A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self (with pictures for fun!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

At the weekend the in laws came out and took little man out for a bit and me and the Hubbie went to the cinema....
(or should I say I dragged the Hubbie) to see Titanic in 3D....

I was so super excited as it is one of my most favourite movies of all time. We got our popcorn and went into the big screen and all of a sudden I found myself transported back to my 16th birthday when I last saw Titanic in the cinema, It was as though I was transported to an alternate universe I was a 16 year old girl peering into the future, instead of sitting with my friends I was with my husband, instead of dreaming of first kisses I was married with a gorgeous little boy... and it got me thinking if I could talk to 16 year old me what would I tell her.

I guess My letter would go something like this....

Dear me.....

Right about now the world revolves around friends, boys, music, fluffy pens and pretty much anything pink and glittery! Believe it or not, time passes, quicker than you will ever imagine and one day you will be all grown up, even the grand old age of 30...ancient huh?? Your current motto is "No Regrets" and what a great one it is...hold it in your heart and dont let it filter to the back of your mind. Its a great way to live so keep it up!

Put your head down and study, rather than procrastinate over studying, buying colourful pens, making pretty time tables and drawing lines under words in books to make it look like u did something...just do it!! Every teacher you ever had said you had amazing potential if only you would stop daydreaming and focus...and you know what they were right!

Rebel a little, you don't have to be perfect all the time!! Dye your hair, date a boy, stay out late...LIVE!

Say yes more! Travel, go away with friends, go out dancing in clubs you've never been to before. You will be old and not have the freedom or the inclination to go out dancing every night with your friends...as mum says you will be a long time dead!

Be kind to ur mum...she can be difficult but so can u...her heart is always in the right place. Hug your dad more, he may seem tough on the outside but inside he is a total softie who loves you to bits!

Appreciate your friends...some will stay...some will go...embrace the ones who stay and don't beat yourself up over the ones who walk away from you...it's their loss not yours.

Remember anyone who is mean to you is jealous...perhaps they can't afford some of the nice things you have, maybe they don't have a loving family, maybe they think you are more secure, more confident and more beautiful than they will ever be...and if its a boy giving you grief he probably has a crush on you...Let it roll of your back, like water off a duck.

Don't put up with any crap from men, if he loved you he would treat you better. Have self worth and get out of relationships at the first sign of trouble....Its not called failing, its called moving on. Your heart is like a parking space, if another wreck of a car is parked there you will never get a Porsche or another spandangly car, bring the wreck to the junk yard and let all the nice ones come in.

Food is not your friend, your crutch or your hobby...nor is it your enemy!! It is fuel for your body to run just like petrol for a car. Don't let it control you. You don't need to diet as you are a perfect weight. Don't start with the bulimia thing, u think its a way to eat what u want and still look great...no...bad idea, it will make u miserable...and fat!! Yeah i bet u didn't see that one coming!! You are perfect as u are honey....don't let food take over.

Keep up with the exercise, you can swim like a dolphin! Its a great way to stay in shape, at times you may forget all about it but you really love it...You have a fabulous stomach right now, lets try and keep it that way!

Want me to let you in on a little secret??

I probably shouldn't but hey your brain is all full up with my advice of what to and what not to do that I'm going to tell you anyway...guess what??

You live happily ever after...you go through a rough time but you come out a million times better for it...You get that Porsche metaphor man of your dreams who loves you for who you are!! You have a beautiful baby boy and you have the most wonderful wedding day!


See how happy you are!! And right now you have never been happier!!

So live life...enjoy growing up, enjoy making mistakes and messing up...because it will all be ok in the end!

30 year old Trish

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    another great blog, your so creative
    2075 days ago
    2100 days ago
    LOVED this!
    2126 days ago
    This was GREAT thanks for sharing if only 16 year old me could have had a letter like that :) It all works out in the end though doesn't it :) Have a great weekend!
    2126 days ago
    Oh Trish how great this is, I wish I could go back with all this advice you put out there.At 16 I thought I could handle it all & came crashing down time & again.
    Have a great day & keep your post coming you give us food for thought!!!!
    2131 days ago
    2133 days ago
    What a sweet letter.

    I love how kind you are to yourself! That is so amazing.

    Kinda makes me want to reflect back what I would say to my 16 yo self... I don't think I am ready to write that yet, as I don't think I would be kind enough.


    Thanks for the reflection!
    2134 days ago
    2134 days ago
    What a great blog. Sounds like you put a lot of thought into it. You are so right about it all.

    Keep up the good work

    2134 days ago
  • TANYA602
    This brought really sweet, happy tears to my eyes when I got to the part where you included the picture of your "happily ever after" wedding. Wow. There are some truly good points here, and with all the fun pics, reading this made my day. I'm sure writing it feels like a marvelous gift to yourself. The best part is that you can write a letter to future you now. My students have used futureme.org to send themselves emails and they love when they get them. Give it a try
    2135 days ago
    Aw Trish, this is beautiful! I wrote a letter to my 16 year old self a few years ago and it broke my heart to read it afterwards - I was so scared, I had no-one helping me and I just felt desperate every day. I wish I had realised my own strength at the time, but the beauty of age is that your own potential is shown to you little by little so you appreciate it more. This is a fantastic idea for a Team thingy on site, I think lots of people would like to do this!

    Your wedding picture is lovely!
    2135 days ago
  • JAYDEE16
    This is great! Although at 30, I'm hoping my 40 or 45 year old self would send me a hopeful letter from the future . . . but hey, at least I made it through high school. :)
    2135 days ago
    There are probably millions of us out there that can relate to one, some or all of the paragraphs of excellant advice. I have often said " If only I knew then what I know now, my life sure would have been alot different." I have to admit there are a few things I would change but not a whole lot.
    Keep it up, your very interesting to read.
    2136 days ago
    awww that's cool. kind of in the same vein, have you heard of futureme.org? you can write a letter to yourself in the future (you can tell it when to email you). i did that during a transition in my life and totally forgot about it....a year later, it popped up in my email and i was like "woah! things are different now!"
    2136 days ago
    Love this!! Wish I could go back and my 16 year old self some of that advice...
    2136 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2136 days ago
    Loved this! This is great advice for anyone. It's funny that at 16 I thought I knew everything and anyone over 20 was old.
    2136 days ago
    2136 days ago
    I wish someone had told 16 y-o me this one: "Don't put up with any crap from men, if he loved you he would treat you better. Have self worth and get out of relationships at the first sign of trouble....Its not called failing, it's called moving on. Your heart is like a parking space, if another wreck of a car is parked there you will never get a Porsche or another spandangly car, bring the wreck to the junk yard and let all the nice ones come in."

    Of course, a few people tried to but I was in over my head. Hindsight is 20-20 they say. Live and learn.

    Thank you for posting such an insghtful blog :)
    2136 days ago
  • KPOST100
    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing - great advice not only for 16 year olds but all ages!!!
    2136 days ago
    That is awesome. I enjoyed reading it.
    2136 days ago
    Very nice! I understand why you feel so good after writing this.
    2136 days ago
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