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being addicted to food

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I am addicted to food. the look. the smell. how it tastes. i don't think people realize they are addicted. i do and i am. i have been going strong eating healthy for three days. it is so hard to stay on track. one sight and smell can trigger it. I know i am not alone in this. This addiction is harder than being addicted to drugs or ciggs. you can't stop eating. you HAVE to eat. i like how they made the tabacco companies take down all their ads. then if the movie is rated pg13 and under you can't smoke in it. why not be like that with fast food restraunts? Stop the advertisements at midnight. stop pushing mcdonalds on us. quit sending cupons n the mail. its not like you don't drive down the street and see 10 fast food restraunts. they make it addictive too. sorry for the rant.
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    I know how you feel. I'm also addicted
    2121 days ago
    I am a foodaholic and have been all my life. I could eat every minute of every day nonstop. It is a constant battle. It is really bad if I have nothing to do with my hands or my brain. So I try to keep very busy. Do you wake up in the middle of the night to decide what's for breakfast. I am constantly hungry.

    That is my rant for today. LOL Love, Carol
    2131 days ago
    You definitely CAN do it. You proved it to yourself. You stook in front of those tempting donuts and muffins and didn't buy one! That fantastic! It IS tough to break this addiction but realize you're not alone. Blog about it, journal, whatever you need to do to keep your resolve.

    2131 days ago
    I work with drug addicts and alcoholics and see many similarities with them as I do my own unhealthy food compulsion. I teeter back and forth between thinking I have an addiction with food versus just skewed views on food and poor eating HABITS. The reality is, the longer I'm working on WHY I grab and obsess for food, I am finding it seems it is more out of habit than addiction. Trust me, I LOVE food just go check out my blog about my weeks long obsession with Ben and Jerry's ice cream to which I finally caved.
    What I do know, however, is that I am beginning to change. I am truly questioning the WHYS of my relationship with food. I also find I am not thinking about things the same way, either. The other day I was in Dunkin Donuts getting an unsweetened iced tea and a veggie egg white flatbread sandwich, and while I was waiting to pay I was smack dab in front of the enormous display of donuts and muffins and it caught me off guard, as it occured to me later that day, that I did not even contemplate buying or eating one. I didn't even think about wanting one when they were literally staring me in the was weird, but it was a moment of victory for me and one that has had a lasting impact on my thought process since that moment.
    I also know that I had a habit of not holding myself accountable for my food choices by pretending I didn't eat as much as I did or would zone out completely while eating or that somehow I was in denial, telling myself I could eat whatever I wanted and just "diet" it away later or worse, that I would never have to be accountable for that moment of indulgence. It was easy to tell myself lies until my pants no longer fit me anymore .... and then the numbers on the scale confirmed that my clothes didnt shrink in the dryer, that my many many months and years of poor food choices and just bad eating HABITS -such as eating ice cream right out of the container or chips directly out of the bag, until nothing were left, was what put that 40 pounds on me. Not that I was addicted but more my impulsivity and mindlessness when I was eating.
    My best advice is to use ALL of you experiences, struggles and victories, to your advantage. If you tune into those experiences you will gain strength and insight into your own issues that lead you to grab for food, when you really should be reaching for something else.
    2132 days ago
    IT's a constant battle that's for sure! Just when I think it's gotten easier, BAM something just sets me off, and there I go again! I found a way to counteract it, by exercising everyday! I've come to LOVE exercise! emoticon
    Keep up the great work, you can do it!
    2132 days ago
    I completely agree with this post! I wish to one day break free from the addiction.
    2132 days ago
    oh, honey . you are so right . you can stay away from drugs and smoking . food is different . you have to buy it and bring it home and cook the food . you are surrounded with the smells and tastes of food . you have to learn how to cope with the issues of food . you can do this but you must work at it like anything you want in life you have to work to get it done . good luck .
    2132 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    For that reason, that you cannot give up eating, it might be useful to think of your connection to overeating as an incredibly strong habit, which is what people used to call addictions. Habits get rewired in your brain by resistance. Knowing that can sometimes be enough to give you the strength to hold out against the urge to overeat or to eat randomly, which is often what sets off the binge. In any case, label your behavior the way that gives you the most power in overcoming it. It is absolutely possible to manage this behavior, though it usually takes a couple of years to get strong. emoticon
    2132 days ago
  • MPLANE37
    If you are patient and work at it, you will eventually break free of food addiction. But it will take hard work and patience. Finding motivation in imagining a new self free of excess fat and free of food addiction will help.
    2132 days ago
  • BECKY3126
    You are so right though. You can give up your other addictions. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc you do not HAVE to have in order to survive (although to an addict it probably feels that way). Food is a necessity. One must eat to live. So what do they do. They make all the really yummy, smells so good, food horrible for us. They make convenience horrible for us. Anything that you do not cook yourself in your own kitchen is pretty much guaranteed to be more than you should be eating. And it keeps us addicted to it.
    I have been trying really hard to come to terms with the fact that I have to cook my own food. And I still eat really good food, but I can monitor just how much of everything goes in it. And I had to get rid of trigger foods. You know what they are for you, or if you don't, I suggest paying very close attention to what triggers you to make additional bad food choices. Most of us are addicted to food. Some of us are just addicted to healthier foods than others. Even when we change how we eat, we tend to still crave that feeling of eating something satisfying.
    Sorry for writing a blog in comment to your blog. I just read it and knew exactly how you feel.
    2132 days ago
    I understand I have the same issue, but YOU CAN DO IT!
    2132 days ago
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