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Vitality Journal 2--affirmations

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vitality Challenge Journal Prompt #2

If you have listened to me lecture, you have heard about how important it is to get your subconscious on board when it comes to your goals and to make sure you are feeding your subconscious positive thoughts ALWAYS. Affirmations are so important because they retrain your subconscious. Not only that, but they enable you to be a million times (all sarcasm aside, statistics show! ;) more likely to want to be on board with your goals. YEP-you read that right, you can make yourself MUCH more likely to accomplish your goals just by sitting on your booty and writing your affirmations.

emoticonFor today’s prompt, I want you to pick one affirmation and explain why you chose it. I then want you to write it at least 20 times (the more the better! I recommend 50-100 times). This affirmation may not be exactly true yet, but I want you to fake it before you make it. Here are some examples:

Your desire: to lose weight
Your affirmation: “I love my body and have reached my goal weight.” -or- “I have healthy habits and love my body.”

Your desire: to stop feeling guilty about never giving enough
Your affirmation: “I am worthy no matter what I give to others.”

Your desire: to start working out regularly, despite not being able to “get into it”
Your affirmation: “I love working out and try to exercise whenever I get a chance.”

Make sure you say your affirmations out loud and make sure your affirmation has FEELING behind it/you feel strongly about it. Write your affirmation out, put it on your mirror, set it as the background of your phone, iPad, etc. You want to be seeing this EVERYWHERE!

emoticonOk, so I admit I did a search online for "list of positive affirmations" this morning because I was having trouble doing this on my own. Self talk is something I know is important and is something I know I stink at. I am good at telling others "good job" but not so good at telling ME that. My usual mantra is "you suck" or "you screwed that one up, again". I didn't even know where or how to start. The list I found was wonderful, and I pulled the following out because they are exactly what I am trying to tell myself and prove to myself and GET for myself. Especially the third one, but I can't get the third one without all the others, so yes I will be using them all. I will be making myself a poster with these when I get a chance. Meanwhile I will keep them written down on a note in my pocket to refer to. I will have to work myself up to the point where I can say them out loud...
emoticonI love and respect my body.
emoticonI take care of my body's needs.
emoticonI deserve health, energy, and calmness.
emoticonI have a positive attitude about what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat.
emoticonI exercise because it makes me feel good.
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