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2012 Stats - Three Months Done (State of the Blue/Jennifer)

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Three months of 2012 completed, so I am reviewing where I've gotten to:

Height = 5' 7.75" TO (67.75" TO ) TO 5' 7.75”
Weight = 221 pounds TO 200 pounds (21 pounds down)
Body Fat % = 45% or 28.23% TO 42% or 27.89%
BMI = 33.85 (Obese) TO 30.63 (Obese)
BMR = 1737.375 TO 1641.325

Forehead = 23.75" TO 23.75"
Neck = 15" TO 15"
Shoulders = 45.5" TO 44"
Chest = 41" TO 40.5"
Bust = 48" TO 46.6"
Ribs / Strap = 38.5" TO 38"
Bicep = 15" TO 14"
Forearm = 11.5" TO 11.25"
Wrist = 7" TO 6.75"
Waist at Navel = 42" TO 40"
Hips = 51" TO 48"
Seat = 48.5" TO 46.5"
Thigh = 26" TO 26"
Calf = 17" TO 16.75
Ankle = 10" TO 9.5"

I can definitely tell hips have been going down. That's the big key to the smaller pants. Everywhere else they can be somewhat loose, but in the hips I start getting an inch then two of material loose.

** See
for my original comments on taking those measurements.

Fitness testing:

Resting Heart Rate = 56 bpm TO 61 bpm
Target Heart Rate = 125 - 151 bpm TO 124 - 150 bpm (lol, I'm a year older)
Blood Pressure = 109/71 TO 115/75

NOTE on Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure - first number of heart rate was done in bed with watch, second was done on blood pressure machine after being up and out, but not having worked out yet. Both are nicely in ranges, so no worries.

 for instructions and scaling)

Situps = 20 (Average) TO 31 (Good)
Modified Pushups = 3 (Poor) TO 4 (Below Average)
Squats = 15 (Average) TO 22 (Good)
Step = 132 bpm (Below Average) TO 145 bpm (Very Poor)*
Vertical Jump = 7" (Poor) TO 8" (Below Average)
Sit and Reach = -3" (Poor) TO +1" (Average)

Aerobic fitness check (2 miles total)

Heart rate before walk = 59 bpm TO 90 bpm
Time for 1 mile brisk = 14:57:58 TO 15:10
Heart rate after 1 mile brisk = 128 bpm TO 127 bpm
Time for 2nd mile brisk = 15:07:72 TO 14:45
Heart rate after mile 2 = 140 bpm TO (whoops*)
Time for 1 mile normal = 18:02:97 TO 17:02
Heart rate after 1 mile normal = 120 bpm TO 109 bpm

* Comment on the step test. I did this after doing the miles test, where in January I had done the step test first. In addition, I had just finished getting the aerobic step all prepared which had my starting heart rate for the test 112. So even though this one dropped in the good/average/poor scale, I actually think I would have done better if I hadn't skewed my results unintentionally.

** Comment on the mile 2 heart rate. The treadmill will not measure heartrate when I'm walking at 4 mph or faster. So as soon as mile two ended, I dropped the speed to the normal mile. Except that by the time I'd recorded the time and went to check the heartrate, it was down to 118. So I don't know what the true heart rate was for the end of mile 2, BUT on the plus side it shows just how quickly and easily my heart rate can drop. And it likely was lower than the past number given how low it dropped quickly.

Other comments:

Pushups: Holy mackerel ... that 4th modified pushup was deadly. I was determined to do better than 3, but upper arm strength has definitely been slower to build.

Squats: I possibly could have done more. It's supposed to be until exhaustion and I didn't push that far. HOWEVER, big difference from beginning of January was my knees. In January it hurt my knees to do the 15. Today it didn't hurt, but the tendons did start to pop (make a noise, slide a little, whatever), so I stopped when both were doing that. Huge improvement really.

My legs have always had more power. I remember doing a seated leg press in high school at 300 pounds, full set of reps. Arms .... I couldn't even manage the modified chin-up option (hold at the up position for some number of seconds).

Physical / injury comments:

My left foot has been okay with walking. I've been doing some treadmill work, but not a lot. It's not 100% but neither is it hurting. More like I can regularly feel the tightness, and calf and achilles tendon stretches ache more on that side. BUT, stretches have kept it from getting any worse, and even with doing 3.2 miles today for the test and walking for groceries later, it only had some residual ache. (Iced it just for a precaution.)

I haven't mentioned it in a blog, but back when I was working out 15 or so years ago, I'd run into some issue in my upper left arm doing certain motions (such as a pectoral machine). I never had it checked and had forgotten about it. It is definitely still there. I have no idea if it is tendon or muscle or bone. I am very aware of and working with it careful doing shoulder presses and arm extensions.

When I worked with the Personal Trainer the first time, that didn't show up, but there was some pain in my right elbow with some overhead arm extension with a strap he had me do - he asked about Tendonitis. That has not been an issue for me using weight machines, but I did notice it once lifting my duffle bag loaded with stuff, so I suspect that's where that one came from and it is healing/healed.

Left shin has had some very slight pain the last couple of workouts. I definitely don't want to add shin splints to the foot issue, so I'm paying very close attention to it. I will probably head back to the running store mid-month for a review of my gait and a look at the state of my shoes. (I wouldn't be surprised if they need replacing. I wear them daily, most of the day, so they've got 6 months of constant use on them.)
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