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I am one that has never used much makeup but my face is getting redder and redder ! emoticonI use to tell the grandgirls when they were growing up and wanted to put all that stuff on me GRANDMA ANINT NO IDIAN I DON'T NEED THAT SUFF ! emoticon THEY WOULD JUST GIGGLE AND LAUGH ! GOOD MEMORIES ! emoticon But i would like to know what would be the best to use powder or cream foundation and what color ? You can tell from my picture my problem . ANY SUGGESTIONS ? emoticonToday i am fixing polish sausage and kraut and some corn for a carry in at our church for a family that lost a love one and i will be there to do dishes for 3 or 4 hours so it will be a buzy day but thats what God put us here for to help others when we can ! emoticon Saturday will be the end of week 4 on the spring challenge i sure hope i can lose alittle i have been able to lose alittle every week ! emoticonPuttin legs to my prayers so to speak has REALLY HELPED ! Have a great day and DON'T GIVE UP ! As they say if you fall off the wagon 7 times get up 8 ! emoticon
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on make up am one who thinking lipstick is enough but my children add blush when am going out with them
    Best wishes as you find your perfect match and will be looking forward to seeing your new pictures
    One day at a time
    emoticon emoticon
    2172 days ago
    test it on the wrist right below your palm(hand looking at you) if color matches it is right. I would say a loose powder and a good puff to put it on with.

    You really don't look like you need any.

    Have you tried an oatmeal and honey facial 1/4 cup of each
    Rinse your face in hot water to open pores, pat this on, leave on five minutes, then massage in with fingers,it will feel relaxing. Wet a clean washrag in hot water, remove facial from center of nose across cheek to ears, then the rest of it, rinse your cloth Pat whole face with the warm cloth, then take 1-2 Tablespoons olive oil and massage it all through the face, under chin and neck area. Then let it set for ten minutes, if not all absorbed in, pat with clean cold cloth. Wait awhile and then go look at your face and see if you enjoy it better.

    Exfoliation is good to lift the glow!

    2172 days ago
    First let me say with all sincerity – I have always thought that your skin looked lovely in your profile photo, Vicki.

    I am blessed with nice skin & just do not feel a need for makeup &, thus, wear only a bit of eye shadow & lip moisturizer (also, the occasional lipstick when I feel the inclination), so my thoughts on your question may not be worth two-cents. I agree with Judith’s encouragement for you check with a dermatologist first & then, with an okay, experiment - checking out the natural products.

    My personal conviction it to be sure to check out which products come from companies that do animal testing & not allow your hard earned money to support such an evil practice.

    I do want to urge you to be very careful if you go to a makeup counter & consult with the gals there. I have read (that more often than not) the same containers of sample makeup & application tools are used on costumer after costumer - thus, the makeup & tools used are covered in bacteria – that continues to be spread to unsuspecting costumers, as well as being added to with each new costumer. I so agree with Judith’s suggestion to get individual samples to try on your own.

    I use Cindy Crawford’s “Meaningful Beauty” products. There is a masque that is to be used twice weekly, daily moisturizer (protects against the sun), eye cream, & a nighttime moisturizer. They are not at all "heavy" or "greasy" feeling - they absorb right into one's skin leaving it baby soft.

    I am not sure the price of "Meaningful Beauty" products, because our youngest cherished daughter gifts me with them. It is a program where they send a fresh kit every three or four months. After having used them for the past few years, I believe them to be worth whatever the price paid & would definitely purchase them for myself if they didn't come as a much welcomed gift.

    May you enjoy the blessing of answers given as you determine what is right for your skin type, sweet Sister/Friend!

