Meals like a pauper

Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy post-Easter, everyone! I hope your food was as delicious as mine, and as abundant!

My Sunday opened with going to Pulse (the gym studio down the street) for another killer RIPPED workout. Now I kind of understand the format. There's a brief warm-up usually involving a boxer shuffle and throwing punches. Last week we just did punches, but today we added 3 lbs. weights to those punches.

After that, we do a few "power songs" where we do biceps curls while pulsing in a lunge, lateral raises, and shoulder presses. I used 5 lbs. weights, but now that I realize that part of my poor performance last week was my head cold, this next week I'll probably go back up to 8 lbs.

After that is a plyometric interval section. "You can do anything for one minute!" Well, actually, no. This girl can not do anything for one minute! This girl can do anything for 20 seconds, and then she realizes that she is not built for power, so her jumps become lower and more half-assed. Then after each minute we take a 15 second break, and then it's on to the next interval. We do it for 10 minutes, which is really 8 intervals, and then we do a whole cardio song, which is totally Insanity: football stance up high, football stance down low, high knees forward, squat jumps backward, and then during the verses we did things like butt-kicks and side jumps. Of course, at some point before that, the trainer came by me and joked that while she didn't know me that well yet, she was going to hand me the 3 lbs. weights so I could do my jumping jacks with those! So actually, I felt pretty light once I got to "lose" 6 lbs.!

No wonder people who do some of these hardcore Beachbody programs in an overweight status end up so lean and powerful-looking. They have a lot of bodyweight to provide resistance. Hmmmm....

The last section is a focus on abs, and I never did a workout that worked my abs to true failure, so Sunday was a first. We did our abs on a BOSU, pulsing with single-arm presses and a small weight, holding our torsos at an angle while we did chest flies, leaning back and then doing a crunch into just above horizontal (that one killed my abs -- I actually at one point could not get myself up, in the best way). Again, it was a 10 minute routine, and then we were left with 5 minutes to stretch and cool down.

I got home and had a protein shake: a scoop of chocolate egg protein, a banana, and a cup of almond milk. It tasted waaaaaaaaay too good, which says to me my body needed it.

I made a kale and gruyere quiche in ramekins for brunch. It took up three ramekins, but hubby and I were both so hungry that we split the third. It was soooooo good, but I found it oddly not completely satisfying: lots of fat, but not enough protein. I had some nuts later.

Dinner was kugelis in ramekins, and I went all-out. My dad's friend's Lithuanian wife once told us about how back in Lithuania, when they made kugelis, they would fry up the bacon bits in the pan, but then instead of serving the bacon bits and sour cream separately, they would put the sour cream in the pan with all the bits and all the grease and use it like a gravy for the kugelis.

Are you vomiting yet? Back in my CW (conventional wisdom) days, I would have, too. But since it was Easter, I decided to go all-out and try it. It was delicious, not gonna lie. I will do it again. Heck, I only do it once, maybe twice a year!

I also made two baked Cornish hens stuffed with dried prunes and apricots and seasoned with pepper and allspice (the recipe said cloves, but allspice smelled enough like cloves and I didn't want to bother with grinding the cloves). At the end, the hens got coated with a little sour cream. It was amazing! I might have to consider it as a Thanksgiving alternative! It was so juice it was practically watering -- my dad and I discovered last year with a broiler chicken that this is due to the dried fruit. It keeps a bird super-moist.

We also had our hard-boiled eggs with horseradish with beets. We got lucky and found a good Jewish container at the grocery store on Easter! Apparently it's also a very common Passover food. It was delicious, thank goodness, because sometimes they make the horseradish too vinegar-y or put weird garbage in it. This was none of those things, just pure delicious.

Dessert was my homemade Nutella with homemade whipped cream. Of course, I asked hubby to make the whipped cream because he had done it before and knew what the ratio was... or so I thought. I asked him to use powdered Stevia and said it was a 1:1 ratio -- it worked just like sugar. He put in eight packets of Stevia to our one cup of cream! Holy aftertaste! It was good, but it definitely had an artificial sweetener aftertaste. Fortunately, it was covered by the taste of the homemade Nutella, but by itself, it was kinda weird. I then found out that you're supposed to use only 1-2 tbsp. per cup of cream... and hubby used 8... oh well...

I did finish up the whipped cream with blueberries later in the evening.

I did not sleep horribly like I expected. Maybe it's not too much food that makes me sleep like garbage, but too much sugar. When I overeat, it tends to involve sugar, and where I once thought the overeating itself was the culprit, now I suspect the sugar.

I chose to fast today. I realized in retrospect that Easter dinner would have been more satisfying if I had eaten light all day, so I decided to fast today to prove to myself that I can do it. I needed to prove that I really do have enough mental control over food that if I want to fast, I can do it. I just have to decide I want to.

I succeeded. Dinner was at around 6:30pm and was a turkey burger salad and two leftover hard-boiled eggs.

I used the Cornish hen carcasses to make sorrel soup. It's a fairly common Eastern European soup, but I've never had it before. The last time I was up in Chicago visiting relatives, though, they took me to some of the larger, cooler Eastern European grocery stores, and while there I picked up a jar of sorrels. Now I know that it's basically just another leafy green, kind of like spinach or Swiss chard.

Sorrel soup is easy: sorrels and stock, and then often with cream and eggs and root veggies if desired. So I put the hen bones in the CrockPot, topped it with the jarred sorrels, and then added four jars' worth of water and let the thing stew overnight. Today, I picked out the bones, leaving as much of the remaining meat behind, added some almond milk, and stirred in two eggs. It's actually really tasty.

It's my lunch until it's done, hence my title "Meals like a pauper." No canned salmon or whatnot until the soup is done. Sometimes I'm bad about over-cooking, and then I have too much food and don't actually eat all of it. I have about five servings of Amazing Beta-Carotene soup in the freezer that I need to finish at some point. I'll probably have canned salmon in between for the change-up, but then once I'm done with that, I should finish the soup.

I also have to be at the base for an awesome 0700 mandatory "courtesy" weigh-in so the command knows where I stand before the PRT. You better believe I am NOT getting up any earlier tomorrow so I can eat before the stupid weigh-in. Morning fast? Yeah, I guess so. Mid-day sorrel soup. Leftover meatball burgers for dinner.

I did 100 burpees today in 16 minutes and 5 seconds. A new record. The question is whether or not I should push to take a little more time off tomorrow, or if I should stick at the current goal. I suppose I might as well try to take some time off and keep doing so until I clearly hit a wall. I'm glad to say, it's another PR!
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  • REEKU731
    WOW that workout sounds amazing!!! I'm totally having "crazy workout envy" right now!!!!

    All your food sounds amazing!! I'm in the same boat - totally indulgent Easter weekend is leading to lack of wanting to eat today. I ate a big breakfast, but now I think I might fast for the rest of the day just to help myself feel less like a squishy blob

    You are rockin' your burpees too!!! Keep up the amazing work honey!!
    2171 days ago
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