How I Rocked the Gym Yesterday

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guess who ROCKED a picture or two. Yep! Me. Unfortunately I don't have them so I can't post them, but Yoda is checking to see if he can email them to me. We'll see. If not, I'll take new pictures just for my SparkFriends!

I hit the gym hard yesterday. I was there so much that the gym employees started asking if I were going to be expecting a paycheck! Just kidding. No one asked me that. But a few other gym-goers do think that I work there and ask me gym-related questions all the time. It probably doesn't help that I know the answers so instead of directing them to an actual employee I just lay down knowledge!


I went there at 5:30 to take a picture. I felt like I looked great and I think that when a person feels that way, they come across to other people that way. Yoda was in a great mood, so we were like the A-Team taking pictures. Except there were only two of us. And we weren't saving the world. Or blowing things up. When pictures were done, I left the gym.

You heard me right. I LEFT the gym. Didn't even touch a piece of workout equipment.

So how did I rock the gym then?

Well, at 7:10 I went back. I was still looking great, obviously, and still had an awesome attitude. I did 10 minutes on a treadmill. Yup. 10 minutes. Then I got off the treadmill and waved to Yoda.

Still wondering how I rocked the gym?

Well, I met my cousin there and we went to Zumba. from 7:30 to 8:30 I was dancing away. It was painful at times and I'm sure that I looked weird doing it, but my confidence was up and I gave it my all. Except for the shimmying. I don't shimmy. It makes EVERYONE uncomfortable when I do!

My cousin has also trained with Yoda, so we were talking afterward about how that workout was tougher than a YodaWorkout (probably because it was always going with no rest in between) and that he probably couldn't do what we had just done. The we talked about how some of the girls were basically dirty dancing in there. The we speculated on which girls would dance even dirtier if Yoda were taking the class.

Then we saw Yoda training a client still, so we walked over and he and the client started talking to us. (The client was on a treadmill, so we weren't interrupting the workout.) We told Yoda that he should take the class with us and he started claiming that he had invented Zumba and that he just couldn't show us his moves right now because he wasn't in his Zumba outfit. Ha!

Then he told us to go home and rest. But we still had energy to burn so we informed him that we were headed to the treadmills.

He actually got slightly upset. He said that we'd already worked out for an hour doing an intense cardio routine and that he didn't want us to hurt ourselves. I argued with him, saying that it'd be fine. His retort?

"Fine. Maybe you should do THREE hours on a treadmill now then!"

Hahaha. What a dramatic dork. He knows me too well, though. I tend to overwork myself as a punishment for eating badly and he probably thinks that's what I was doing. Also, I have a bad leg. It hasn't been the same since I broke it a few years ago and I think he worries that I'll re-injure myself. Also, he knows that sometimes I push myself until I almost pass out.

My cousin did 20 minutes before she took off. I did 50 minutes. So for me that adds up to an hour on the treadmill, plus an hour of Zumba.

To be fair to Yoda, by the end, I was almost passing out. Also, I felt sick to my stomach. And today my legs hurt and my knee is really bothering me. So he was probably right.

But on the other hand, it felt SO GOOD to get that much done and have that much energy.
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