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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ah, Spring! Birds, bees, Daylight Savings Time and all those baby rabbits everywhere. Clearly they have indeed been fruitful and have multiplied as a consequence!

So what does Spring mean to the typical Sparky? Um, food challenges. Profound ones. For example, if you and your family have a tradition of dining together on Easter, how do you say "no" to delicious...

Some folks I know have even more dire Spark challenges, as certain traditional foods stick around for awhile. A certain subset of you will identify readily with this dilemma...

In addition to caloric, nutritional and gastrointestinal challenges, many of us entertain family and friends. Sometimes a lot of them. Hereabouts our humble kitchen, with its standard table and four chairs, transforms into a banquet hall seating 22. Can't you picture Russell Crowe standing in our foyer, one morning four days ago, bellowing "Beat to Quarters?!"

As now cooking and cleaning is well underway (many thanks to my tireless and intrepid wife Susan, we indeed have responded to the order to "Clear for Action" and any ship captain would be proud of our diligence and acumen in preparing to Spark-challenge ourselves. This is our focus until preparations are complete:

Hollywood, not to be outdone, in every generation seems to have a way of encapsulating and regurgitating cultural, ethnic and other traditions. Does not "Home for the Holidays" resonate on Thanksgiving? Can you think of February 2nd NOT in the context of Bill Murray? Memorial Day and John Wayne? New Year's and Dick Clark? Well, for some of us, the season is not complete without Cecil B. De Mille's imprimatur:

Odds are that some grandchild or great niece or other descendent of Mr. DeMille is here on Sparkpeople. Here is what I want to know from you: just how many times are you pausing that DVD to hit the potty because of all the Sparky water?!?!?!

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone! Remember this week, there are no magic secrets. Do not punish yourself for enjoying the season with family, friends, and the traditional goodies that your tradition dictates. ANY weight loss at all (or gain of less than two pounds) is progress.

May your nutritional tracking survive the experience!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JAYDEE16
    Here, here! Bringeth thy most succulent ham, full of hammy goodness! But leaveth thy peanut butter eggs, most evil of all the candies! I beggeth thee!

    Have a wonderful holiday! :)
    2146 days ago
  • SARS613
    I know my hubs will be getting to know our good friend Water very well this weekend. Last year was his first in-depth Passover, and he forgot the number 1 rule about matzah and matzah meal: it expaaaands in your tum. Stay hydrated and all will be well. Oh, and enjoy lots of prune tzimmes, my family's solution to the real affliction.
    2147 days ago
    Easter is a low carb delight except for the candy! (Bought sugar free this year, and the kids can get their own - nyah!)
    2147 days ago
  • MACMOM57
    You do have a way with words. Love your blog. Have a very Happy Holiday my friend.
    2147 days ago
  • KATHRYN1955
    For the first time in many years, I am not the one preparing the bulk of the Easter meal, along with all the various pre and post chores associated with said meal. With any of these holiday events, just maintaining one's weight (and sanity) is a good thing.
    Have a good weekend!!!

    2148 days ago
    Well said that man! Have a great Easter/Passover yourself young man and your lovely wife Susan xx
    2148 days ago
    The title of your blog is really good, but try it again after you shave your head.
    Yes, we will have all the Easter staples: ham and peeps. I bought the peeps, dinner is at a friend's house so she bought the ham. I am blessed in my friends and will have a good Easter.
    A happy and blessed Easter to everyone.
    2148 days ago
    we have lots of little bunnies in our back yard .... so tiny ... great blog ... as usual ... Roc
    emoticon emoticon
    2148 days ago
    I like your bunnies better but its Easter and this one is kinda cute. thank you for the note on my blog =.
    I thought yours was great brought back memories of my child hood and i agree about the Sparky breaks emoticon hope you have a wonderful time with your family. To me family and tradition is very important and the memories will out last the small of any gain we get that one day. and we now have the tools to enjoy the ham and other family foods and eat wisely. and like you said a gain of less thean 2 pounds staying the same is progress and we all know that the scales will not always move downward on this journey. we are human and not perfect. I hope you and the family have wonderful Easter and anxiously awaiting you post Easter Blog not that i want the holiday to be over emoticon
    2148 days ago
    We are having ham so that won't be too bad. What is going to be bad but only moderation is the Easter kielbasa. My Mom is not making her famous potato salad so I won't be tempted there. I could eat the whole bowl of her potato salad. It is to die for. When we have get togethers like Easter and picnics her potato salad goes fast so you have to be faster than everyone else. or you lose. Happy Easter/Passover to everyone.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2148 days ago
    I'm aiming for a veggie-ful seder!
    2148 days ago
    Terrific, Boss! So much history, so little time.......

    There should be NO guilty consciences after the weekend. Eat, drink and be merry...just not glutonous!!

    2148 days ago
  • SAPNA.
    emoticon Are you really going to be tracking?
    2148 days ago
    emoticon May your own nutritional tracking be equally as successful. emoticon
    2148 days ago
    You had me at the cute bunnies ... honestly the rest of the blog was a little bit of a letdown after bombarding me with such cuteness at the beginning. emoticon It's ok, I'll try not to hold it against you. emoticon

    2148 days ago
  • NEWMOM20121
    Great blog.
    2148 days ago
    Your house sounds like our family gatherings. Lots of fun, food and people. I am fortunate in that I just started this, so staying on target won't be a challenge. Not to mention that BBQ chicken or tri-tip, grilled asparagus and strawberries are always part of the menu, so this is easy. I am the "kid" in the family and love playing games, so it's time for 3 legged races again. There are a lot of kids to play with Sunday.

    Wishing a very blessed and joyful Easter to your family ~~~

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2148 days ago
  • CMW123
    Does not "Home for the Holidays" resonate on Thanksgiving? for me, not so much. Thanksgiving is Alice's Restaurant.

    Have a happy Spring. emoticon
    2148 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    I guess in the food and eating sence, not making a big deal out of easter, for me, makes sparking much easier. Enjoy this time with your family. And have an egg, for me. emoticon
    2148 days ago
    The Ten Commandments!!!! I read your title and knew exactly where the line was from. My Dad made us watch it every Easter!!! Good times emoticon
    2148 days ago
    Happy Easter & Passover to you and yours, as well Boss!
    Hope you have a great one!
    2148 days ago
    The Easter Bunny is stopping here, bringing chocolate, peeps, jelly beans, robin's eggs... I love candy! Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! These dang kids - why do they attract so much junk food? emoticon
    2148 days ago
    May God grant you and yours a blessed holiday, and a happy, gain-free weigh in on Monday emoticon
    2148 days ago
    Hugs to your wife Susan.

    I definitely resemble the "LET MY PEOPLE GO" scenario. OY!

    Russell Crowe . . . need any more be said! Full speed ahead!

    Gotta agree with Sheryl, too . . . my PEEPS say the same thing . . . it's apparently a PEEP commandment. I can live with no PEEPS!

    But not my Spark peeps! Happy Easter and Passover to everyone.

    Thanks for an enertaining spin on Easter (or Passover) mayhem.
    2148 days ago
    I'm contemplating low-carbing it for Pesach. I've never tried that eating plan and if I can't have bread and pasta, why not?

    Chag sameach.

    2148 days ago
    Pretty much everyone I know celebrates either Easter or Passover so we're all going to be doing A LOT of eating. Oh boy. This is going to be a bad week.
    2148 days ago
    thou shall not eat the PEEPS emoticon
    2148 days ago
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