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Holiday Workouts?! Hell Yeah!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey hey!!!!
I am HOME! :D I had a truly wonderful time, but at the same time it's really nice to be home... and ... God forbid... Back to work! I don't know whether it's me getting older, but coming home isn't so bad anymore, and back to work, back to familiarity. It's kind of nice. Yikes!!!!

So I just wanted to blog what I wrote down for my fitness minutes. Looking at it now, I did way more than I thought, WHOOSH! AND.... After a major set-back on the first day (I'm about to explain) I foolishly almost gave up to begin with!!!

So here we go..... (I flew March 31st...)

** 1st April
-5 Mins jump rope
-10 mins Circuit Training (BodyRock w/out, modified "Take it Off" workout")
--High Knees - 110-103-105
--Ninja Jump Tuck - 9-7-8
--Squats - 26-26-X
--V Lift Abs (on Chairs) - 16-17-X

= 15 mins
Notice the two X's on the last squats and V lift abs??? Yeah... WELL have I got a story to tell. Well, I was on a first floor of a small block of hotel rooms. The rooms seemed really sturdy, and the floor was a stone tile, kind of like marble, and just felt so.... stable to be honest. I asked the husband when we first arrived and we bounced about a bit on the floor and I thought - Hell yeah, I can work out and jump rope on this!
WELL. 6 am came Sunday morning after we'd arrived Saturday evening. We were wide awake with the time difference. We were 7 hours behind when we arrived but that Sunday, Mexico's clocks went forward an hour, taking us 6 hours behind the UK. So I got up at 6am to work out, which most people on the resort were adapted to, but the time was actually 7am with the time change, am I explaining this okay??

So I'm jumping rope, and sweating my bits off BodyRocking, when I'm about to start my second round squats, there's a knock on the door. My husband refused to answer it as he was in bed and wasn't dressed appropriately. :P It didn't quite enter my mind why on earth somebody would be knocking on our door just after 7am.... until....

Oh I answered the door. Yikes was I in for the shock of my life.

A blonde lady was stood there, red faced and furious. I was stood there, sweating, catching my breath, in my workout clothes. The conversation went something like this ---
Lady~"Are you exercising?!?!?!?!?!"
Me~"....Yes! Could you...?"
"Yes we could hear you!"
"Oh, I'm so sorr"
"All's we can hear is these massive BANGS!!"
"Oh my gosh I'm so so sorry"
"Bang bang bang that's all we can hear!!!"
"I'm so sor"
"You woke us up! With the walls shaking and banging!!"
"I'm so sorry, I didn't think you would hear as the floors seem to be stone."
"Well we did hear, it's ALL we heard! Bang bang bang like a heard of elephants! This is ridiculous!"
"I'm so sorr"
"I can't believe you're exercising at this time of morning! It's ridiculous!"
"I'm so sorry you hear..."
"There's a lovely beach down there! Go and exercise THERE!"
"Er, yes okay"
"We did NOT plan to get up this early!! Fff!" *storms off*

Oh my gosh, LOL. It's funny now I look back at it, but I was mortified at the time. She wouldn't let me get a word in edgeways - AND I was totally out of breath so couldn't get a word in edgeways no matter how hard I tried, LOL!!! I was so sad after that to be honest, I was so sorry and she wouldn't listen to me. I really didn't think anybody would hear me. I showered and was quiet. I felt like crying. The husband asked if I was okay, and we laugh about it now - I'd just got out of the shower afterwards and I just sat there in my towel and said - "She was SO mean!" LOL.

I'm still a child really.

Anywho's. I spent the day wondering what on earth I was going to do. I got on with it anyways, and did silent BodyRock style workouts and went the gym too. Took advantage of the aqua aerobics in the day time and also the volleyball (water and beach) which I LOVE. I love getting involved in sport and I stopped doing that after I gained so much weight, but it was amazing to be able to join in with everyone and with 'the boys' and actually be able to put a good game in for and with my team.

So to continue-

I finished off the 1st April with 2 x 10 1 alt leg raised pushups and 2 x 10 crunches to try and strengthen my stupid rattled self up.

I'd apologised to the lady (she was a Londoner :P) - What more could I do?

**2nd April
-15 mins Breakstroke Swim
-20 mins treadmill
-10 mins stationary bike
-45 mins Water aerobics

+Strength routine x2 (w/ 12lbs dumbells - thanks gym!)
-12 Alt Bicep curls
-12 Dumbell Flys
-12 Tricep back raise
-10 Manmakers (courtesy of Zuzka)
-12 Deadlifts
-12 Left bent over rows
-12 Right bent over rows
-10 Reverse Lunge
-10 Left V Crunch
-10 Right V Crunch

^Was mega proud of this day. Just shows how much I'd do with a gym at my hands, hey?

**3rd April
--14 mins BodyRock style Circuit
-Alt 1 leg pushup - 15-13
-Reverse Crunch - 17-16
-Reverse Lunge - 21-20
-Tricep Dip - 25-21
-Left V Abs - 26-26
-Squat + Alt Leg Lift - 21-23
-Right V Abs - 23-26

**4th April
--15 mins breakstroke swim
(I was sore on the arms today after the gym session + next day BR)

**6th April
--30 Mins Walk
(long walks, into town and back)

**8th April
--45 Mins aqua aerobics
--30 mins water volleyball [hellyeah]
--12 mins BR style circuit
-Reptile Plank Alts - 36-33
-Left Glute Bridge - 26-29
-Knee Tuck Plank Abs - 27-29
-Right Glute Bridge Raise - 27-29
-Pushups - 20-17 (sooo weak!)
-Low Squat Pulses - 64-64

**9th April
--45 mins aqua aerobics
--100 mins water volleyball (45 mins morning, 45 mins afternoon)
--20 mins beach volleyball (DRIPPING sweat from the beginning....)

