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no apparent change

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I haven't blogged for over a month because there is very little to say. I try and limit my blogs to stuff related to my Sparking and so with "no apparent change" there is little to say. I suppose I am doing the plateau thing, still being conscious of what I have been eating but perhaps having better portions. I have been toning up, not necessarily losing lots of inches but looking better in my clothes.
My head is ok with this. It's no good me saying I will stop sparking because it isn't working as the truth is subjective. If I want to keep winning the battle against diabetes/hypertension/CHD then I must continue to eat as well as I am doing and exercise daily. I visited an old neighbour on Tuesday. She had received some of my old clothes last year when I lost weight. She is bigger now than then and can no longer walk into her kitchen without her walker. It was a wake up call! We cannot stop the journey even if we need a detour.
There is a tv programme here in the UK called "Supersize v superskinny". The fat person gets a chance to go to America and see someone who has developed serious health issues. They are often in the middle of sharing a huge meal when the doctor arrives. He goes through the American's medication with them, effectively scaring the Brit. They then go back to the uk, check into a house and pair up with someone really underweight. Over 48 hours they swap food, the portions they would normally eat. The skinny person is overwhelmed by the quantities. We used to be like that, proud of just how much we could eat. I think there are days when we still could but I know I cannot manage the huge curries we used to have every sunday (with a whole bottle of wine to myself). So maybe there has been some change!
I have still got my lifetime membership of the "clean plate brigade". Millions of us who didn't leave the table until it was "all gone". I can remember my mother encouraging me to finish my breakfast with "put it in a sandwich", which meant scraping the last bits onto a slice of bread, folding it into a sandwich then eating all of that. No wonder I was the fattest in the school! I still love some of those childish foods, I was a "good girl" when I cleared my plate.
Our closest friends (better than family) commented we had made "lifestyle changes" last time they visited. We don't drink anything like we used to, in fact I'd rather not bother anymore. It does mean I can be the driver so everyone else can indulge. It seems he is having some health concerns due to his weight so has given up drink for lent, she says she couldn't but let's give her time.
so although that scale is being consistent there HAS been some changes but just not the instant variety. Patience will bring it's reward eventually
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    80 pounds gone is fantastic! I write about what goes on in a day. I rarely leave the house to go anywhere, yet there is always something going on. I wish I had a place to walk other than the city streets. If something were to happen, there is nobody to call except emergency personnel. It would be nice to find a friend here, but so far since 2009, I don't know anyone very well. It gets lonely.
    2148 days ago
  • JENNA54
    Change isn't just about numbers on a scale - I think it is the inner changes in our minds which hold the key. You have certainly made some very big changes in your life, and it must be so gratifying to seethat all the hard yards you have done actually translate into real changes in your health. What can possibly be a better motive? I have seen the programme you talk about and found it quite alarming. We also had this programme about a UK family who were all overweight, and had this challenge to lose weight and make changes in their diet/exercise etc. That was a wake up call for me I can tell you - the only problem was I kept saying well at least I'm not as bad as that....!!! But it certainly opened my eyes to what I needed to do. Thank goodness for Spark - and the wonderful people I have met through it. You have come a very long way Sandra, and are and continue to be an amazing inspiration!
    2154 days ago
    It takes time to break the habit of not leaving the table before your plate is clean...it's a habit of a lifetime
    BUT we have to - we all want to live longer and be healthy in doing so!
    well done so far, keep going.
    2155 days ago
    I so enjoyed reading your blog. And I enjoy Supersize versus superskinny as well, but did you watch The Food Hospital? I was thinking along the same lines as that show which speaks up for foods rather than medication helping prevent the illness for which doctors pescribe statins & other such complaints that are on the rise today. Perhaps the lady who inherited your big clothes will be inspired by your efforts.
    2155 days ago
    You've made a lot of great changes. You should be very proud of yourself. Keep up the grea work; the weight will come off!
    2157 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    The toning and feeling fitter and stuff are all good things to have happening, so there is change, just at a subtle level. :-)

    I was raised with the 'clean your plate' mentality too, and I still feel it is the right way to go because there is far too much waste in the world.

    However, it can conflict with dieting, butI think I've found the solution...

    Measure everything and use smaller plates and smaller mouthfuls! LOL

    Seriously, if you use smaller plates and put less in your mouth per forkful it can have the psychological effect of making you eat less.

    Freezing leftovers for another day is good too. :-)

    Lex xxx
    2158 days ago
    I can remember having to clean the plate plus seconds because you don't want the food to go to waste. That was a very hard habit for me to break. You are doing great.
    2158 days ago
    I cannot agree more with your statement "Patience will bring it's reward eventually "...you are so right. And I see changes too. You mention that you dont drink now...thats a big change isn't it? But either way, small or big, change is change and if change keeps happening...then something will happen. Just keep plodding. Its not about who crosses the line first, but who crosses the line.
    2159 days ago
    There has indeed been some changes... HUGE ones! And the scales victories aren't the only ones! Good for you for keeping your good new healthy habits!
    emoticon emoticon
    2159 days ago
    One day and one thought process at a time. You are doing amazing, and I'm so glad you are seeing the changes in the mirror. HUGS.
    2159 days ago
    emoticon keep on keeping on and you will get there in the end. emoticon
    2159 days ago
  • JCOUCH82
    Change comes in different formats. It is great that you recognize the change that has happened outside of the scale.
    2159 days ago
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