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My five decisions today ... and how I adjusted ...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It is my husband's birthday today. That means invitations to lunch, dinner, and a shopping trip to the nearest large city (45 miles away) - his choices for the day. It also means a difficult time finding the right foods, and more so, adequate time for exercise.

I decided regardless, I'd find the way to make this work for me, and so I had to fall back on some habits I started to form about 2 months ago, about the time I joined this site. I've not been overly consistent with them, but I have been trying to do them. Today, they had to work for me, I thought.

First decision: I ate a very light but nutritious breakfast (salad, egg white, and miso with vinegar dressing) - under 100 calories - I ate that lightly only because I ate a late breakfast and was facing lunch within 3.5 hours. Otherwise, I planned on adding a banana or apple and some nuts. This decision was early planning and adjustment for the day.

Second decision: I worked out early (treadmill for 20 min, weights for 10 - not much but 100% more than I've been doing with a foot injury. I'm trying to adjust to this injury but keep up the exercise. While I was working out, I was able to re-set the DVD players, so that will help insure better viewing on the treadmill. Another case of doing 10 min/every day and early planning.

Third decision: Then we walked to town to meet his sister for lunch and I asked for carrots to substitute for chips - the crunch of the carrots totally satisfied me (potato chips are my nemisis but lately carrot chips are satisfying me - but that sure hasn't happened easily) and I saved about 120 calories, I'd guess. However, I was surprised that while everyone with us ate potato chips with their sandwiches, I was easily able to order and enjoy my carrots. An "ah-ha" moment. Long long time in coming. So very welcomed!

Fourth decision: Now we will soon head out for the shopping trip. It will involve some walking because I don't like to shop but I do enjoy walking and looking while he shops. I won't mind so much now that my exercise is done. My ankle isn't sore so I can do the walking, in addition to my little workout. Yippee. The evening meal is a known Italian meal but I'll eat only half.

Fifth decision: I'm beginning to get into a new habit. I am taking my own carry out container to make sure of eating only half and I've learned a secret - taking your own insures you get the food divided before you even start to eat. Waiters are often too busy to remember to bring the box with the meal; none of them will do it in the kitchen, and I understand that. But putting my own container into my purse to use is also environmentally more sound and that is a value I care about. My containers are reusable and they seal tightly (with a recycled plastic bag) to avoid leaks on the way home. And I get it "my way" and at my timing without inconveniencing the wait or kitchen staff.

So, today has been a sort of gift to me as well - the "ah-ha" moment of realizing my carrot chips are (finally) going to take the place of potato chips and the new habit I've started of taking my own containers for leftovers when I eat out, plus now reinforcing the value of planning ahead (I only learned this morning about the day's plans but I was able to adjust).

Happy birthday to my best friend and happy adjustment day to me!

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