What I learned from lent or why I gained 2.25 pounds at TOPS

Friday, April 13, 2012

Saying no to sugary (empty calorie foods) was pretty easy during lent. I just said no. I did not argue with myself. If people offered I said I have given up sugar for lent. End of story. Well that was until Easter rolled around. And it would have been alright if it had stopped on Easter. It went on for 4 days.

I learned an important lesson. I am not one of those people who can eat sugar and maintain control. I told my daughter I was not going to go crazy. Just a little bit. My mouth did not get the memo.

So I have decided that I will only allow myself to have sugar on very special occasions. And I will no those occasions ahead of time. (like family reunion coming up the first week-end in May). After those occasions I will have to be intentional about cutting the sugar right back out of my life. I am going to do the same thing with wheat products.

On the positive side. I have ridden my bike to and from work almost everyday I was scheduled. I did not ride today, because I decided on Fridays I will drive so I can bring my lunch and snacks for the week so I won't have to worry about the heat ruining anything, and I won't have to spend time everyday making my lunch. I bought 5 cans of soup, 5 cheese sticks, 5 packs of 100 calorie raisins, a box of kashi trail mix bars, 5 cups of Greek yogurt and a large bag of natural almonds. I am going to try eating 12 almonds 20 min. before I have a snack or meal. According to Dr. Oz it will make you feel satisfied when you eat. Plus nuts are good for you.

Today went pretty good until I ate some chips and dip during our TGIF karaoke party and then some popcorn during our "drive in" movie. Oh and take a sliver of the old fashion pound cake they made during cooking time yesterday. I know - sugar right. I did stop myself from having more (it was really good) by saying a big no to myself and thinking about getting sugar out of my system again.

Tomorrow is a new day and I pray God gives me the strength to resist mine enemies.
Is anyone else's enemies as sweet as mine?
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    I hear you - I have a very hard time limiting myself when sugary things are involved, so like you I have to say "no" most of the time, keeping it out of the house at all costs and avoiding it in other situations. I'm the same way with salted nuts too - I can't stop at any reasonable amount.

    I think of healthy eating and living as one big scientific experiment where we are always trying different things to see what works and what doesn't. So even when things go bad, we have figured out what doesn't work. Next time you try to tell yourself "I can have a little bit of sugar today, I'll stop at just one piece of chocolate," you can stop and think about the last time you did that experiment and how it turned out!
    2163 days ago
    And now you know :)

    Smile and Enjoy the rest of your Day!
    Melinda (gopintos)
    Dr. Oz Show Fans Team
    2165 days ago
    Different foods affect each person differently. That's what a lot of diet books WON'T address.

    You've found out sugar is not something you can take or leave (I'm the same way).

    Look on the bright side. You're biking, you took meals/snacks to work, and you know the enemy - SUGAR in its many forms, disguises.

    Does fruit work as a substitute (or does that make you want to eat more?).

    The journey to wellness has its bumps, detours, etc. You're learning more about your body every day. And you're smart and creative to come up with solutions to defeat that sweet tooth!

    Hang in there, bunkie!!!!

    2166 days ago
    Sugar is an addiction, like alcohol. I find it's hard to say "just a little". That's why your Lenten avoidance worked. But it's real hard to give up sugar since it's in most of our foods - like the dreaded "high fructose corn syrup".

    When those cravings start, I head for the popcorn. I think just the chewing helps.

    And, great job riding your bike to work! Awesome exercise! I have a bike that's been hanging in my garage for years. I should get it out and ride it a bit. I'm retired, so I wouldn't ride it to work, but I could ride it to the grocery store or bank right around the corner.

    Good luck with your fight with sugar.

    2166 days ago
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