Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 13, 2012

I went to bed at 4 AM and I was going to be up early, okay not real early 11 AM so I had at least 6 to 7 hours sleep. I saw that it was sunny and the wind was not blowing that bad but it was only 50 degrees. I took care of the dogs and then I ate my breakfast. I eat my 3 meals no matter what time I go to bed or get up. I will start getting up earlier now that the weather is getting warm. I cleaned the kitchen and did a few other things around inside. Then I put a light jacket on and checked the plants in the garden and they where hanging in there. The nights are so cold it has taken half of the plants I had. The gentleman at the shop said they where cold hardy but I beg to differ. I am going to stop by there and let him know that I lost half of them. Not expecting him to replace but next year I will not buy until the end of April and then plant them the 1st to 2nd week of May. Learning how to do things but when they say you put this in by February, these by March and these by Easter well you can only put in when the weather is not going to kill them. I am not a farmer but I get by.

I went out about 1 PM and planted the sweet potatoes, planted peanuts, white potatoes, cut part of the asparagus. Took off the jacket and took a break and got the mail and went in and sat down for 10 minutes and ate something. Then I went out and cut more asparagus, put in 3 kinds of lettuce seeds, spinach seeds, 3 kinds of cucumber seeds, and cabbage seeds. Then I went and cut more asparagus and when I finished the rows I walked around the yard and cut all the ones that where under trees and bushes and I have about 25 wayward asparagus plants. I did some weeding and then hooked up 2 hoses to water the garden. Part had to be watered with the can because the hose would not reach and tomorrow I will fix up the hoses. I filled the water barrel I keep jugs in to water. I clean the leaves off the pool cover the best I could because there is not a lot of water on top of it. I couldn't get the skimmer under the leaves but I got most of them out. I have been doing it every so often so when we open it, it will not be hard to do. I checked around so I know what I will do tomorrow.

I came in and fed the dogs and then went back out to finish up the loose ends. My water barrel I think it has a leak so I will have to get a new one or not since I have a lot of hoses. trying to only buy what I absolutely need.

I came in and have a good 2 pounds of asparagus and I ate some tonight. I think I will cook them up Sunday and make some soup. I might take what I have to my daughter when I pick up DGD for bowling because every day I have to cut and it will get more all the time. I went and took a shower because I have already had a tick on me and it didn't bite but whenever I am in the yard working for hours clothes come off and shower. Now when I had the tick I was not out that day and I think I got it from the dogs. I will be in bed and 1 will get on me and they sleep right next against the bed. I am going to be careful this year and try not to get bit.

After I showered I called my daughter and told her not to come and defrost the freezer tomorrow because we would not get started till 1 PM and it is going to take hours. If I do it I want to start when I get up by 9 AM and she could get here by 10 AM and get the food out which will be at least and hour or more. then too defrost that takes 3 or more hours because every shelf has to be done. Then to put the food back in and organize it takes time. I have a list on the door of every shelf that the food should be on and it is but then other food gets put on top. This time I am not going to buy food and still finish using the food up. Then I have to save a shelf for food from the garden and I make sauces and soups. I also make jams and I save all my small jars like the pizza sauce so I can use them for the jams. I made grape, strawberry, cherry, and cherry pancake syrup last year. All of it turned out really good.

Weather is going to be too good for me to be inside doing the freezer since I asked all winter to get it done. I got done at 6:30 PM and worked outside a good 5 hours today and loved every minute of it. I took aspirin before I went out and another later tonight but the back will toughen up as I go I hope. I told my daughter some weekend it is raining we can do the freezer and DGD will not be bowling. I told her I really needed her husband to do the electric work and if he wasn't I will have to do it myself. i cooked my dinner and it was late but that is the way the warm weather will go. I was really bad and made myself a small banana split but it was just a treat and not to often.

So Friday the 13th was really good for me and I got a lot done. I was glad the races are on at night so I can work all day. Another month the pool will be open about the middle of May and then I can get it ready to swim in before it gets real hot.

I best put this to rest since it is getting long and it is also getting late and I need to get this in. All love the weather we are going to have this weekend, hope you have it too. God bless you always and those that need his healing power I pray you get it.

Catch you tomorrow and see what DGD does.
Smile Joyce
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