Undressing my Food

Monday, April 02, 2012

I love to cook. It's a chemistry project for me. And as in all chemical solutions (just about as few are "absolute") there is water, you could almost guarantee in my dinner recipe there would be butter.

So last night (upon husbandly request) I made roast potatoes and carefully measured out two tablespoons of oil for the dish and found I could make it work. And then the salmon. Normally there would be a half a cup of white wine, a few pats of butter and various herbs. But last night I scoured the fridge. I had lemons, I had limes. So I decided to make "naked" salmon. Salmon, lime juice and a little water and bake. Surprisingly it came out fine ,except for the last minute when I turned my back on the stove and the water evaporated and the lime juice in the bottom of the pan burned. But fortunately it was around the edges and the burned bit didn't get to the salmon. So yesterday's triumph was making a tasty dinner without hundreds of calories of fat and butter and wine. It can be done!

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