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Friday, April 06, 2012

I had a really great first week of excersise and healthy eating. I was so very proud of myself but then i completly sabatoged myself like I always do. This last week has been hard and I gave up on myself and started making the same old excuses. I have not excersised at all this week and I have eaten horribly. I do not want to keep doing this. Yes I have some major obstacles to overcome in my personal life to get back on track but I really dont want them to hold me back. I joined the healthy living challenge so that it would push me to work harder and become more dedicated. I logged into spark and went to the excersise minutes log and I saw how many minutes everyone was logging. I saw most people were logging over an hour and some were over two hours. I became very overwhelmed and instantly felt that my thirty minutes of really hard (for me) excersise wasnt good enough. It made me feel defeated before I had even really begun. I felt that I didnt stand a chance against everyone else. That was very hard for me to admit. I dont usually put myself out there for the world to see or judge. I was going to just completly give up when I recieved a spark notification that someone wanted to be my friend. So I thought about it and decided to see if it was too late to get back into the challenge. I went to the requirements page and saw the mental challenge for the first week and it was exactly what I needed. I needed to remind myself that I am worth it. So with all of that being said:

1. I am worth it because I deserve to feel healthy
2. I am worth it because I deserve to feel pretty
3. I am worth it because I deserve to not feel embarassed when I walk into a room
4. I am worth it because I deserve to be surrounded by love and not negativity
5. I am worth it because I have spent my whole life feeling bad about myself and I will no longer accept that

So I really want to thank whoever made this mental challenge for week 1 because this was exactly what I needed to get back in the game. I want to wish everyone good luck this week and I hope everyone will stay strong because we are all worth it!!
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    Congrats and keep up the good work ! Realistic goals make realistic success.
    2115 days ago
  • BARB5009
    jess you are doing great!!! really it takes time! i log on for 2 hrs 3 times a week of exercising, BUT i am retired and HAVE THE TIME! it was one of my goals and a promise to me. so since july 5th of last yr, i lost 55 lbs. BUT it has not been easy! i had to make huge changes in eating and exercising. gathering with friends can be hard as they like to make "goodies" i shouldn't have. i was on a plateau for 3 months! i do believe in this program! the power of prayer! positive thinking! AND YES, WE ARE SO WORTH TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES. changes can be difficult. take just one day at a time. give yourself a star on the calendar on your good days and keep a diary. as you look at the times you are doing great and getting a "star", i bet in time they will out way the days, you don't do as well. keep reading the posts and emails that you get. they really help too. emoticon
    2115 days ago
    You know, Jessica...I am so glad that you opened up like you did! No one seems to want to really get down to brass tacks. Or, maybe I just haven't seen this before. But, Jessica....I do the exact same thing, I sabotage myself.."oh, you'll never really lose the weight, so stop trying", or "poor me, why does that skinny girl get to eat doughnuts and I can't", you know. I have seen results in people, including myself, at one time, that are amazing. So, I believe that consistency is HUGE. Jessica, please keep it up because you are worth it. God created you and He wants you to respect your body.
    2115 days ago
    just the fact that you know your lapses makes you all worth it.
    you know your mistakes, so the next step is to make things right.
    it doesn't have to be a huge change in your approach towards your goal.
    baby steps will do, then build up a particular routine that you are comfortable with.
    try to avoid the mirror for a certain amount of time.
    i used to look at the mirror everyday to see if there are any changes.
    it's just frustrating to do that since you can see almost no change at all.
    perhaps a week off the mirror will do.
    with the routine you will work on, as long as you can hold it down for a weeks time as well, you will see changes in you and it will definitely motivate you to keep on doing what you do or even do more.
    i guarantee you that as you go along your routine after the first week, you will be motivated enough to keep going and you will look forward to meeting that brand new "You" on your next mirror face off.
    cheers to all of us!
    2115 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/5/2012 1:04:38 AM
    Don't give up. Have faith in yourself-keep going, little by little and you will reach your goal.
    2115 days ago
    I needed to see MAYBER's comment as well as your blog. yourself...and accept who you are..
    2115 days ago


    MS. L. CARMEL emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2115 days ago
    Your blog hit home with me. Often I start on a weight loss plan and get discouraged. You can do it; I can do it; we all can do it. Patience and "baby steps" along with making life-style changes will build into healthy weight loss and maintenance. Good health is worth the effort. emoticon
    2115 days ago
    You are so worth it! I have lost 50lbs in the last year but still need to lose 20 more. I am cheering for you so loud to keep going!

