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Sunday, April 01, 2012

To say that I have been struggling is an understatement. I haven't been making the wisest food choices lately. The week before my mom and grandmother came to visit, I had turned a corner, but when they were here, I made a u-turn and kind of meandered off course. I could see in the mirror that things were growing. I just avoided the scales, like I am so good at doing. It got the best of me the other day. I had tried on some shorts from last summer that were actually too big at summer's end. They were tight. I pulled out the old tape measure, and it was not my friend. I am a pear through and through, and fat likes to attach itself to my bottom and thighs.

I know how to turn this around. I have been back on track for 2 days. So far, Day 3 is looking good. I even managed to stay in range yesterday during a hard day of shopping (and eating out) with my girls. As the days get warmer, opening the pool is looming. I SO wanted to be at goal this summer. Now SP projects it will be the end of September before I am at goal. In reality, I know it may take longer because I cannot maintain a 500 calorie deficit per day as I get closer to my goal. I will need to slow down to half pound weekly loss. And everyone knows that it is harder to lose as you get closer to goal.

My lowest weight on this journey has been 160.5. I have hit that a couple of times, and for some reason I go off the deep end when I get there. I have lost the same +/- 10 pounds several times the past few months. I haven't been very good about rewarding myself for milestones reached, but I have decided that during this sandle season, WHEN I reach 159.5, I am getting a pedi. Until then, I will just have to paint my own toe nails.
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    I am so happy that you are back on track again..I got side tracked for 3 days and it felt great to get back 100%. Take it day by day and you will get to your goal!! And cute toes by the way:)
    2178 days ago
  • TERESA159
    Am thinking we need to start a "Went off track but now I'm back" club. Starting over again and facing the fact that we have to relose pounds we'd already said goodbye to, UGH!! The first time you lose the weight, it's so cool to see it go and it so jazzes you up to keep going. Not so much when you're losing those same pounds the second or third time. I think I still have a lot to learn about losing it and keeping it off and I know I still have eating issues. Otherwise, I'd be able to always eat within my range and eat healthy. I just can't seem to get there. Or rather, I get there and I can do it but I'll always want and need those pig out times and lately those times are so numerous that the scale goes UP. I can blame my husband and the nice weather and the visiting family, but really, I just can't say no to a "good time" and that equals gained weight. Until I learn to party with salad and iced tea and not beer and burgers....
    2178 days ago
    Cute polish! I think a pedi is a great reward. I'm having a struggle myself. Not with bad choices. I'm still right on track. My problem is entirely the result of the scale not budging. AGAIN. I try to be appreciative of the fact that I am stuck at 169 as opposed to 178 like last year. But every midweek I see 168, then after hard workouts and by Sunday I'm at 170. Then the cycle starts over. This has been every week since Jan. I'm. So. Annoyed. And the pervasive thought is to stop tracking and just follow my instinct. Why would I think that would be a good idea?? Grrr because I'm wanting to be a slacker and not do the tracking time. Got to keep on keepin on. Let's keep the train on the track!! We can have virtual pedis together.
    2179 days ago
    Oh! I saw that crack polish and wondered if it works. That looks awesome! I too am getting my butt in gear again as my fitness was slacking the past six weeks. I started a streak today.
    2179 days ago
    Sounds like me! I finally got back on track, but I was way off for a very long time and it did some pretty significant damage. It's been hard knowing (really knowing) that I was losing the same pounds as I did last year.

    I say "really knowing" because I've lost and gained weight several times in my life, but I never really, truly thought about how hard it was to lose them each time... know what I mean? Well, I get it this time and I have NO intention of gaining the weight back again.

    Hang in there - keep going - just do it because you know you have to and eventually you'll be doing it because you want to again! I have faith - you can do this!!
    2179 days ago
    Hang in there; I've been riding the food roller coaster as well. It's better to be realistic and set your goal for an attainable time frame than to beat yourself up trying to get to a certain point at a certain time...Plus, you gotta figure that summer (and the pool!) will bring more outside activity. For me, the further I am from the fridge and kitchen, the better! :)
    You can do it! Nice job on the toes, btw!
    2179 days ago
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