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A Little Disappointed at Lack of Manners

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A few weeks ago, I had sent one of my childhood best friends gifts for her expected baby and her toddler. I am working a temporary job for minimum wage, so I really don't have a lot to spare, but wanted to send something.

J is on social networking websites quite a bit and has thanked and posted pics of other presents that she has received, but not mine. I have experienced this with other friends that make more money than my huby and I. It seems that if the present does not cost at least $100, it's not worth showing appreciation for.

It makes me feel bad to be invited to events and to come empty handed, but it also makes me feel bad for my gift to be ignored. I don't make a lot of money, but the little I do make, I work very hard for.

I was fortunate when my kids were babie to have coworkers with kids a couple of years older than mine. I inherited many hand-me-downs and was grateful for every one, and told the people so. Doing so is good manners, which is something I am trying to pass on to my children.
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    You aren't being rude by asking if your gift arrived that you mailed to her. You are letting her know you sent her a gift and who knows it might not have arrived, and if she said yes she rec'd. it. Just say Well I'm hear to hear that. and just go on with the conversation like no big deal, this is a friend with a toddler and pregnant and who knows how the marriage is going etc etc.

    Of course if she doesn't say thank you then, I wouldn't send another gift.

    I crochet a beautiful white baby afghan, and mailed it to my nephew who had a baby boy, I did not hear a word from him, so finally I asked my brothers, who said, Yes, he got it, he liked it. The child is four, still heard nothing, Yes, it hurts when you put your love into every stitch, making sure it is perfect to the best of your ability, or when you go shopping and spend your time picking the gift you can get with the money you had and then nothing.

    I just remember the saying Judge Not, Less Ye Be Judged or something like that. So I try not to think about it. Just things like this bring it back, I know how your feelings.

    2174 days ago
    It's been about 3 weeks since I sent it. I don't want to be rude and inqire whether or not she received it. If it hasn't been returned here, I guess I'll just assume that it made it. I also think it would be a little tacky, like I was seeking out a thank you. If she doesn't appreciate/want to acknowledge the gift, that is her choice, but I won't be sending more any time soon.
    2176 days ago
    I also raised my son with manners and i have to say that sometimes even he surprises me with the way he is, he's very thoughtful and caring with a huge heart.
    BUT.... not everyone is like that unfortunately and it's sad that when you work so hard and it really comes from your heart that it's ignored, I know exactly how you feel as it has happened to me before.
    There are some people who don't even think of what they are going to buy cause they can afford anything, but when we don't have a lot and try to really give something thoughtful and when it really is given with love, it hurts when the person doesn't even recognize that.
    I'm sorry that happened to you and shame on them for not realizing what an amazing person and friend you are! emoticon I know things like that hurt!
    2176 days ago
    I wonder if her method of thanking people she thought might bother you, ie do you think others will judge what you sent if she posts it? There is also the possibility that she hasn't received it and it got lost in the mail.
    2176 days ago
    I agreed with Amanda_C - gift should be appreciated for the thought; guess some people forget "it is the thought that counts"
    2176 days ago
    Thanks for a solid reminder that we should never take a gift for granted.
    2176 days ago
    Good for you for raising your kids with manners! There are way too many people with no manners today.....any gift should be appreciated for the thought - no matter the price.
    2176 days ago
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