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Vent: Fat & Hopeless

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

So this blog is going to be a complete vent…fair warning.

This weekend I did horrible, eating wise. I really need to start tracking on the weekends. I say that all the time and it never happens but this is different. I can feel my weight slowly creeping up to me. I weighed myself on Monday at school (clothes and all) and I am embarrassed to say, I was 166. Ouch! That is a far cry from the 151 I was before Christmas. It is sooo easy to gain this weight back and I am not going to let myself do it. Therefore, something needs to be done. I usually allow myself a little cheat room on the weekends, since I have my niece (she is 3) and we go out to breakfast or lunch, sometimes we bake, etc. This past weekend we made cupcakes and she loves cinnamon buns so I made them too. I can’t keep buying them. She takes a bite, and I eat the rest?! What the heck is wrong with me?!! I seriously probably ate 4 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Not cool. My work pants were MUCH tighter when I put them on yesterday and I was not pleased. I usually allow myself ‘off’ from the gym on the weekends but maybe that shouldn’t be the case. I wish it would freakin’ warm up soon so I could go hiking, running and do more outside. This weather is cold and depressing. It’s April so I am going to keep the faith and hopefully get off these 16 pounds by June. I will more than happy at 150. ;) Anybody have any strategies/tips they use on their non-scheduled time? Monday-Friday I am sooo good, eating, exercising and tracking. But once Saturday rolls around, I think it is a free for all! Blah!

Well sorry to be such a Negative Nancy….hope everyone has a good week and mine gets better! xoxox
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  • *ERICA*
    If you like baking, maybe you can bake with her, then take it to a nursing home or someone that is sick and share them. it gets you and the baked goods out of your house. and active. i find when i'm busy, i'm not snacking or thinking about food. hoepfully that helps. you will be back at 150 before you know it ;) and i'm in the same boat...10 pounds since thanksgiving...and its killign me!!! but slow and steady.
    1706 days ago
    by blogging and asking for help you have started to make the necessary changes. I think people have put some great suggestions out there for you. My own view is fairly simple, while I do take detours from the healthy path I don't have the "I've blown it" mentality which keeps me eating badly. If I have a curry/chinese or something similar I have a meat free day to follow which tends to be in my lower range but I'm not starving myself.
    Don't forget to drink the water!
    1707 days ago
    oh Veronica! Love the idea! Shes got a great idea here!! i am the same with you gal! lets do this! emoticon
    1707 days ago
    EGALITAIRE has great advice.

    Here's my take (after years of what you just described) I have a duty/obligation to teach the littles in my life how to be healthy. If I don't who will? So yes I make cookies with my littles, but I teach my littles about fruits/veggies they may not be familiar with, blueberries, strawberries, sweet potatoes, pineapple (plant the top see if it grows), avocado, plant the seed, etc. Kids are conditioned to "hate" vegetables, but sometimes just trying a bite of something exotic, like a kiwi or a cherry, or a green bean cooked a special way, makes them realize that there is a world of good things out there.

    I am teaching my littles how to garden (at 2 and 4) (my grandpa and my dad taught me) and I always have fun healthy treats, rasiens, small squeezy applesauces, that sort of thing.

    As a society we have been conditioned to think food= love. Why does a nice healthy breakfast at home and a walk not equal love? Or get a fun kid dance/yoga/movement video and do that with your niece? We went to the school playground one day and played on the swings, monkey bars, etc, and that was a fun day, we have made bubbles, painted, and done artsy things. All burn calories but are just fun.

    We wash the dogs, and play in a kiddie pool, go for walks and look for flowers and bugs. I have the fondest memories of my grandparents, and some involve food, but most involve the time they spent with me, walking in the woods, walking on the farm, playing board games.

    With my kids, and now my kids kids, I believe that good nutrition=love, to have them be healthy and strong is a good thing.

    And it wasn't until I decided that weekends count, did I really see a forward momentum in my weight loss. It's a treat to wear shorts and look great, and someday when your niece takes a walk with her niece, she will think of you and the time you spent with her.

