DRC Tal Morrison 15K - race report

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saturday April 7th, 2012
Dallas Running Club
Tal Morrison Classic 15K
White Rock Lake

This was the funniest race I think I’ve ever run and there is a very good reason for that.
I am a member of the Dallas Running Club due to the simple fact that I get 8 free races a year. These races are all at White Rock Lake, which is my favorite place to run in the area, basically it all works out perfectly.

Recently I’ve not ran many DRC races due to my group training sessions that I do on Saturday mornings. My fitness is important to me, but it’s also very important to me to help others who want to be helped. We took Easter weekend off from our group training, which gave me the opportunity to run this race.

I had a friend/buddy/client David wanting to run something with me so this was a perfect chance to make that happen. This race was TOTALLY about David and getting him to the finish line.

He picked me up at 6am and we were off to White Rock. He confessed he was nervous and secretly had hoped I’d cancel on him. I of course did nothing but encourage and reassure him that he would be fine and we would get through this. We had to park around a mile from the race site, so we power walked that distance as a nice little warm up, that was kinda nice. It was a beautiful morning and the lake was amazing!

There were other SparkPeeps there as well, which is always fun! Michelle, Shelly and Amy were all present and we had a good chat before we ran. Here is a pre race photo of the SparkPeeps present:

David is a very social dude and was talking to everybody possible, but I wouldn’t expect anything else out of him really. We made our way to the bathroom line, then off to the start. After a short jog to get the legs going again, we hung out in the back of the crowd stretching etc. David looks at me and said “Why are we in the back”? I told him that’s where I always start for two reasons. The first reason is that I don’t enjoy fighting crowds typically and secondly, it makes you feel good because I typically get to pass a few other runners that way.
Just before we started, I snapped a self shot of both of us:

We started out around a 10 minute mile and I had to keep slowing him down, the adrenaline was raging and sometimes that’s hard to contain. As we were running, I saw a friend Kevin and was sure to acknowledge him this time, I failed to acknowledge him at the Rock and Roll half and felt bad about that. His wife Mimi was also there so it was good to see them for a moment.

David and I even had the opportunity to run up right behind Shelly as she had little incident. Her arm pocket fell OFF that held her music. Oh dear, that girl is a MESS! I was making funny comments as she fumbled with everything, but I did ask if I could help her. The whole thing was kinda funny and I got a kick out of it. :-0

We were doing great and I kept checking on David to make sure he was doing OK. At first the signs were great. Then they got to more of a ‘so so’, then they hit the “I have to walk”. All good with that dude, this is about getting to the finish line, not about a time, not about a speed, it’s all about finishing. We ran, walked, power walked, skipped our way through this course. Ultimately I threw out a challenge for him. There was one guy about a quarter mile ahead of us for quite a while. I told David “If you weren’t hurting so bad, I was going to throw down a challenge for you”. Of course he bit on this idea(which I hoped he would) I told him I did not want that guy to beat him to the finish line! David’s response to the challenge was two words, “come on” and off we went. This was about mile 7 or so that I threw this out there for him. David did a great job pushing himself to the finish. We passed the ‘challenge’ guy and never looked back. Ultimately finishing the run with Shelly who had finished her 5K and came back out to run in with us, that was pretty cool. I’m honestly not even sure what the time was and I don’t even care really. The goal was to get David through the race and we did that. SUCCESS!

Postrace we had to take a photo ofcourse.

David and I didn’t hang around long after the race as we both had family activities we needed to get home for. We were both looking for my favorite recovery drink, thankfully there was a Sonic between us and the car!

Yes….chocolate milk, the recovery drink of Champions.
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David – it was an honor to run with you and I’m proud of your progress my friend!
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