Spark Is Trying to Tell Me Something

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So as I log on and work through my e-mails I keep coming across articles and blogs that just speak to me. It is like Spark knows that I have been slacking and need to get moving on my health plan again.

I really have enjoyed today's article 7 Things that Seperate Weight-Loss Winners and Losers.
I personally have been feeling like a looser alot lately. Because I have been feeling like a looser I have become depressed and not motivated to get back on track.

However after reading the article I see how certain things have kept me from being a winner in the past and that it is possible to turn it back around again.

First up: Making Small Goals. So I am going to set monthly goals. First one up is drinking my water and logging my food again. Both I use to do but stopped.

Second: Allow myself to relax, allow myself a treat. So next week at the wedding showers I will be attending I will allow myself cake but also stay healthy by eating fruit and veggies. Another is to relax when my calories go over. Learn from the mistake and move on not let it frustrate and depress me.

Third: Instead of posting the negatives, post the highlights/positives. I focus way to much on the negative and not on the good and want to start focusing on my positives.

Fourth: Work on streaking again. No not running around naked but something I can do everyday. My first streak is water. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Fifth: Make it fun. Well right now just working out with a friend is fun. Nothing competitive just two ladies working at being healthy and joking along the way. When we don't work out work out on the wii or other ways with the family. Hmm, dance off with my daughters. That could be interesting. :)

So today begins my goals setting. The negative was about to creep in about with me thinking "we shall see how well i do". Instead it should be, looking forward to seeing my accomplishments at the end of April. :)
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