I spent the whole day in the sun on this day - I believe I got both a 24hr bug AND sunstroke because of this. Plus tequilla shots with winning/losing teams and general team shots of alcohol... didn't help, but fun all the same ha!

**11th April
--45 Mins Aqua aerobics
(Trying to ease my tummy back into being alive)
--15 Mins Ping Pong (late at night... HEY, it counts :P)

**12th April
--45 mins aqua aerobics
--10 mins Ping pong.

**13th April
--20 mins Walk.
I got a tattoo on this day. I'm mega pleased with it. It's becoming tradition, getting a tattoo while I'm away, ha. My Mum actually likes it too! I was worried about showing her, as it's bigger than my Tiger I got last year in Thailand. I have the tattoo-addiction bug!

SO. I'm more than pleased with my holiday minutes. Flew out on the 14th leading into the 15th. Work today on the 16th and I plan to get back on BodyRocking tomorrow as Lisa's new (booby!) workout is due up tomorrow??? And then I'm back on to hardcore workouts and clean eating!

I mostly ate well on hols too by the way, having whatever I wanted for dinner (small, gourmet servings) and fruit with yogurt and granola (yum) for breakfast. I did not go over board in any way. HELL YEAH. Even on the alchohol. ;)

I would highly recommend where I stayed in Mexico... I don't have the energy to go into it properly, but if you'd like to check it out - it was this hotel.

So my next step is to catch up with everyone. If you've read this far, then holy heck, WOW and big thank yous hehe... I doubt anybody will want to go through that load of... useful information ;) lmao!

So gimme some time and I'll drop by and be glad to see you! :) x
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well, lemme just say... the one place I, for some reason, can never stay in bed for long is on vacation. And to be quite honest, I have no sympathy for people who fly thousands of miles to a resort and then spend half the day in bed. Mexico at six in the morning? Sun's up, right? Haha... lazy buggers.

    Anyway... I understand those old fogies wanting to stay in bed (and everyone in bed after I get up is an old fogy), but hey, where's your manners, strange lady?? Really reminds of the naggy Schwabs around here..

    I'm mighty proud of you from afar that you got such great workouts in!
    2117 days ago
    I am seriously impressed with your dedication. I KNOW I wouldn't have done all this on my holiday. You are amazing....keep it up and you'll get the rewards you deserve emoticon emoticon
    2138 days ago
  • -POOKIE-

    nice to see you back and way to go on your holiday fitness!
    2139 days ago
    Well done! That's brillliant! Can't believe that woman - we used to live in a flat and I bought a mini-stepper and the woman from downstairs came up to complain and I was mortified, even though it was the middle of the day and I knew her - you were so brave not to cry.
    You have to post a pic of the tattoo now - and of your tan!
    Welcome back x
    2139 days ago
    emoticon glad you had such a great time away and all that fitness, shows what can be achieved.

    2140 days ago
    I laughed when I read that conversation, especially this part, "I can't believe you're exercising at this time of morning! It's ridiculous!" hehe. I think if it's me, I probably started to cry, I'm a cry baby LOL, the lady just kept attacking! I guess no jump rope in room then. Last time I did in a hotel room, luckily no one knocked on my door and I did it at night and maybe the soft cushy carpet help absorb the sounds, too :D

    You rock with your exercises even though you were on vacation and after the stinging lecture from the lady, not many people can do that, keep up the good spirit, WooHoo! And it sounds like you had a great time with your husband in Mexico, yay! Now I'm wishing I have a vacation outside this country, just to feel different place, different environment than tropical :D
    2140 days ago
    What a wonderful vacation! And HECK YEAH you did flipping fantastic on your workouts over holiday!!! I hope that my workouts look like that when I get home too! (But we'll see if I have time to blog it all out! Lol! Maybe I'll have internets while I'm away...)

    I WANT TO SEE THAT TATTOO MISSY!!! I have a thing for it also =D If only we had more money! lol..

    That lady is SO FUNNY btw! hahaha....
    2140 days ago
  • JOANNA202
    Of COURSE she was a Londoner! We're mean and horrible when someone disturbs our personal space :-p

    You should be so amazingly proud of yourself. Doing that much working out AND eating well on holiday is the sign of a true superstar who has this lifestyle thing well and truly down.

    Very glad to see you back (and that you had a lovely time). I went to a weightlifting class today and thought of you :-)
    2140 days ago
    Awesome vacation! It all sounds perfect, really...
    great job with being active, and in such a beautiful setting - JEALOUS!!
    2140 days ago
  • CAT224
    Wow! Good for you for getting all those workouts in while on vaca!! I always go with good intentions and then don't end up working out more than walking down the beach... I'll have to re-read your blog before the next time I go on a trip! :) Don't worry about that lady btw! Sometimes people just get so worked up they don't care what you have to say... I once had a lady come up to my apartment and ask if we were bouncing balls around lol
    2140 days ago
    Holy poop you did a lot of working out. I got tired just reading all of that. But you inspired me to make sure I make it to the gym soon.
    2140 days ago
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