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So glad March is over

Sunday, April 01, 2012

March was not a good month for us or our cars, in fact March was a month of stresses.

Wed., March 7th, my daughter was already upstairs and in her pajamas around 10:30PM when we heard some kind of impact noise outside. I went outside and saw a police car stopped across the street and her mangled car. Something had distracted the police officer and he hit her car, denting the entire driver's side, bending the rear axle and the frame, and the rear and front wheels. Because her car was 12 years old it was totaled by the insurance company even though it only had a little over 50,000 miles on it. Since her car was totaled, she was only allowed a rental car by the insurance company for 1 week, so we had to act fast to get another car for her. Unfortunately, the insurance company only gave her $6,000 to work with.

We had planned to go shopping for another car for her on Wed. evening., March 14th. We were busy preparing dinner at about 6PM that night when again we heard an impact, a screech of tires, and the sound of a vehicle being accelerated, followed by another impact. We rushed outside to see our neighbor's car with the rear end pushed in and the car pushed up onto the sidewalk within about 6 inches of their front porch. Our neighbor came outside and we thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown. We went to try to comfort and calm her and I told my daughter to return to the house to call the police. There was also another car stopped in the middle of the street with liquid draining all over the street and steam pouring out from under the hood. The car had been driven by a young man in his early twenties who was unhurt except for a few cuts on his hand and arm. My husband joined outside us to find out what had happened and saw that there was debris on the road between our house and our neighbor's. He walked back to our car to find that the entire left side had been hit, cracking the rear bumper and fender and also the front fender. Both doors were dented and the side view mirror no longer existed. Both tires and wheels were also damaged and something to do with the front end suspension...a total of $5,076.60 in damages. However our car was a bit newer than our daughter's and also had low mileage so it was deemed repairable.

The next night we took our daughter shopping for a car with our friend who works for several dealerships, delivering and picking up cars to and from other dealerships. He had already told them to be on the watch for a nice car with low mileage at no more than $6,000 . They had several cars waiting for us to look at and our daughter came home with a 2001 Ford Taurus in beautiful condition and only 70,000 miles on it. Of course, we paid for the car for her because the insurance company will not release her check until they receive the title to the totaled car.

On Sunday of that same week we got a call from hubby's 81 yr. old sister who is wheelchair bound and cared for by another 65 yr. old sister. They had gone to the Phila flower show earlier that week and the 81 yr. old had a serious allergic reaction to the flowers, especially the orchids. She began sneezing violently (she never had an allergy to flowers before) and because she has osteoporosis she suffered multiple stress fractures to the spine. A few days later the 65 yr. old went grocery shopping and when she leaned over the side of the cart to get the last of the groceries out she broke a rib. So they called to ask if we could come up to help them out for a couple of days. My daughter had the next week off from work for vacation so she and I went to help out, leaving hubby home to deal with insurance calls etc. regarding our car. My daughter and I stayed with them for the entire week.

So that's the story of our stressful March. The only benefit to all the stress is that my daughter and I both lost about 10 pounds each in March.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank the Lord no one was hurt in all those accidents. Praise the Lord for your DD's newer car. I hope you have a newer one by now too! Hoping May will be a very happy month for you!!
    2150 days ago
    My goodness! I am sorry to hear about all the chaos going on with your cars. It's nice to hear that you were able to help the sisters out as well.

    I hope this month is much better for you!
    2173 days ago
    WOW, all I can think of is, "THAT TOTALLY SUCKS". I am glad to hear that no one was injured, cars can be replaced or repaired. Sorry to hear also about your other family setbacks. My prayers are with you and yours and hoping for much brighter days to come. Keep the Faith.
    2174 days ago
    Sure hope April is a better month for you and your family. what a way to lose 10 pounds!!! thankful that no one was injured in the tow accidents.
    2180 days ago
    Oh dear...sure hope things get better with the new month and new season! emoticon
    2181 days ago
  • 11-RENEWAL-20
    I hope that takes care of any more trouble you might have been scheduled for this whole summer, Sharon!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2181 days ago
    OH MY WORD that was a tough month. Hope April treats you kinder.
    2181 days ago
    Oh my! What a month! So sorry you have had to deal with such stress! Let's hope that April is much better! emoticon
    2182 days ago
    Oh my word! What a horrible month you have had. I am so glad though that no one was in the 3 wrecked cars and the young man in the other wasn't seriously hurt. I'm glad too you could get a real nice car for her too, to replace her totalled one. Our ins. Co totalled our van too and it had much less damage so we did the buy back and had it fixed. It can only have medical and liability on it though so it doesn't go on long trips anywhere. So glad you could go help out too. April HAS to be a much better month. emoticon
    2182 days ago
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