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Serious question and random thoughts!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dear sparkians,
I will talk about the question in details later, but i will just put it here, in case you don’t feel like reading all the blog.
Is it ever okay to use exercise as a way to escape a certain lack of energy in another life aspect example work?? I mean I would rather skip work n just stay exercise all morning?? :S:S
i know i am kinda avoiding handling work and keep putting off facing the soon to be disaster of just facing it. Details below
So first of all hope you are having a gr8 WE, happy easter to all, take it easy on the chocolate :))))
Ok, where shall I start ( again sorry if this is going to be a bumpy ride, again my mind is messy and this is Saturday night, and I am supposed to sleep now and wake up to start a brand new week, my Week end ended, but really you cannot believe me when I say, I enjoyed every tiny second of it.
Friday was such an amazing day, Elhamdoulelah, started it feeling really energized, finished my W2D3 yay, i am really happy about my progress, I can slowly feel the improvement. Hopefully will start tomorrow W3.
So i finished that and walked alitle more then 10 min elliptical. Enjoyed some quality time with family, helped mum around the house. All was good, then the most amazing part started, i went to my amazing sweetheart Z to help with the preparation for a party, and every thing was kinda magical and childish and pink to celebrate my amazing (almost niece) :))))
I loved the decoration that was meticulously hand made by her mum, God bless you tante and may your health always be at its best so you can do this for every grandchild you will have inshaAllah. I luv how you cared for every single detail thou I know how tiring that was for you, and really my only goal for that night was to try to help you and Z to execute the vision you had in mind and try to make things easier. ya Rab i accomplished that.
The time was running sooo fast, but everything was coming together so beautiful mashAllah, people started to come and let me just have a confession here, i luv every single one of that family, God bless them all, and may they always have happy occasions to celebrate.

The cake was just amazing looking, the design was just AWESOME.
Dont worry at all, no calories surplus, i seriously believe, me and my Z were very strict and behaved great with all this food, :D , i am proud of you hun, you worked hard, burned soo much and watched what you ate mwaaaah, and i was sooo pleased with all the amazing comments you got, it really shows how stunning you always were and just how glowing you are now while being healthy. keep it up luv, really really you inspire me sooo much , and by the way you looked sooo amazing luv mwaaaaah.
Okay, that day ended, thou , i was praying it never does, but C’est la vie :)) Elhamdoulelah for every second.
Oh on that day i knew in the morning that since the last time i updated, i lost 2Kg so i was really happy about that :)))
Now today, was great 2, every1 was trying to recover from yesterday :D:D ,
The weather 2day was very hottttttttttt, we are going to have such a hot summer, really not looking forward to that, because it will only means staying home with the AC on, because it will be soo hot outside :S .
I had my final session of the writing course 2day and i really was in the streets, but OH my GOD, the roads were seriously terrible, my legs were aching sooo much from all that slow driving, i had to come back home, and i really felt guilty about that, above all that traffic, i felt really exhausted and all i wanted was to go home,just relax, “sigh”
The most amazing thing about today which totally erases everything bad about it, is the amount of hugs i got from my Z, your hug makes life better hun, God bless you.
Okay now the work part that i really dread and kinda avoid, i really don’t wanna go to work tomorrow, just because i feel sooo much is expected from me, and that i have like a zillion thing to do, and no energy or to be accurate, i just don’t feel like i wanna finish all that, sure i know i will b soo happy when all is done, i just need a vacation to have a clear mind, set priorities, make action plan on how to tackle all those things and finish them one by one.
that’s why i feel like i don’t wanna go in the morning, coz i feel that i am not prepared, and that i prefer just to stay home and exercise because at least that i have a plan and a goal,
really now i believe that quote that i just read today , came in time actually :
Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
Now i really realize, i have a vision and actions when it concerns my health thx God.
I really don’t wanna think about sth else :(, thats why i asked my question. i know that i need to handle all my issues, but at least i am glad that the work issue is nt making me overeat or quit on exercising , or is it still bad thing ??
If you read all this, and could understand anything from my messy mind, i would really appreciate your input.

luv you all my spark friends, xoxo
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Tori, you seriously lifted my spirit :D:D thank you thank you :))))
    It is more of a big project that has been dragging now for a while, and small stuff that that just pop up urgently and i keep postponing the big one :S
    The more i postpone it, the more i lack energy to finish it.
    And i really hate to go home and bring work home, it just depresses me.
    But i really loved your idea, sooo much really. Hopefully, tomorrow morning , will get 2 hours at the beginning of the day to just focus on that task and just push myself, to finish it. I know i will feel much better once it is done, because then i will start working on my HUGE tasks' list of other things. thx so much for the inspiration and the support,
    wishing you best of luck on the beginning of your week, hope your easter went well , take care xoxo
    1961 days ago
    Unfortunately you can't completely avoid the work to exercise. It's not terribly realistic. I'm not sure what type of work it is you're avoiding....whether it's the day to day grind or some special project that you just can't get your head into at the moment. What if you use the exercise, which you seem to really enjoy, as a reward for doing the work? So if you spend 2 hours of quality time working you can reward yourself with an extra x minutes of workout time? I'm battling some of the same issues atm with a couple of special projects, so I'll make you a deal....I'll try if you will! How's that sound? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
    1961 days ago
    Hun, talking abt u, yes totally u need more challange, to feel motivated, that is normal, to feel that u r doing brainless tasks or not challenging, makes u questions ur abilities, and we both know u worth much much more than that mwaaaah

    in my case, i have plenty of challenges, yet due to some disorganization, i dont feel motivated enough, thats why i said i need the good vision, and the action plan.

    I understand the walls part and totally agree, work is vital for so many things at this point of my life.

    That's why when i was writing this blog, felt it is a step, to start facing the problem, maybe i will just take a day off in the middle of the week to get myself together, make a proper list of my tasks and how i plan to execute them. Or maybe just take a couple of hour each day, and do just the same.

    Because i know i am avoiding it, and eventually that will backfire on me, thou seriously hoping it wont, ya mosahel.

    LOL at the accomplished young lady OR not part :D:D
    yes i want to be like that, this is not the problem, i just need some more definition and concrete steps, and not just handling the small urgent stuff that pop up from no where and are time consuming :@:@

    Big breathe, and hun, you are totally helping mwaaaaaaaaaaaah
    1962 days ago
    lets c i have to comment on the question part ,
    coz i feel excaly the smae i can skip work and keep working out :)
    althought my type of work isnt that stressful and not much is expected of me (true)
    mayeb that why i dont like work

    ok back to you
    i think no you cant just keep working out and neglect everything else
    its like a house with 4 walls you fix one side and you think ok i will neglect the rest and hope the house keep standing there !
    it wont work

    u dont want to

    bu if you choose that work is one wall so you ought yourself to give it time and energy you need to .
    if you no longher want it feel its imp
    so you shouldnt consider it a wall leave it and have another wall to haveyour full house

    bs this is me being wise at 1 am :D hope i can help ya Rab mouah
    1962 days ago
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