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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I have been sparking for about four months now. At first, everything here looked very overwhelming. The site offers so much that it wasn't possible to absorb it all at once. My first reaction was that there was no point in starting because it would be way too much work and far too time consuming. But for some reason, instead of giving up, I decided to give it a try. Baby steps, I told myself. Don't try to do everything. Just choose one or two things. If those go well, I can add more later.

Well, those first baby steps did go okay. Mind you, I did not set off any fireworks. But I was moving in the right direction. And then I added a few more steps here and a few more steps there. I continued to make bits of progress, and I felt good about that. At my last weigh in, I passed the 20-pounds-lost point (21 pounds, to be precise). Together with the 20 pounds that I lost before I joined SparkPeople, I am down 41 pounds since May of 2011.

It finally hit me. I am not making just a little bit of progress. I am doing a damn fine job! I have lost more than a 35-pound bag of dog food, more than five gallons of milk from the grocery store. The thought of picking up those items and carrying them around all day long . . . well, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

But as proud as I am with my weight loss, I had another revelation. While dining with friends, I was struck by the differences in our food choices. They were eating what I would have eaten a year ago. Multiple servings of high-fat meat, plenty of pastries, dessert at almost every meal. I was choosing lean protein, whole grains, and fruits. Even my portion sizes were much smaller.

But maybe even more significant than my healthy choices, I did not feel like I was suffering. I enjoyed the foods that I elected to eat. And I was satisfied with the amount of food I ate. When we left the table, I did not feel like I had suffered. I felt good physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This happened without me realizing it, one of those gradual changes that sneaks up on you. Oh, believe me when I tell you that I have no illusions that my problems are behind me. I know full well that there are slippages in my future! This hasn't been a success-only journey up to this point, and it will not be a success-only journey going forward.

I came to SparkPeople for the support of the community. I haven't been the most active poster, but every day I have been reading your wisdom and advice and successes and struggles. Simply hearing about other people who share my struggles has been strengthening. A few of you have reached out to me, and for your extra assistance and friendliness I say THANK YOU! Simply being noticed by someone else is helpful. It gives me that little pat on the head that helps me keep going. I sure hope I can help out others the way you have helped me.

I can't do this alone yet. I need to hold your hand, so to speak. I still need to make more changes. As good as I am doing with my food choices, I am not doing nearly as well with exercise. I lack motivation, and I can't seem to find enough time in the day. And I know I need to get more sleep each night. So if anybody has any brilliant ideas, please do let me know. And if you live nearby and would like to walk together, holler! I could use the motivation that comes from a companion who is expecting me.
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    Dear Lynn,

    I've dont the same thing, that is, imagining my weight loss as bags of food I'd have had to carry up the steps to our house - a 5 lb or a 10 lb of potatoes. Ugh! Yes, all sorts of revelations come our ways when we're studying to be better eaters and movers. emoticon Actually, I think that my mind has become a little clearer. Great going, Lynn!!

    Warm wishes, cheers & success!

    2098 days ago
    You really are doing a great job! We kind of have opposite strengths. You are making excellent food choices, and I am really enjoying the fitness part. That doesn't mean that I'm an athlete--really anything but. However, I am really enjoying tracking my walking, and am doing a little running when my knees aren't acting up. I like getting out with my dog, and like doing exercise outdoors when the weather permits (gardening and snow shoveling are great exercises, and they can add them to the favorites list on the cardio tracker if you like doing those things). I like variety, and have enjoyed trying new things, and especially have enjoyed trying some of Coach Nicole's 10 minute DVDs. I have become far better at exercising then I ever imagined, thanks to Sparkpeople, which really surprised me because I grew up detesting gym class.

    Good luck on your goals. You are inspiring me to get back to tracking my food again.
    2132 days ago
    I meant to read this yesterday and it turned into a horrible day. When you liked something on my feed I remembered. I am glad that you stuck it out. You are a constant commenter on my blogs and feeds and I do appreciate it.

    As far as exercise, I need help too. I am doing PT right now and it seems like it is the only time I exercise. I went Monday and then the pool. I have been back since. I will go tomorrow. For some reason I am off this week. I have an infection and I hope I can use the pool tomorrow.

    Do you have a pedometer. You may take more steps at work than you realize. That is some exercise. Take the stairs more instead of the elevator. At the grocery store park farther from the entrance. Don't just pick up what you have to. Walk the aisles, but don't put extra in your cart. Just little bits add up to something.
    2133 days ago
    I like that you say take baby steps.. I agree. I feel so much better and, instead of eating the "pan dulce" or sweet bread that my husband likes, I go for the apple, or a piece of cantaloupe instead. Lets be friends... emoticon
    2133 days ago
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