    2172 days ago

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    Oh yes. I know the feeling. As if timed for my 40th birthday, my right cheek turned red and has stayed that way for 4 months now. There are times and days when it is lighter and I am trying to watch and see if different foods and drinks affect the redness, but it hasn't gone away. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to the Regnerist products, but I haven't used them for 3 months and it is still there and only on the right side. My sister who is 1 year older also has red cheeks and has had them for about 10 years now, so I guess maybe it is hereditary, though mom didn't have them. At night, before going to bed, my sister and I now both use virgin coconut oil on our faces. It soothes and smoothes and I wake up without the redness, but it doesn't last long. Just last week, I started trying "redness solution" from clinique. They have a line of creams and powders that are designed to reduce redness and we recommended on the Today show a couple of weeks ago. I also use Bare Escentuals mineral powders and love them. Good luck in your search.
    2173 days ago
  • JUDITH316
    Great Blog, I agree with all of the suggestions here, check with a dermatologist first before purchasing any makeup, once you get the clearance, check out the natural products that are on the market, I would go to a store that has a beautician, they can access your skin, see what makeup works best, color tone and recommend the best makeup that works for your skin tone...As for me I've tried all kinds of makeup and really had a lot of problems until I went with Marcelle, I use their pressed translucent powder and loose translucent powder, the translucent doesn't cake and gives a light finish, I don't use foundation as it tends to be too heavy, mineral powders didn't work for me but all my friend's say they are the best, I would suggest you get some samples and give them a try and see what works best for you. emoticon
    2173 days ago

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  • DEE107
    I dont use makeup I break out with it on
    2173 days ago
    I've always had rosey cheeks - not rosacia. But if you go to the dermatologist and get an all clear on that and you're still looking makeup, I would recommend Bare Escentuals. I've worn this for years. It looms good, wears good, and holds up. Check it out on Great thing about buying it there is their 30 day money back guarantee. You can try and send it back if you don't like it or need a different color. Don't let the price scare you - it lasts forever.

    Good luck.
    2173 days ago
    First find out if it is Rosacea or something else because some makeups will make it worse. Then if you still want to wear makeup then go to the malls and some stores have people that can help with selecting your color and what foundation will go with your skin. Usually Macys and other stores like that have that at the makeup counters..
    2173 days ago
    Target has a line called E.L.F (eyes lips face). They have a tinted moisturizer for about 3 dollars that works really well. It isn't makeup per-say but it has tinted minerals in the moisturizer that will take out the redness. I use it instead of cover up. :) they also have a powder that you can put on over it to take out the shine for about 1 dollar. It is cheap and actually good makeup. :) hope it helps.
    2173 days ago
    I also have reddening of the skin and wear a lot of make up to cover that as well as other blemishes. I recommend using cream foundation as it seems to blend in better. I usually do this and put a little bit of powder over it so it doesn't look oily. I use cover girl aqua foundation because I like it best.To figure out color, usually you blend it on your hand but if you can't because you can't open the package I would go with something not their lightest but maybe 2 shades darker looking at them. Hope this helps some.
    2173 days ago
    My suggestion is see a dermatologist to make sure you don't have a medical problems and to go to a store that has a beauty consultant. You don't necessarily have to buy their products but they will test you to see that products are right for your skin type and what color to use.
    2173 days ago
    Yes, it could be Rosacea. If that is it..... things that aggravate it are sun, spicey foods, alcohol, some skin products could irritate it. There are medications that keep it under control like metrogel or cortisone creams. I like the Bare Minerals make up as well .. no toxic chemicals all natural. Best wishes.
    2174 days ago
    If Rodasia is present, then a dermatologist visit would be helpful. Makeup wise, I've discovered Bare Minerals makeup. Ulta stores sell them. I'm not sure where else they are sold. They're not the same as compressed powders although they initially look the same. It's been wonderful for my face and they have shades that decrease the redness in my face. It might be worth looking into. They aren't cheap, but I've found it worth the investment. You look great in your photo, though!
    2174 days ago
    Good Morning...I agree with Editor. Maybe a Dr. Visit is in order. There must e a reason for your redness. Hopefully the Dr. can tell you and can be fixed by meds or vitamins, etc.
    I don't wear make-up so ......Sorry can't help there.
    Have a wonderful day and that's so niceof you to help a family in one of their saddest moments.
    2174 days ago
    My face also is very red and I can't even take the sun for more than 15 minutes. There is something called Rodasia (sp.) and it can be caused by meds or aging. Other than going to a dermatologist, I am not sure there is an answer for this.
    2174 days ago
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