    When it is all said and done, you want it and that resonates with me and everyone else. You are not alone. You are a winner and you are amazing!

    Believe that and recieve that!

    You can do it. I know you can!

    Soldier on, okay?
    2115 days ago
    Never give up! We all experience set backs. Heck, this week I started classes again & all the down time & resulting boredom found me falling back into a junk food binge. I'm just resolving to get my head back in the game next week. And NEVER compare yourself to others. We all have our own journeys. Your thirty minutes of exercise are YOUR victory. It's not a competition; this is a support team. Keep on keeping on & eventually, we'll all reach that goal of a healthy life!

    And indeed YOU are worth it. We all are. emoticon
    2115 days ago
    it gives me a lot of inspiration... it's really worth it, giving yourself all the love that you can give before anybody else... thanks for the post... emoticon
    2115 days ago
    I have been here since February and have lost weight, put some back on, taken it back off...and the cycle goes on...and yet for some reason I keep trying.

    I am very good at recording everything...and then I'm not for a while...then I get good again...and the cycle goes on...and yet for some reason I keep trying.

    I have just gotten a promotion. My daughter and her family are living in South Carolina. My OCD is acting up. The stressful feelings can be over whelming but I keep trying...and then I don't...and then I do...and the cycle goes on...and yet for some reason I keep trying.

    The point is that every time I try i do make more progress...

    . emoticon

    You are just starting out...don't forget to give yourself credit for starting out. This will not be one said it would be easy. Nothing worth doing is easy. You will have times when you feel successful... and times when you don't... and times when you do... and the cycle goes on..and yet for some reason I know you will keep trying and succeeding .

    Remember, you have lots of friends here!! We all need each other, emoticon
    2115 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/4/2012 7:17:31 PM
  • MARILYN1954
    emoticon We all need to be reminded that we are worth it. Thanks for the blog.
    2115 days ago
  • SATINE85
    Wow, I thought you were speaking about me. I just started the program a little over a week ago and the same thoughts permeated my brain. I am constantly quitting, it is my MO and yet I get back up and start all over. However, this time, there is no failing, yes there will be times we fumble the ball, but like in football, you get back up and who knows you either make it to the first down, like tracking your food, joining teams to help you out, exercise, only 10 minutes for a week and progressely start adding 5 to 10 minutes each week, or whenever you are comfortable, or start whatever the program offers. The touchdown will be you feeling better and losing pounds and inches. I have had great support and will need it when I do feel very overwhelmed, but I have found I am happier than I have been in the last year and half and I know even if I fumble, I am getting right back up and running for that goal line. No one is stopping me or you. We are worth it, we just have never thought we were good enough, but we are and I know you have so much support on this site. Thank you for such a terrific post, as I said it was spot on for me, I think you have spoken for so many.
    2115 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    First off you have to accept yourself as you are
    You are worth every effort you put forth
    And do not compare yourself to others and their progress or lack of progress
    You are doing the weight loss for U
    Best wishes
    One day at a time

