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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I made it to kickboxing two times this week already. Monday and Tuesday. Woohoo! And I am planning on going tonight, two classes on Thursday and then Friday. If I do all that I will make 300 minutes this week... If I keep this up I will definitely make 1,000 minutes this month!!!

I was talking to my boyfriend last night, we were talking about working out and eating right. I told him that I know my eating isn't the best right now but I am making better choices. Yesterday I did go to Burger King... Booo, I know... But I got the chicken sandwich and they asked if I wanted cheese and bacon on it... I said of course I want it but I'm not going to eat it. Then my boyfriend asked if I wanted the cinnabon, I said of course I do but I'm not going to eat it. And I don't feel deprived because I know that I'm already eating something I consider a treat why do I have to add a bunch of other treats on to it? There is another day where I will eat a dessert but today I had enough treats.

I told him that I need to take it one step at a time. If I make myself eat right, work out hard, and beat myself up every time I slip I will give up. It will be too hard. For me I need to slowly introduce things into my life. I am a busy person and right now adding one thing in at a time seems to be the way to do it. Before I didn't have time to exercise but I look at my schedule and made time. I feel if I work on making one thing fit at a time I won't be soo overwhelmed and I will have more success.

My goal is to live a healthy lifestyle. That doesn't happen over night. Habits take time to make. I still feel like my eating is better then it has been. Even though I do make poor choices some of the time. But I try to eat things with veggies in it. I try to stay away from extra sauces and cheeses. I don't drink soda or juice. I drink mostly water and maybe a cup of coffee or milk every once in a while. I don't eat candy. I try to keep dessert for special occasions. These are all improvements for me. Is it perfect? No. Is this how I want to eat? No. But they are all steps in the right direction.

Working out is easiest for me. So I want to encourage myself. I know I will be successful at building my life around exercise. Eating is harder for me so I don't want to beat myself down and get upset and then give up. I won't give up. Giving up is not an option. If it takes me a year or two to get my eating in order I'm okay with that. If I do it that way it will stick and become habit. At least I am trying to make good choices when I am in those types of situations.

Working out has made a huge difference in my body. And I know that in order for me to get where I want I need to eat healthy too. But I will take it one step at a time. I will make these lasting impressions. I want this to be a lifestyle, so I don't want to scare myself away from it.

I know some people will argue. Saying that I am not going at it the right way. That I should work on food first. But this works for me. And I know if I continue on my journey this way, with this type of thinking, just one step at a time, I will succeed. I will become what I want. I will not fail because I took the time that my mind and body needed to adjust to new things.

Thanks for reading. Good luck on your journeys. And I hope that little by little you are finding out what works for you!
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    You go girl!!! Do things the way that YOU need to do them ways that work for YOU!!! That is the only way that you will change your habits! It took me a long time not to listen to what other people had to say. I had to figure out what worked for me!! You will be able to do this. YOU know that it may take time which is a very good first step. Many people believe that it can happen right away so you are already a step ahead of most!! Keep up your great work. I am proud of what You have done so far!!! Keep it up!
    2116 days ago
    You are on the right track girlie, you are now conscious of your food choices I don't know about you but for me before starting this weight loss journey I was completely oblivious to what I was eating...and I agree working out comes easier than eating right. Keep at it you are doing great! Kickboxing sounds fun my facility does not provide any kickboxing :( I would have to go to another facility wich is really not that far so maybe I will one of these days and see if my hubby will join me :)
    2116 days ago
    You are one smart chick. You are doing everything right and you are very level headed. You WILL succeed.

    Nobody should say that everyone should do something a certain way. We are all different. Our bodies, our lifestyles, etc. I started with exercise too. I figured out how to be more active, and along with that I started making better choices with food, then after a while as my confidence grew, I started tracking, and then planning healthy meals. Even then I started with making my breakfast healthy, then lunch, then all day.

    Whatever. You know you best! And you are doing great!!!
    2116 days ago
    I have to agree, I've always had an easier time working out than eating right. I would get really annoyed about it too. It's like I'm sabotaging myself. Here I am getting up crazy early to go running in the dark. How can I have the discipline to do that and not have the discipline to step away from the potato chips.

    I'm very pleased with me right now though. Last night DH who does not need to lose weight and generally eats right, broke into some chips in the post-dinner tv watching period of the day. For the first time I managed not to eat any. I also didn't want to say anything to him about it because I don't want him to feel like he can't have chips when I'm around.

    very very smug
    2116 days ago
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