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A month without internet - what have I learned?

Monday, April 02, 2012

I learned that I was too dependent on the SP Nutrition Tracker.
I learned that it is too easy to slip and slide.
I learned I cannot do Intuitive Eating - tracking is essential and necessary for me.

I remembered that I had downloaded a program from the USDA for portions and am now using it to track my calories. You can find it by googling USDA SR24 PC -

it is a small download, 27mb, it unzips to 190 mb so it has a decent database. It comes with a small manual that I recommend reading as it helps to refine your searches. Not as good as the SP tracker - but better than nothing!

Over the month I averaged 125 lbs but climbed up to 128 one day and that was just totally inexcusable and a great wake-up call for me to get back to tracking even if I am unable to track at SP. I really need to get back to 120ish. One pound a week could put me back where I started and then my risk factor for heart attack and stroke would be back as well.

I want to thank all the people that have not forgotten me - I just have not had the freedom that the internet brings to get back to anyone right now. (I am typing this at home and will put it onto a jump-drive to blog ) My ISP has plans to get me back up and running again but it is a really big "maybe" right now.

While I can get my mail with dialup, 26.4Kbsp is not fast, I am totally unable to do anything at SP largely due to all the ads which are very necessary to keep SP running for free. I tried last night and it took 30 minutes to be able to bring up one page in one team and get a reply in for a weekly challenge.

The wireless internet was awesome! Unfortunately it was not 100% dependable and I finally lost it completely. I just cannot afford to go back to Satellite after the hefty cost of switching to wireless. Because I was made to return the WildBlue hardware, I would again have a $500 up-front charge to set me up and I just can't do that again - wireless wound up costing me more than that last year and I must "eat the loss" and suffer the consequences. This means the Library and/or dialup again. Need I mention the cost of gasoline? Thankfully we do have an electric golfcart and we live along a Rails to Trails walking path that runs into town so when the weather is good, I can use it to go to the library, however your time is limited to be fair to everyone. Our library is not open on weekends and in fact was even closed on Friday last week.

I am ever hopeful that something will be done eventually to help us people in rural areas with unavailable broadband. We beg for DSL on a daily basis but have been promised "2 more years" for about 10 years now. We don't even have 56K capacity out here - but the living is great with fresh air and gardening.

If you got this far, thank you for caring and reading my reason for disappearing from SparkLand. I hope to return as soon as possible.

Love you all,

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Linda I hope things worked out for you.
    1628 days ago
    So glad you're back, Linda! You've always been a constant source of information to me, so I was hoping all was well out your way. You continue to inspire with your reflections on what has worked for you during your absence, and the various rough spots you've had. Good health to you always! emoticon
    1650 days ago
  • KAREN608
    I live 1.7 miles from my town and just barely have DSL... I know I was blessed to have even the 1 mbps. Hope you get some internet soon.
    2030 days ago
  • MELODY525
    2049 days ago
    Miss You and hope to see you back again SOON!!!
    2051 days ago
    I feel your pain with the internet troubles. I was without for 2 wks due to technical difficulties and a wk vacation out of town in an internet-less area. I hated every minute of it! Glad you were able to peep in and tell us what's up and I will keep DSL vibes coming your way, my friend! Stay true to your wonderful goal weight! You can do it! Hope to see you back soon! emoticon emoticon
    2066 days ago
    Even when things and internet was down, you found a way to keep SParking yourself on to victory. WTG. We're in a similar boat. Our internet service is done wirelessly, no dial up, no satellite either. My DW works at the ISP that we have and it's free, but always remember, NOTHING IS FREE. : (

    I've been tempted to leave them several times only to have to swallow pride and stay.

    I can see where they say:

    Patience is a virtue

    Guess I don't have quite enough
    : )

    Take care and Keep the faith and the SPark!
    2066 days ago
  • SPARKY1955
    Hi, Linda! I was so glad to see a message from you! I have been offline for quite some time myself, just recently back on again. Don't you just love computers?? I am on my third hard drive in my "new computer." It's finally working right (and hasn't burned the house down!). I'm sorry to hear about your technical issues... hope you can get the DSL you are hoping for (and have been promised). I'll be watching for you to pop up again. :-) Blessings to you. Love, Linda
    2075 days ago
    Thanks for thinking of us and checking in every now and then! Pray all is going well!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2102 days ago
    It's really not a bad idea for everyone to try living without technology for a while. I think you've done wonderfully. I too would miss SP but mostly the people & teams. I wish you a reliable connection VERY SOON!
    2145 days ago
  • MAWDOT35
    We still miss you, Linda! Hope you are doing well.
    2149 days ago
    When we travel I use the internet in my vehicle in the library parking lot at any hour of the day or night. Just park near the building. Have done this all over the USA.
    2156 days ago
    We will be here when you come back! Miss you!!!!! But totally understand - just glad to know everything is going well. Will check out that web site you posted in your blog too. Hugs!!!!! Patty
    2165 days ago
  • MILLIE5522
    I always check in on you as you were my first SP friend and inspiration. I am so glad that you are still here. I have been on SP for a year now and many friends have gone missing along the way so I really value your SP friendship. emoticon
    2172 days ago
    Glad to hear you're still alive & kicking & with Spark -intermittently
    Over here the news of Mississippi was of storms so I am relived to hear that you weren't carried off by a twister
    Last year you commiserated with me over my computer problems and as you said to me I do understand and now I wish you a speedy solution to your broadband difficulties

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2173 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/8/2012 7:19:43 AM
    Hi Linda;

    I know when my Laptop went down and I had to go to the Library every day was a real pain. Getting time because they only let you have an hour. Do the best you can and don't worry about it because I guess we all have been there one time or another. Keep living healthy, happy and love life. Happy Easter to you and your family and I hope you have a fun one. God bless you always.

