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Do you diet?

Monday, April 16, 2012

So I've been thinking lately, maybe I should do some sort of diet/cleanse thing. I feel like I need a jump start. I don't believe I've ever tried a diet in my life. I've gone up and down in weight but I think it was more due to my circumstance than anything (i.e. not having a car and walking everywhere, being in college, etc.). I also don't consider what I've been doing here at SP to be a 'diet'. It's a lifestyle change...not a plan to lose some water weight. I've tried so many things (and one thing I learn is that along this journey you need to try out a lot of different options) so why write this off so quickly?

I guess I have this negative impression of do something really strict for 3 days till whenever and then what? You just go back to eating whatever and all that work you did was for nothing because you gain the weight back. Well, I'm starting to change my tune. There is this guy I know who has lost 50 lbs doing the Isagenix thing for 4 months. I didn't really think he would sustain it but he has and it's looking appealing. 2 shakes a day and one healthy meal to get things kicked off....why not?

I'm not saying I'd do the Isagenix thing...I just really feel like I want to lose 20 lbs quickly so that I feel more comfortable in my clothes and just in general. I looked some different types of diets online. There is the one with lemondade, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Ew, no thanks. I could do juicing or smoothies. There's another that is small healthy meals with real cranberry juice mixed in with water throughout the day. I just don't know there are so many! Some definitely seem healthier than others. Especially when they include lots of fruits and veggies and exercise. I'd like to do an easy one that doesn't require me to pay for a book or anything.

I don't know if I'll like a super structured plan or not. Maybe I need to be super strict with myself for a while so that I don't keep slacking off. Maybe it would be a good goal to complete to get me motivate.

Since I don't really know what I'm doing if anyone has any thoughts either way, I'd appreciate it.
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  • BIGDOG1969
    I tried dieting and it doesn't work for me. It's too restrictive and I feel trapped looking forward to the end when I can get back to "normal." You hit the nail on the head when you said that what you are doing here on SP is a lifestyle change. That's what normal should be - a healthy lifestyle that doesn't deprive you. That may be what you need, not a quick 20 lb loss. We'd all love to wake up next Saturday and be 20 lbs lighter, but at what cost? Gradual changes, increases in activity and smart choices (including what you eat and how much) are the way to go. And you can survive and thrive like this. I had to be diagnosed with diabetes to get the message about changing my lifestyle. Is it easy? No. I've had to relearn portion control and sizes; I've had to exercise; I've had to track my nutrition. And it has made all the difference for me. I know I can eat almost anything - in moderation. That isn't easy, either. But I have to, so I will. I also had to change my attitude. It's not a diet, it's my life. I get out of it what I put in, and I was feeding myself a steady stream of junk and denial. "Garbage in, garbage out" is a saying I used to hear a lot. That was me. Not anymore. I have only one body, and if it fails me (or I fail it) then the game is over. And I'm not ready to quit playing yet. Shortcuts, quick fixes and unrealistic goals are not part of the plan.

    Slow and steady - I'm doing this one meal, one day, and one pound at a time.

    2135 days ago

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  • OOLALA53
    Do not go on a tradtional diet. Statistics show that 97% of people who do this weigh more two years later, even if they have initial loss. It is almost a surefire way to gain weight. Don't be fooled by the ads and successes. They are the well-publicized minority while the real consequences are walking around our streets.

    The other warning is not to swear off any food. That is also associated with later weight gain.

    I use the No S Diet, but there are other ways. Concentrate on giving up diet head and accept that you have to learn to balance some rich foods with lighter foods such as veggies and fruits. The denser the food, the more slowly you should eat it, savoring every small bite. Take your time with all your meals. One suggestion is to divide your plate into quarters and take at least 5 minutes to eat the food in each quarter. Put your fork down if you need to! If youi love food, take your time and really taste it. emoticon
    2137 days ago
    I totally get where you are coming from. Losing 20 lbs or so pretty quickly would be great motivation and you will feel good in your clothes. I got a 10lbs loss after I had surgery at the beginning of the year and it kicked everything off and I kept the ball rolling and have lost another 15 lbs.
    That being said I have never tried any diets. If I were to do any I would prefer an all natural, organic juicing diet.
    I did watch this documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead where he did an all juicing diet. He started off with 60 days but kept going because he felt so good and got rid of symptoms of his autoimmune disease. He ended up losing 100 lbs.
    I saw it on Netflix so if you have that you can watch it. Otherwise Google it. There is so much information, recipes and "regular" people trying it and vlogging about it on youtube.
    Whatever you decide just know we are all here to support you. Good luck!
    2137 days ago

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    I down an Isagenix shake when I need a complete meal quickly and easily (it has carbs, protiens and fats) but I wouldn't say that I'm doing what your friend is doing.

    If your buddy is doing the isagenix two shakes and meal thing, he probably started out a kinda hungry until his stomach has shrunk since the start (this might be something to talk with him about). Since he's not going to be doing this until he weighs 0lbs, you might want to also discuss with him what his plans are for when he gets to his maintenance mode.

    Anything you choose will have an effect on how your body, emotions and mental stability are going to feel/react.

    My two cents: try a something that's sugar and grain free and still gets you to 1200 calories like Paleo (no refined anything).

    You can still get full on 1200 cals that's mostly veggies, lean meats, and healthy fats (this takes a crap load of planning) and you'll see results in your energy and body ASAP.

    I'm glad that you're seeking ways that work for you, I know a lot of people judge others for surgery and other methods, but I think as long as you're trying and you've thought it out- who cares about what other people think!

    A few of my friends are doing a BodyByVi thing right now (shakes?) which doesn't bother me- the fact that all of them are peddling the shakes on FB bothers me. On the other hand- if that's something you're interested in I could help you get in touch with them.

    HCG has made a pretty big splash and I know people who've had success with that also (get your facts first because hormones are crazy to mess with!).

    Whatever you decide you need to have a plan in place for after that time period to set yourself up for a success, right?
    Cheers- C
    2137 days ago
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