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Weekend Madness

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday night was a horrible night. My honey went fishing, no big deal. My oldest had a friend spending the night. My neighbors two women went with my honey and the one lady's husband. No big deal, just a little pang of jealousy that I couldn't go. Anyway, my kids decided taht they were going to be so bad, challenging at best. let's just say, I was in tears at midnight and they were still up and I just went to bed. I was so upset with them, I yelled at them and sadly I didn't feel bad about it, they were so mean and hateful that night towards me and would not listen, threw fits, cried and screamed about stupid stuff at best. But, in any event, I just went to bed since it took me 2 hours to watch an hour show that I had recorded because I had to keep stopping it because one of the girls was throwing some sort of fit and that is after I rented them Dolphin tales and watched it with them. Oh well, I made it threw it, butboy was it difficult.

Saturday it rained so not a bad day, honey made sure that the kids apologized and we got past the night before.

Sunday, my friends were coming over, her husband was taking my honey fishing at my honey's uncles farm pond in another state. And my friend was hanging out all day.
They moved a year ago to another state, but only 1/2 hour a way, but we do not see them that much anymore. They are poor managers of money and went through their tax refund in less than a week and now crying broke again. I know people have trouble, but geez, you spend like crazy on yourselves and then wonder why you have no food to feed your kids. But anyway, not my place to judge, just gets on my nerves. In any event, I was finishing up my biggest loser workout when she came in. I told her I was finishing up i"ll be out there in a minute. Not only did she not listen, she sat her happy butt right on my bed and watched me finish up, I was on the stretching part of the workout so I was basically finished. Then she said, Well that doesn't look like you move that much, how are you working out? Really? Were you here 50 minutes ago when I started it and was sweating my butt off? Really?
Aren't you the one that lost 30 lbs just 6 months ago, but decided that the holidays were coming up so you gave up and quit exercising and gained the weight back and then some. ARen't you the one that has diabetes but won't do anything about it to help control it except take medication. I just got so irritated. I've been working my butt off just to try to lose weight and get healthier adn she has the nerve to tell me that it didn't look like i was wroking out much. I was stretching duh.

OH well, now this was 10 am. I made her take a walk with me. She grumbled the whole time. My feet hurt, my legs hurt, why are we walking anyway. I told her that thsi was my scheduled workout for the day and i was not going to let her stay in my house by herself right? Then when we came back she sat down and turned the tv on and began watching something. The only food she brought for herself and her girls was a can of pringles. They knew they were staying all day, why would you expect me to feed your whole family. AFter Thanksgiving when they did not bring one thing to the meal, and stayed the night and i had to feel them breakfast and lunch, i was really angry. I have a family of my own to feed, I do not need another family to feed. I don't get food stamps, I work and work out a budget that fits my family. and I finally had to feed her kids because they kept telling her they were hungry so I gave them ramen noodles. anyway, I pretty much stayed outside all day with my kids and hers. I didn't sit down much at all. She even asked me why I didn't jsut sit and relax. Well, becuase now that I've been working out, I feel weird just sitting around, i would rather be moving, doing something.

OH well, my oldest had to witness a bullying situation with one of her friends. She is torn between wanting to fit in with the neighborhood girls and her other friend that was bullied. for some reason these girls do not like this other little girl so they give her a hard time and treat her bad. I've told my daughter I understand she wants to fit in, but that it is not okay for these girls to treat people like that. Well, it ramped up yesterday, the one mean girl put her hand on the other girls throat and tried to get her to fight. This girl was so upset she was having an anxiety attack and I tried to get what happened for real, but she was so upset I just got snippets. My daughter said she saw it, but didn't do anything. I did not get mad at my daughter, I just told her that she probably should have came and told me that something was going on. That she shouldn't have jsut watched this all happen. And I told her that this is not the first time they these girls have done something mean to people. One told my daughter that she wasnt going to be friends with her if she keeps hanging out with the other girl. I don't tell my daughter she can't hang out with them, but I have advised that these girls are not really friends if they are willing to say these things to her and bully this other girl, they are not good girls to hang out with anyway. I think now that she has witnessed them being so violent, that she might just stay away. I think i'm going to take her to see that bully movie. She seems to respond better to an outside source of information. I made her watch a movie about Amber the one that they made the amber alert about just because she questioned my rules for being outside. Once she saw what can happen she started to realize I knew what I was talking about and follows the rules now.
oh well that was my crazy weekend, but I didn't overeat and I got lots of exercise in.
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    Wow, did you have an interesting time of things! Don't feel bad about your crying fits, if all that was happening to me, I would have probably also been a little crazy. As regards to your friend, she doesn't seem like much of a friend, and it's probably a good thing that you don't see her too often. Any person who always puts you down has issues within and are not good for you. emoticon

    You're doing a good job with your kids and it seems to really pay off with your communication with them. Bullying is a serious problem, and it seems to have become a big issue,even with kids in grammar school.
    2045 days ago
    2048 days ago
    yeah my friend it seems lately is not a true friend. It is sad because we used to be so close. But, things change and so do people.
    2048 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Wow! That doesn't sound like to good of a weekend!

    You're friend doesn't sound like much of a friend. I know exactly what you mean regarding food. We plan our menu out for the week and buy what we need for those meals, and other than a few snacks for the kids (granola bars, graham crackers, etc.) we buy nothing extra.

    As for the bullying...ugh, I just hate it!! I talked about that a lot in my last psychology class. Now I'm in a Child Development class and I'm sure they'll be much more on that topic. Like you, I have never really told my children who they can be friends with, but I do try to help them along in situations like this. Kids can be so mean. Obviously something is lacking at home. It has to be. Recently I was one of 3 moms to call the police on a child that was in our apartment complex (who doesn't live in our apartment complex) because he was at our playground yelling and threatening my middle son. As a mom, the last thing I want to do is call the police on a child, but he was not leaving. He also argued with my husband!! My husband asked him to leave and he said "No, why don't you leave". This kid is 11!!

    My point was, I feel ya. Hang in there! I hope you have a good day today! I'm proud of you for doing so well with your eating and exercising over the weekend. Way to keep on track even when things around you aren't going perfectly!
    2048 days ago
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