    Smile Joyce
    2173 days ago
    You're doing great! It's good to hear that success and maintenance are possible even with your tech obstacles. Have a great Easter! :-)
    2174 days ago
    Thanks for the up date. I have been wondering where you went. I had to have dile up severl years ago ,it is better then nothing but not workable if any speed is required. Wishing you contuined success . Dottie
    2175 days ago
    I have missed you Linda!
    emoticon emoticon
    2176 days ago
    So sorry about yout internet woes: you've made very sensible choices (both for nutrition tracking and re those terrible fees!!) and we'll justs have to hope that when you can get to the library, everyone else there wants to read books!!
    2176 days ago
    Linda, I'm so sorry you're stuck without internet. We would go completely nuts without it! It's slow most of the time, but once in awhile it runs like it should! Keep tracking any way you can! One day, you'll get internet without losing the shirt off your back and be here regularly again!
    Miss you! Take care and be well!!!
    2176 days ago
    Linda, I've had a parallel experience. My laptop died and twice I paid around $100 for repair and decided it just wasn't worth the investment. So I am sticking to my financial retirement plan to live on income and not on principal, so I should have my new computer in about 3 weeks -- barring another dental emergency or car repair.

    I also find intuitive eating just doesn't do it for me. I am free lifetime at Weight Watcher and can paper track pretty easily doing it, but it is not as accurate and helpful as SP. No sodium tracking for one thing, and the other is that officially WW says fruit doesn't count anything, but you should only eat until satisfaction. Well, if I could recognize "satisfaction" I probably would never have been 80+ pounds overweight!! I'm also up a couple pounds. Used to find my "default" was 128 with fluctuation 125-131. Well, default is now about 130, and I had hope to make it 126. So, now I've got to decided if I want 128 back - or if 130 is good enough - or do I really want to go for the 126. Most of the people in my life would laugh and think a 4 pound dilemna is no issue at all. SparkFriends like you understand.

    I really miss the support from great SparkFriends. There is so much wisdom on this site. I was ecstatic to make it to goal and weigh less than I did in junior high school, that at first maintenance was really exciting. Now it is learning to value it without needing the excitement. SparkFriends help me do that. Looking forward to both of us getting back to Sparking regularly. Take care. -Marsha
    2176 days ago
    Now I understand your predicament.
    I had dial up for a long time but with the business, I was able to get the phone company to bring DSL to this part of town. I don't quite understand how it works but it is FASTER for sure. I hope that the powers that be realize that "rural" folks are people too and get the fiber optics in your neck of the woods to be dependable. If it wasn't for a couple of customers of mine that couldn't get through to me and raised the devil at the State house, I would probably still be on dial up. I wish you the best and keep trying log your food. We will be here waiting for you when you get back on line from home. Bob emoticon
    2177 days ago
    You are never far from our Hearts!!!
    May you be "up and running" on the internet and in life as soon as possible.
    I have slipped in my tracking lately as well!
    :) Janet
    2178 days ago
    You are trying to find a way to work around all
    those limitations but you are not letting it limit
    you. Keep on SParking and do the best you can.
    2178 days ago
    Good to see you back! I hope that you can come back on a regular basis soon!
    2178 days ago
    Thanks for the update! It's good to see you, even if only for a minute. I hope you'll soon be back online for good.
    2178 days ago
    Sorry about all your internet problems & I really hope it'll be sorted out sometime soon. At least the treks to the library will be helping out with the fitness :)
    2178 days ago
    I was missing you, too- kept checking back to see if I had missed a blog somehow.
    Good luck with your internet issues, Linda!
    We sure have come to rely on it nowadays.
    2179 days ago
    I was really wondering where you had gone to. I knew you were without internet when you managed to post something about it earllier, but I didn't realize that it had been for this long. I hope that you will be back on soon. Do miss hearing from you. Take good care and hopefully you will be back up and running soon.

    2179 days ago
    Oh, how I remember those dial-up days. When I was working on my Masters' degree, we had dial-up. The University advertised that they could reach rural people by having the classes all on-line. Unfortunately, they didn't allow for those of us who didn't have DSL or Broadband. I had to leave my house and go somewhere else to participate in "live" discussions and take exams. Totally defeated the purpose of reaching rural areas.

    Now we have DSL and just upgraded the speed recently. Love the new speed!
    2179 days ago
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