    2115 days ago
    emoticon So long as you keep picking yourself up and moving again. Nobody's perfect. emoticon
    2115 days ago
    Think about this quote, it changed my life: "Nothing made me feel better about myself until I decided to feel better about myself."
    2115 days ago
    in the same boat.. seeing ppl log hours and i barely get through 30 mins at times... but i keep thinking in time ill get to the 45 min mark, then the 60... i think once i get to the sold 45 min mark ill get me a new t-shirt that i find funny or cute to work out in... emoticon
    2115 days ago
  • SUNNY572
    Yes you are worth it and if anyone can do it YOU can. Good luck on your journey. emoticon
    2115 days ago
    We are all worth it. As everyone else has said, take it one day at a time. I started by cutting out soda pop, then refined sugar and processed hydrogenated vegetable oils. It can be done. I've always hated to exercise, but now I walk my dog daily and gomto curves 4 times a week.
    2115 days ago
    Yes you are definitely worth it-something we women forget -- so busy helping others We can't neglect ourselves . watching our servings -eating for necessity and mindful of healthy foods and don't forget the all important excercise-just a half hour per day or whenever we need to stretch relaxes our minds and we can go further than we ever imagined.
    2115 days ago
    You are worth it! We all are. Congrats on a wonderful start to your new life!
    2115 days ago
    Darn Tootin' right, you are worth it. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2115 days ago
    Love your blog! You are worth it! We are all worth it! Go, girl!
    2115 days ago
    Of course you are worth it. And it is fantastic that you realize it.
    Don't sweat the small stuff. You haven't blown it. So you ate more calories than you were supposed to, or you skipped a day of exercise--it happens. Move on and move forward. A stumble or even a fall is not a failure.

    As for seeing what others are logging---those people are not you. Period. You have to start somewhere. And 30 minutes a day is more than I started with. I managed 15 minutes a day on my treadmill for the first week or so (and I was sweaty when I was done.) Gradually I moved up to 25 minutes a day and now, after 6-7 weeks of owning the treadmill, I can stay on (most days--yesterday was 25 minutes) for 45 minutes. I'm still walking at what would be considered a casual pace, but slowly I am increasing that as well. As long as I am doing something, I am not doing nothing. And the same goes for you. Measure your progress against yourself and how you feel, not against someone else's progress. Enjoy the sweat, knowing you are working hard and improving yourself.
    2115 days ago
    Jessica, By now you've read lots of encouraging words from others. Putting yourself out there and letting us all know of your struggles is hard, but it's a good place to start. I think if you concentrate more on what you're aiming for instead of the way you're going to get there, you'll succeed. In other words, don't make your life about the slips you made or what you didn't do. Think about how you want to be healthy and do things that you think are healthy. Make one little change at a time. You can be physically fit wothout having a tiny body, and there are people who are thin and very unfit. I like reading a motivational quote every day and looking at the calendar entries every day- under the motivation tab. And don't kick yourself if you don't "measure up" to the activity that someone else is doing. Just like you can't go to a gym or out on a track or anywhere else and feel inferior because the person beside you is faster, stronger, etc. You do what's right for you. I love to swim, but I'm 51. I move at the speed of a 51 year old, not a 22 year old. Been there, done that. I'd love to go on and on, but you go girl. Get a visual of what you'd like to be and reach for it. I build little rewards into my life to quietly celebrate my own successes, too.
    2115 days ago
    God bless you for being so honest and putting yourself out there. Thank you for the reminder that we are all worth it! I am rooting for you and can't wait to see new posts about how you are doing. Go for it!!! emoticon
    2115 days ago
  • DJE223
    What a great blog and arrived at just the right time for me. I've been doing well with exercise and diet and meal planning. Although it's time consuming it's paying off and I'm finally beginning to be happy with the image in the mirror and the stronger body I now have. My problems are stemming from my husband having a hard time with these changes. I try to be compassionate and give him some time to adjust but it's putting a strain on our relationship. WELL when I read I DESERVE TO BE SURROUNDED WITH LOVE AND NOT NEGATIVITY you just hit the nail on the head for me. Keep going, keep loving yourself to make the changes you want, at a pace that is kind and respectful to you. Well done. And thank you for your honesty and vision. You will succeed.
    2115 days ago
    Jessica, Do not compare yourself to others. I like to compare myself to where I used to be. I say to myself. I may not be able to run as fast as so-and-so, but I used to not be able to run period. So when you feel your best is not good enough, remember that you are doing more than you were doing before. Each day is a fresh start. If you don't keep trying to get there, you never will, but if you do not give up and keep aiming for that wonderful goal, you will get there. I lost 70 pounds after being overweight ALL MY LIFE. So keep on truckin! You are doing it. ::))
    2115 days ago
  • LESLIE56
    Good for you, loved your blog. You have to love yourself, right! emoticon
    2115 days ago
  • LISAK157
    Sweety, you are SO worth it! We all have challenges that are unique to us and it takes time to overcome those issues that lead us to become overweight in the first place. Hang in there, you are staying involved and it will get better, one day at a time. emoticon
    2115 days ago
    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! You are worth it! Don't ever doubt that. I know sometimes we can fall into a rut, I know I do sometimes but it's a matter of getting back with the program and claiming what you deserve. I just went through a bad spell myself so I can identify but we can do this! Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes to you in your journey.


