Break Workouts and Sugar Wagers

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sometime I can do this completely on my own. I always appreciate support, but there are times when my intrinsic motivation is at a peak. During these times, I will wake up looking forward to running in the mornings. My energy will be bouncing off the walls. I will savor and crave fresh fruits and veggies. I love those weeks/months. I become diligent and look forward to fitting in cute new clothes. I meet my goals with ease. I post status reports on FB like "13 miles-done" and I feel great.

Then there are times when I lack motivation. I argue with myself to go running, and somedays my lazy side wins. I want to just sit and indulge in food that doesn't make me feel good. Ahhh... sugar! When I am on a sugar kick, I find myself eating all sorts of crap that I don't need. This is where I've been teetering the last few weeks. I'll be motivated, then I am not.... I try to pull it together, then I sort of fall apart. Up a few pounds, then back down, and then I watch it go up again. It's frustrating to say the least. I am not super intrinsically motivated right now, so I've started to put some extrinsic motivators in place. I've decided I need some extra support and encouragement. Me chanting 172 down, 18 more pounds to go" in my head is not enough right now.

I found support in a close friend that I often go walking with. I wasn't going to eat sugar at Easter, and I didn't, but after a few days at the in-laws, looking at jars of chocolate all week, I gave in and spent two days on a total sugar binge. I reached out and talked to a friend about it. She also had a bad week with sugar. So we've made a pact or a wager of sorts. We're going sugar free for three weeks and if we make it (we will), then we're going for mani- pedi's. She holds me more accountable while I detox off the dreaded sugar. She also adds support that I need right now. It also gives me an excuse around the food pushers to be able to say "I can't, I made a wager with a friend".

The second area that helps is in finding an exercise buddy. Somedays I wake up and want to run. Lately, I haven't. I work in a center for assessing children with autism. In our school bungalow where our program is ran, there are 3 team members and a supervisor. One of my team members suggested we work out during part of our lunch break. We all brought in some stuff like short videos, weights.... and my supervisor brought in these "Fit Cards". It's kind of cool, you pick a card and it says like 30 jumping jacks or 15 mountain climbers... my team has been spending 10-15 minutes a day doing these fit cards before eating lunch. We'll pick like 8 cards and do the exercises. It's very motivational to do it with my team (and my sup will join us), so if I don't go on my morning run, I at least get in 10-15 minutes a day of fitness. I also have friends that I make walking plans with a few times in the evening. It's good to be accountable. It's more fun with friends.

Yesterday, one of the kiddos I worked all month with was moving on to real school, and his mother brought in flowers and chocolates to thank us for working with her son. We opened the chocolates and my coworkers says "Jeannie, have one, it's from YOUR kid. Eat one, and we'll do 6 more cards before we leave today". At first I said, "okay", but then I said "I made a wager with a friend to go sugar free for 3 weeks, and I don't want to blow that. I will still do 6 cards with you after work, but I'll pick a chocolate out and keep in the fridge in until my three weeks is up". I felt proud of my decision. By then, I might not even want it. It's good to find motivation, when you need it.
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    Way to go!!
    2074 days ago
    Sugar is a drug like any other. I am almost sugar free and it makes me feel so much healthier, and was doing beautifully until I got a snack box sent from the US - and now I eat a little sugar everyday. I so don't know if I could completely eliminate the little white devil from my life (even for three weeks!) So proud of you doing this, I will probably try it out too!
    2094 days ago
    It looks like you are finding ways to work around sugar highs and lack of motivation.

    Way to go!!

    2105 days ago
    What a great idea! 3 weeks is a good timeframe: it's the time it takes to form a new habit, and it's not such a long-term goal that it feels overwhelming. I think it's terrific! Sorry things have been a struggle recently, but it sounds like you're well on your way to being back on track!
    2105 days ago
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