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Attitude is Everything!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

When you get up in the morning, do you go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and growl, frown, feel a little down, do you put a negative feeling or emotion on t your day without even thinking about it? I know that I have! But do you know that with a little bit of conditioning you can make yourself feel better, look better and live better by changing what you do and how you act? It's true...

This is what I found out. If when you get up and you frown at yourself it will carry on most of the day! If you grow in the morning that's pretty much how you'll come across all day to others even if you don't intend to! Those negative feelings and emotions are imprinted on the mind when you get up!

This is my experiment! In your bathroom, put up a funny picture of yourself, or a motivational saying like "Smile... it couldn't hurt"! or how about "Smile... They'll wonder what you've been up to". When you see these ...SMILE! put a little spring in your step as you leave the bathroom. The better mood in the morning will rub off on everyone that you meet!

Hug your significant other, wife, mother-in law etc... Tell them how great they look! (if it were my wife she'd say "who are you and what have you done with my husband!") Do something good for someone else... let it carry you through the day! Remember your saying or picture if you're feeling down. Tell a joke, laugh, free yourself from any bad mood or feelings that you're in and put a positive spin on everything!

In the tests that we did in University years ago (yes psychology) we found that the more positive you were, the better you felt at the end of the day and the better you felt before going to bed the better you slept at night!

I know I could use a better, deeper sleep at night and I have been getting it!

So test yourself today! Put a smile on your face... Laugh... joke... Have a great time... Be happy! Be in a great mood with everyone you see! The difference will be astonishing!

What have you got to lose? I know you have everything to gain...

Give it a try... Just a little smile... I know you can do it... the ends of your mouth are curling up... there it is.... I knew that you could do it!

Keep it up... You're doing great!


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