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Dance to the music....

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ok...today started out terrible. Weight gain. Bloated. Sinus and allergies driving me nuts. Face swollen. Eyes all red, swollen and watering. Right ankle swollen and painful.
Right now...been dancing to the music! Yes you read that right...dancing! Something I can honestly say I haven't done since the 1980s! Woohoo!!! So far I've done it for 30 minutes straight, even between the songs. A little winded but feeling great. Had to take a break from it.
My son introduced me to Pandora Internet Radio on our Blu-ray player yesterday. Sooo tonight I thought I'll see if I remember what he did. Can't remember how to change "stations" but that's ok it's on Iron Butterfly radio - lots of my fav oldies that I used to dance to. It's all coming back to me. I was dancing all over the living room. My brain is like...what the heck are you doing? Ohhhhh I remember doing this like a million years ago. Ohhh boy this is fun - let's dance again.
Decided to take a break when In A Gadda Da Vida came on. Nice break to catch my breath then I'll start all over again. In the morning I may not be able to move but that's tomorrow and I'm having too much fun trying to sing and dance at the same time.
So how is your week? Have you done something totally out of character and fun this week? Why not? Just do it...you may surprise yourself.
I think I may have found my groove and spark again with the dancing. I was so burnt out on walking away the pounds - just lost the motivation to do it. I wasn't doing the exact same routine every time but it got old. Still like it but I need a new thing to do. I love music and I used to go dancing all the time in the 70's and 80's. Then it all ended when I moved and there was nowhere to go. I'd do some around the house and walked. Then I got married and had my son and it all went bye bye. Wish it hadn't of. I wish I would have kept my groove going and then maybe I wouldn't have ended up a obese klutz headed towards being an invalid.
Do something unexpected and fun today, tomorrow any day - just do it!
I never rewarded myself for meeting any goals. It was ok yippee I made it here. Well, I've decided I need to do something for myself. Guess that's why I have been thrift shop happy lately. I got another new pair of jeans last Saturday for $1 - I love the way they fit and people have started asking me how much weight I'm losing and saying I look good. Big smiles and thanks. Nothing like a good fitting pair of jeans to make you feel good. I have three pair now - jeans, an Army green pair and a brown pair. Yesterday I got some new tops since all I had was long sleeves, tanks or sweaters.
I've started wearing make-up again. Didn't want anyone to notice me before. Now I want to look good and feel good about myself. Going to have to replace a few things soon. Gonna have to start looking for make-up. My son freaked out the first time he saw me in make-up. He said I had on too much eye make-up. So I asked one of his female friends about it and she said it was fine and looked good. So I stuck my tongue out and said "see". emoticon.
I have discovered that my son is drinking lots of water now. Hope hope that I can get him moving too. His jeans are getting looser and I tell him that every opportunity I get because I want him to see the positive effects his small changes are having.
Even though I woke up like this emoticon emoticon. I feel so much better - took my lasix and spent the afternoon in the bathroom too. Now I'm dancing. emoticon.
Take care of yourself.
Treat yourself to small rewards along the way and when you've hit a major milestone give yourself a big reward.
Above all - love yourself at each stage of your weight loss. There are no guarantees in life - just death and taxes - so treat yourself right and love yourself.
Off to dance some more....hugs
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