What Counts as "Water"?

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm really not having a hard time keeping up the "water" requirements - I really don't drink too much else. A cup - maybe 2 - of coffee in the morning, and then it's really usually only water and tea the rest of the day. Occasionally I get a hankering for a Sonic Cherry Limeade (and really, who doesn't?), and I might take a bottle of pop or a Capri-Sun on a roadtrip, but really, I drink water. Probably, actually, should drink more milk (except for the whole "carbs" thing).

But...I've never really gotten a ruling on whether hot tea counts toward the daily water goal. I've heard "some people" say that it doesn't - tea is tea, and water is water. But in my mind, it should. I rarely drink black tea; it's almost all herbal (or green+herbal) for me. It's water with some leaves stirred in, really. I don't think it's like trying to claim that Kool-Aid is water with flavor mixed in. Or that lemonade is water with lemon juice and sugar mixed in. I said, I mostly just drink water. But on days like today when it's cloudy and cool, I just want the coziness of a cup of Mixed Berry Zinger. Over and over and over again. Can I count it towards my water goal? What has anybody else around here been told?
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    I count everything. I figure once it's in my body, the body doesn't know or care that it came in with stuff dissolved in it. That's a separate issue.
    2165 days ago
  • JENORA234
    I also count all of what I drink in a day. I only drink coffee, tea, and plain water
    2165 days ago
  • ADZY86
    I drink green tea (and more recently white tea - you should try that, apparently it's a step up from green tea, health wise, and tastes yummy) every day, about 4-5 cups, all decaffenaited, and I count those towards my total. But just to cover myself, I aim to also get my 8 cups of 'plain' water, nothing added.
    2165 days ago
    Earlier I wrote on here that I'd read that your fluid intake did not need to be water and at that time I couldn't remember where I'd read it.'

    It is in Protein Power book, If y ou get a chance, it's on page 103 & 104 of Protein Power book by Dr.s Michael D and Mary Dan Eades, MD's. It also states that the coffee may have a mild diuretic effect, but not enough to make a difference to most people. So, I just wanted to clarify as to where I saw it.

    2165 days ago
    I count tea and crystal light in my water counts but not soda.
    2165 days ago
    I have also read that all the liquids you drink should count towards your total amount of water. I just make sure that I drink more than 64 ounces so that I have all my bases covered.
    2165 days ago
    Hmm, EweFluffy! That's really interesting, and definitely good to know! Thanks for the info! emoticon

    2165 days ago
    The reason you might not want to count caffeinated beverages toward your hydration goals is that they act as mild diuretics, and you end up with a net zero: water in/water out. Herbal teas and tisanes generally count as neutral.

    Caffeine is actually considered to be a psychoactive drug with a lot of interactions in the body. It causes you to release your body's own sugar stores, which is where you get the jolt - it's like a sustained sugar rush. It also fills the receptors where your body's "sleepy" hormone, adenosine, should go, which is why you can sometimes be wide awake at bedtime even when you're physically exhausted.

    A cup or two a day is probably fine, maybe even beneficial, but large quantities can cause problems.
    2165 days ago
    I read somewhere in one of the low carb type books that all liquids you drink are considered counting towards your daily totals. That includes coffee, tea, flavored water (such as with Crystal Light) etc. They said just count your liquids (it didn't say about alcohol tho) but it all adds up towards your 8 cups a day.

    Also, they said that 8 cups of water/liquids per day isn't really necessary that somehow that amount got started as a recommendation somewhere, they said it was more accurate to check your urine, if it's clear or nearly clear, then you're getting enough fluids in your body to flush toxins out.

    Now... I didn't make that up and I did read it, not too long ago, but for the life of me cannot remember where. Sorry~~~
    2165 days ago
  • GLC2009
    if you want to drink more milk, but, not carbs, try almond milk. unsweetened vanilla almond breeze is delicious. with 40 cal and 2 carbs in a glass.

    as for water, i would count teas without caffeine as water. i don't drink hot drinks, but, once in awhile if i'm chilled i have a cup of plain hot water. i like that just fine.
    2165 days ago
    Great question. I've often wondered when I add Crystal light into my water, does it still count as water?
    2165 days ago
    Some people would count it because it is decaffinated. I don't get all legalistic about that stuff.
    2166 days ago
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