    emoticon emoticon
    2115 days ago
    You can do it! One day at a time, one choice at at time! Little accomplishments each day will give u strength to turn that day into a week, then a month, then a life time!
    2115 days ago
  • LAREYNA752001
    Jessica liked your blog.......Losing weight is the hardest thing for me. Panning meals and excising with no excuses. I’m a mother of 3. Making food for the kids and trying so hard not to eat out…..I’m starting off slow. I'm determined to lose but I’m taking little bitty steps…..It’s so true what they say……If you surround yourself with positive people it make your life a little less stress. Will continue on this weight loss journey. emoticon
    2115 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/4/2012 3:35:16 PM
    You go girl!!! Just keep telling yourself that... Try to replace negative with positive before it gets too far... You are worth it and I want to encourage you, you can do it.
    2115 days ago
  • LISAG55
    I agree with that about being worth it I am new to this Sparke people also trying to figure out how to log in my food informatino in the nutritional category. My name is Lisa Wagner. good luck to you.
    2115 days ago
    Jessica, you and I have much in common. I am happy that you are determined. Your blog just came to me at the right time. I want to be determined too. I was doing really well and then, kaplooey! I fell down. Now I am starting to get up by working on my program today little by little. emoticon of new determination!
    2115 days ago
    Thank you Jessica for saying out loud what many of us are thinking! You are worth it, I am worth it. Thanks for reminding me :) Good luck on your journey - I'm rooting for you.

    2115 days ago
    Jessica: Thank you soooo much for your blog. It was just what I needed!! I fell off plan, and was feeling bad about myself, and then, I read your blog. I love that you listed all the reasons you are worth it. Especially the last one about feeling bad about yourself all your life.
    We who are overweight do that to ourselves. I have been avoiding logging in to SparkPeople because I didn't like me at this point in time. But, I had to log in here to say Thank you to you.
    Now that I am here, I think I will go about getting myself back together again.

    Thank You for that too!
    2115 days ago
    Think about it, you are not "against" everyone else. You are against your old habits. Yes, some do exercise two hours a day but where did they start? They probably started at exactly the same place you are at now. Every journey starts somewhere and yours has started. Do it for yourself or do it for your health, just do it.

    Yes it is hard to break all those bad eating and lack of exercise habits you've got in your system but it can be done. Nobody else can do it for you.

    Good for you!!!! You've taken the first step and I wish you well in the future.

    2115 days ago
    Just do what you feel is right for you, you are an indiviual and you are taking steps in the right direction. emoticon
    2115 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/4/2012 3:10:33 PM
  • ALONG68
    You are worth it. Keep up the good work! emoticon
    2115 days ago

    I wish you good luck. May good things happen to you and may aou be happy and healthy.
    2115 days ago
    You are worth it!
    2115 days ago
    Enjoyed your article. Keep up the good work!
    2115 days ago
  • FOOFIE17
    good for YOU! You can do it.
    Thank you for your blog. It was just what I needed today.
    2115 days ago
    Wow, thanks, Jessica. You are worth it. What a great reminder! May you continue to see what a gift you are to others, and may your journey be filled with new discovery and delight!
    2116 days ago
    I feel like you just wrote my inner monologue. It felt so motivating for me to know I am not the only one who feels that way. I'm always a great cheerleader for other peoples goals but when it comes to myself not so much. But I think its time I start taking my own advice and say you only worked out 30 minutes (believe me that can be hard) and you feel like that's not enough well I say its better then nothing..its a great start! You can work up to more minutes in time not all at day at a time you will get there and I am rooting for you. I dont know you but I know how you feel all to much and we are both worth it! Good luck!
    2116 days ago
    I have been a member for a few years and face the same struggles you mentioned. I love your I am worth it statements! We are worth it! Keep up the great work!
    2116 days ago
    You ARE worth it!
    2116 days ago
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