    1707 days ago
  • CECE0330
    I am COMPLETELY in the same boat, and sadly have been for years. I do great Mon-Fri but when the weekends come? Oy. I don't set out to eat bad, but I get this mentality of: Well, I worked out 10 hours this week, I can eat what I want today. And the next. I weighed myself this morning, and have gone up over my "panic" weight of 145 (I used to be 215, so this is not a silly number I pulled at random....I told myself as long as I can stay under 145 I won't freak out about being over my goal weight, or up from the 138-139 I reached last year). Anywho, I was 147.4 this morning. Catastrophic in and of itself? No. Again, I've been 215 (Well, more really, since I hit about 260 when I was pregnant. Ouch). But I'm scared because like you said: THE WEIGHT CAN PILE ON SO EASY!!! I swear before when I went from 174-204, it felt like it happened in a month. I don't want to slack off and Whoops, see that i'm up even MORE in a month.


    Anywho. I don't have any great advice, other than I plan to really focus on logging and eating SMART (no more eating out for a while) and not using my intense workouts as excuse to slip. You're not alone! We can stop this and get back to that happy place! emoticon
    1708 days ago
    Weekends are rough, and I have had a rough time staying on track on the weekends. The weekends are fun and our day off so I would see it as cheat days. But really when we have cheat days all we do is cheat ourselves :( Use the weekends to do some form of exercises, try new healthy recipes, keep yourself busy, that might help.
    Allf of us have tough times, but I know that you can overcome this :)
    1708 days ago
  • BANDMOM2012
    I really like what VERONICAVW_140 shared. Having a cheat day can do a significant amount of damage to your day, a cheat meal, however, enforces your control over your eating.
    1708 days ago
    We all go through this...I went through it and still go through it periodically.
    THINKING I can cheat on the weekends...or that cheating is a good thing.

    What I did is stop looking at it as "cheating".
    I stopped working hard all week only to undo all my hard work in only 2.5 days. It was too hard on me...and emotionally it was exhausting.

    What I did was use every single day of the week as a day to eat right.
    I find planning meals in advance as a key to success.
    Tracking every single day...and when I can BEFORE I eat something.
    Eating it first, tracking it later wasn't working good. I often would over eat in one area...and had to work to balance it out either by exercising EXTRA or not eating something else to lower the total calories for the day...AKA...NO FUN.

    I allow myself A TREAT.
    THAT INCLUDES a cup cake.
    THAT INCLUDES a small McDonalds fry.
    THAT INCLUDES a soda
    THAT INCLUDES something fried.
    NOT every single day...but often enough I don't feel deprived or AS IF I am on "a diet".
    I allow it...but just not a half dozen cup cakes, or a super size MEAL from McDonalds or a 44oz or 6 pack of sodas or all 3 meals fried. That is what I use to do.
    Cutting back and NOT cutting out REALLY HELPED ME.
    I do believe there is a process of sometimes having to remove some foods UNTIL control is learned...and in the rare case there are some foods that simply set me off and I can't even have a serving of it because it is too much of a struggle... okay BATTLE... to stop myself from inhaling the rest of it.
    Not saying your like that...but that's me.
    Hope my post is helpful.
    Keep sparking!
    1708 days ago
    When I first started down this path of more healthful eating, I heard something that seems so simple on the surface, yet it has guided me and saved me from untold cheats.

    It is simply this - if you want to eliminate something from your diet that you eat regularly, you have to make a conscious decision to replace it with something else, otherwise you will continue to crave the food you eliminated.

    In the beginning of going Primal, I craved desserts. So I found Primal-style desserts to replace my previous indulgences. Over time, those cravings have all but disappeared.

    Making cupcakes with your niece might be a cool way to try out some new recipes that fit into your nutritional plan.
    1708 days ago
    I heard of this one really neat way of having a "Cheat Day". It is actually more of a cheat meal. Giving yourself the entire day to cheat can do a lot of damage. Well, if you eat like me then it can!ha
    What you would do is throughout the week if you have any cravings for something yummy write it down on a small piece of paper and put it into a jar. At the end of the week (say Saturday or Sunday) you get to draw ONE slip of paper out of the jar and you get to have that treat. If it was cupcakes then maybe you could either make less of them or send your niece home with the rest of them. This way you still satisfy your need for a treat but you don't go overboard.
    I understand how hard it is not to totally let loose on the weekends. A while back when I was pretty consistent with workouts and eating better I used to have my weigh-ins on Saturday mornings. That way if I saw a smaller number then I would want to keep that up and hold onto that 'slim' feeling for the weekend. If I saw a larger number than I had hoped for then I knew that I would need to be on point for the weekend inorder to set myself up correctly for the upcoming week.
    Goodluck hun! I hope you reach your goals!
    1708 days ago
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