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I did it...I did it...180 min of meditation and sweat

Monday, April 09, 2012

I have to say that I was really nervous yesterday morning when I knew I would be attending a double practice. That means, not just 90 min of Bikram (hot sweaty yoga) but 180 minutes of pure meditation and sweat. Yikes! emoticon After the first 90 min., I came out after Savasna for 2 min. and sat on a bench in the lobby of the studio. Some of the instructors were out there and I just blurted out how nervous and scared I was of going back in there and doing another 90 minutes. They all smiled and said, "you can do it", you seem like the type of person that has determination. Even a lady sitting next to me praised me for even considering it. I know it's not the first time anyone has done this but for me, it was and well to be honest, I've never been a scaredy cat of much of anything but this for some weird reason was scaring me. I'm not sure if my nervousness was brought on form knowing I was going in for another round or if it was that I may not succeed. Either way, I admitted I was scared and nervous. When I finished the 2nd posture, I came out of the room and the instructor yelled out, "You did it, you finished and did great!!!" Needless to say, I had a huge smile on my face.

Well, I did it!!! I was able to do 26 Hatha postures twice and I finished out my first week of the 60 day challenge strong. The only posture I had issues with and only did the first set was Trikanasana (Triangle Pose). Second time around, I got a bit dizzy and had to sit down for a minute to get my breath back. Outside of that, I finished and did the entire 180 min. Between practices, I drank a Zico coconut water and I think that helped me to replenish some of those lost electrolytes. I think it also helped that I drank nothing but water the day before even after having a party at my home the night before. No alcohol consumption whatsoever!

When I got home, I cleaned up and DH and I decided to go have lunch. I was a bit famished by then but ate healthy. The afternoon rolled around quickly and by 5pm I was tired, so I layed down for a one hr power nap and wow....I felt even better after that. I was energized and ready to rock n roll.

I am proud that I am physically able to handle something like that.
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