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Jewish Seder Tonight - the opposite of South Beach, Phase 1!

Friday, April 06, 2012

So, I'm right in the middle of the 2-week Phase 1 portion of the South Beach Diet and tonight I promised my dear friend I would attend her Passover Seder. I am actually not Jewish, but I think it will be extremely interesting and enlightening to be a part of such a cool, cultural tradition. And I know she's very excited to be hosting, so it should be really great.

I am a little worried because she sent me a list of all the foods she is making and, well, I am not lying to you when I say that almost every single food is on the "DO NOT EAT" list for this phase of the South Beach Diet. Including 4 glasses of red wine, which are MANDATORY. Yikes! I calculate that alone to at least 510 calories.

But, truthfully, I'm not worried about calories, as I've been very far under calories this past week b/c of the South Beach Diet. And this actually brings me into my acceptable/normal calorie range. And I did a LOT of exercise yesterday so my body is feeling good. I guess I'm more worried about the fact that the author of South Beach Diet stresses again and again that the first phase is specifically to change your blood chemistry and clean out all the bad carbs and sugar. I am just worried I will undo all the hard work I've put in this week with one meal. Not that I'd gain 12 lbs back or anything...but that it would somehow screw up my blood chemistry.

When I talked to my husband, he said that was ridiculous. And I decided he's right. It is ridiculous. This is a holy weekend and a sacred holiday. It literally would be EXTREMELY rude of me to accept this invitation and then refuse to eat things from this ceremony. Also, I am learning a lifestyle here...not some crash diet. Things like religious holidays will happen quite regularly in life and we need to learn how to best plan for these things and recover afterwards!

The "worst" that could happen, weight-wise, is that I could gain a few pounds back and maybe I'll have to stay on this strict phase of the diet an extra week. That's not the end of the world...and it certainly is worth it if it means I get to celebrate with my family and friends in a way that is honoring to them. It's not a license to go nuts and binge...but it's permission to not be so self-absorbed and anxious about every single bite I put in my mouth.

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    UPDATE: Absolutely beautiful Seder meal! SO glad we got to experience that! The food was wonderful.

    But let me just tell/warn you. Do you know what happens when you eat nothing but 1200 calories of lean protein and veggies for 5 days, then drink 4 glasses of wine and eat carbs all at once? emoticon ,

    Ummm...let's just say I'm not so worried about my weight! Ugh. So embarrassing! emoticon
    2175 days ago
    Practice moderation, and you'll be just fine through this one meal, even if it does require 4 glasses of wine. LOL

    2175 days ago
    I think you're absolutely right - it's a lifestyle, not a diet, and you will have to be able to incorporate holidays and special occasion foods in the future. Honestly, I think the idea of changing your blood chemistry is probably bogus, or at least not precisely accurate. With eating plans like the South Beach diet, my understanding is that you're just trying to keep your blood sugar stable. Eating foods that make it spike for one evening is not going to do anything to ruin/change your blood. But I'm not a doctor, so I can't swear to that.

    Anyways, I doubt you'd even gain multiple pounds out of this. They say it takes 3500 to burn off or put on a pound. So unless you eat like 10,000 extra calories at this dinner, I think you're good. :) You might see a temporary increase in your weight, but it's just from water retention due to increased sodium intake, or from the food weight itself (lots of food can get backed up in your system, if you know what I mean). Don't even sweat a few pounds on the scale if you see them; it's not a real gain.

    Have fun! I've never been to any Jewish ceremonies, but I'd love to sometime. I bet they're fascinating and beautiful. I just need to find some Jewish friends! :)
    2175 days ago
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