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Having The Courage To Start And The Will To Finish..

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Monday, April 02, 2012

In short, the people that inspire me the most are found right here on Sparkpeople. This is why I stay and have made my virtual home here. There is something very real about the level of interconnectedness that I have with alot of people. People, while specializing in one goal or another, are all pulling for the same thing. To rise above the mundane hum-drum of daily life and responsibilities. To reach beyond what they thought were limitations and then share their joy and enthusiasm when they realize that they were actually capable of finishing the 5k, losing the weight, cycling their first group ride, or achieving some new capability that gives them hope that they might actually be able to finish what they set out to do.

To me, life without goals that go beyond the daily to-do list, isn't life, it's an existence.

It isn't the professional athlete or the contestant that loses alot of weight on TV that inspires me, it is the 'everyman's hero'. The pro's have a carefully controlled environment, diet, and their life revolves around training and being their best under expert guidance. That shows me what a person is capable of IF the right circumstances exists. Interesting, but no more inspiring than a beautiful flower that was grown in a climate controlled greenhouse. The same flower would probably not exist if it had to endure winters, blistering heat, floods, frost and such.

Life is not about living in the greenhouse of perfect circumstances, life is about taking the hand that is dealt to you and, somehow though it all, managing to blossom. Blossoming in spite of being cooked in the sun, blasted, flooded, trampled and yes, 'sprinkled' on by the neighbors pet. That's the flower that I want in my garden.

I no longer live my life waiting to magically be transported into the greenhouse of life, where everything is right and perfect. Never more a temptation to make poor choices, all conditions set to optimal. I want to walk in the footsteps of those unsung champions who, in spite of the myriad of obligations that life threw at them, lost the weight, trained for the event, and achieved the extraordinary.

Are you waiting for the greenhouse experience or are you ready to fight for what you want?

This isn't just something I'm putting out there for everyones benefit, this loaf of bread came out fresh and hot this morning and I had to have a couple slices myself. I need strength for my journey too.

I have to renew myself in my mantra that I had when I trained for my marathon- "I had the courage to start, I have the WILL to finish"

I will see this through because life isn't getting any easier and my goals will not wait.
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