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What a RollerCoaster Ride!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I havent blogged for awhile. Why is that? Busy I guess, lots of gardening and outside work (exercise) But it feels great to get out there and do these things myself, whereas before I would either hire someone, or just wish I would and nothing gets done.

But let's back up to Sunday March 25th. I meant to blog about all the positive things.
1. One more belt notch tighter!
2. Zipped up my coat so we could go for a motorcycle ride! That has NEVER happened.
3. Complete ease of getting on and off the motorcycle.
4. Wasnt sore after the ride.
5. Met brother and his wife on their bike, for breakfast. Made a great choice.

So the week was off to a great start!

Then.... it just went to H3LL after that as far as my journey is concerned. Or so it seemed.

I joined several challenges, which require me to weigh more often. And one I thought was a weigh in day but wasnt, so just a lot of weighing going on. And the scale wasnt moving like I thought it should, so I weighed even on other days just so I could see. So all I could see was the scale... up down up down... uggghhh. And in my brain, I know not to trip on this. I visit many blogs daily and I tell other people... Do NOT trip on it!! But somehow it was different when it was happening to me! haha

So when all was said and done that week, I ended up with a .2 gain! A gain!!!! How is that possible?! 8500 calorie deficit and I gained .2 pounds!!!

Now I know better than to ask why, or how.... but still. It is in those times that you forget things. You remember the hard work but you forget that your body is probably repairing and building new muscle which means it might reflect as a gain temporarily. It is in those times that it would be easy to say, well what the heck, it isnt working anyways, and just give up. I think this is also what happens when people make one single simple slip and think to themselves, well I have already shot it for the day so the rest of what I eat does not matter, or the scale isnt cooperating so they completely go back to their old ways. Wrong wrong wrong.

So even after a week of roller coaster, we went for another bike ride. I was almost another notch up but it would have been tight so I let it go and decide to celebrate that victory another day but also I figured I was just grasping at straws by trying to suck it up too tight anyways, after the week I had. We met for breakfast again, and it would have been easy to say well it just isnt working anyways & order pancakes, which is what I kept starring at on the menu. I really wanted pancakes. REALLY wanted pancakes. I resisted and ordered wisely. Then we were still out for lunch - Steak & Shake. I havent had a bun in a very long time. But I resisted & ordered wisely.

The following day, was the .2 gain. I did some searching around on my SP pals blogs, and posted & read through some threads, and this just totally changed my entire mood. In one short hour, I did a complete turn around. I found recipes for pancakes and pizza crusts and buns, and encouraging words from my buddies. It just really helped me through a rough spot. And I would not have given up completely. I am much too stubborn for that when my mind is made up. But I was just trying to search and figure out what I needed to do.

Well, Monday morning rolls around, with a great attitude & a nice weight loss. I weighed yesterday also, because once again, I had my challenge days mixed up but still a nice little weight loss. Today is challenge day and another nice weight loss.

So there you have it. My one & half week of roller coaster. It is just crazy. My official weigh in from Sunday to Sunday was a gain of .2 however the overlapping challenge weigh in from Wednesday to Wednesday, was a loss of 2.1 Pounds. Crazy I say, just Crazy!!

I know many people are stuck for weeks and months and at it for a year of changing eating habits, and they still keep going. They just persevere. I know the definition of insanity, and even though mine was just a short time blip compared to their dedication, I was beginning to think I was the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - and I just needed to be committed. However thank goodness, I realized that I just needed a little bit of faith and a little more time.

Also, more Sleep and more ummm "fiber" seems to help things move along also!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    I'm glad you were able to pull out of that roller-coaster nosedive there. It's so true that the words and knowledge we can so easily give others going through a tough moment seem to dissipate like fog in the sun the moment it is happening directly to us.
    2175 days ago
    Great blog. My rollercoaster has been 4 years, working on 5 years. My last two years I have been through h3ll and back. I can say I have learned a lot. I don't know if I have found an answer, or if is working, but I am working on having 6 super foods a day...That means 6 super food meals which if you think about, you cannot over eat on super foods. I been doing a lot of salads this last week. I have kept my protein up. I hope another week like this, my scale will move down. I am suppose to weigh daily, but I am refraining from it and just taking my lasix and potassium, eat healthy, drink water, and pray for a loss on Wed Lime Weigh in. There is too much up/down in a day getting on scale daily. It sucks.
    2176 days ago
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