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Gardening Grok

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just a babble this morning, before I go back outside.

My weight has really been all over the place. I am trying to pay attention to what I eat and the effect it has on me, so I can pin point my body's reaction. It should be easy, but it is kind of hard when things arent always immediate, or b&w.

So my scale is showing a gain of almost 2 pounds. I am going to chalk it up to getting back to more strength type training. I did the Slim in 6 a couple of days, and that is when the weight came back and has stayed. So I figure it takes a few days for your muscles to do it's thing with the excess water before it releases it, or whatever. Not very technical I know, and I am not even sure what happens, but it makes my mind feel better just knowing my body is probably doing it's thing.

But this is where normally, I would just break down and cry haha. Sadly funny. But seriously though, this is where before I would become frustrated. Saying to myself you are trying so hard and it just isnt working, so why bother. I would give up when just on the verge of success and not even knowing it.

So glad I am not that person anymore. But I read other forums and there is a thread of a person trying primal for 1.5 years and no change. I do know for me, I would not wait that long, or give it that long before seeking answers. I know things don't happen overnight, and that person is not all that much overweight, but for me as an overweight person, I just can't see giving any lifestyle change 1.5 years and no progress. That is 1.5 years gone and still unhealthy. Come to find out, it sounds like she was not exercising, eating more calories than she thought, etc. so I am not dissing the choice, I am just saying that I would have wanted to find out the reasons why it works for some but not for me waaaayyy sooner than 1.5 years. But I admire her persistence and that she just did not give up, assuming a lost cause. She is searching for answers.

All that said.... my few days or few weeks of hanging up is not making me trip. I am constantly trying to learn and think, and figure out what is going on and while I don't always understand it, I know my body is getting better every day. I can feel it, I can see it. So I know the scale is just one insufficient measurement in the grand scheme of things.

Ok, way sidetracked to get to the Title of my blog, which I wrote first and intended to "blah"og about. Gardening Grok.

Part of feeling better, is getting outside and doing more things for myself. I put in a garden, raised beds based on the square foot garden principle. Some of it is doing fine, some of it got frost bite, my peppers, so have to redo those. Live and learn.

But the past few days, I have been working on my landscaping. I have been planting shrubs and planting trees, all in Grok style. Lots of squats, lots of intense bursts, lots of lifting heavy things. Just lots of physical labor and it feels great and my yard is looking great!! After I do some mulch, I will post some pictures.

We had a lot of rain and my lawnmowing got behind. It was really too tall around the pond so I decided to let the horses mow it for me. So I put up a temporary fence, by myself, (fairly straight though not perfect which does sort of bug me) but anyways. I had to put up the fence because I am still trying to grow grass behind the house, and my garden is back there also, so I fenced off the pond from the back so the horses could graze and not track up the back yard where I am trying to establish some grass and not get into my garden.

So anyways, Gardening Grok. It just feels good to get out there and do these things myself. It saves money over hiring someone. It is getting done finally because before I would decide NOT to hire someone and let it go. It is great to do things around my home that is not only good for my home but good for my body. I just love the 2 birds with one stone, the more bang for my buck... whatever you want to call it. Multi-tasking at it's best if you ask me. I thought about doing my ST video yesterday but then I thought why? Just go outside and do the things that need done, and you can accomplish both in the same amount of time.

I am just loving this new person I am becoming, the one that is on the Make it Happen program. Actually, it is getting back to the old me, but I havent seen her in so long, that it is like a new person. Since the past is the past, I guess it really is a new person. I am at a different point in my life now than I was then, the New & Improved Version... so it really is just a whole new me. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love gardening and have a big vegetable garden but I plan on doing a square foot garden bed this spring for salad vegetables. I have to work hard on keeping my weight under control but to stop trying is to fail so I refuse to quit.
    2007 days ago
    You're on the right track. You are an inspiration for we others just starting out - I read...and think......ahhhh....yes....I remember. Thank you!

    emoticon emoticon
    2008 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing wonderfully. Great idea to do stuff that needs done and get your exercise in all at once.
    2008 days ago
    Sounds like a nice place! I do that kind of work but it is mostly at Mom and Dad's place.
    2008 days ago
    Sounds like you are working hard! Can't wait to see pictures. If it wasn't so wet outside and threatening to rain again I would go out and keep cleaning out my beds. We built raised beds last year using the square foot gardening designs. I still have some cleaning out to do before I can plant this year. Have fun playing in the dirt! When the sun comes back I will join you.
    2008 days ago
    emoticon on the great attitude! Sounds like you are really doing some hard work outside. I always enjoy working outside as long as it is not too hot and humid. Can't wait to see pictures of your yard when you are done.
    2009 days ago
    You've got a great attitude! It does feel good getting things done. I have a ton of yardwork to do but the wind is back. Guess I'll scrub the kitchen floor on all fours and be happy! Two birds with one stone, as you said.

    2009 days ago
    Don't you just love doing hard work. I always feel so healthy when I'm outside! Have a great day......I'm heading outside now!
    2009 days ago
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