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Mini Vacation and Weight Loss Goal

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I went back home to Miami this weekend and hung out with some of my old friends and family that I hadn't seen in a while. My friends and family kept telling me how good I looked and it was great to hear :)
I got there Thursday night and hung out with my Mom.
Friday afternoon, Brian and I went over to my sister's to go and sleep over. She has 18 month old (and is pregnant again! yay) so I wanted to spend time with her, my brother came over later in the afternoon with his daughter (almost 3) and I got to see both my nieces, it was awesome. Then I slept over my sister's house and left later on, on Saturday. I had a complete blast with my sister and the two baby girls. They are a riot and getting so big! One of the downfalls of not living close to home :(
Saturday I dropped Brian off at his parents house so he could hang with them and then I went out on a date with my daddy! He was so excited to see me (I haven't seen him since September but we used to go out once a week, just him and I, and I haven't done that since I moved to Orlando in Feb 2011) when he saw me he just about went crazy with how much weight I loss. Took pictures of me, took pictures of him and I, sat outside and just taaaalked. Then he had to drop his wife off and they wanted to "show me off" to her coworkers (super cute) so I met all of them and then he took me to this great Argentinean restaurant him and his wife found (she's from Argentina) and it was amazing! He ordered everything for me because he was just so excited and ended up spending over like $150 on just him and I. Then we went back to his house to talk for a little bit more before I went home. I will say, my date with my pops was my favorite part of the weekend. Later that night I drove to meet up with a couple of friends at World of Beer, we hung out there until last call then went back to their new apartment until we got tired. I didn't go to bed until like 6am! (I used to do that all the time when I lived there, but I haven't done that in so long lol. I feel like an old hag) but my internal clock woke me up at 8AM, smh!
On Sunday I just hung out at home and relaxed until it was dinner time then I drove to meet up with my cousin to have some dinner. It was so much fun, we were there for like 3 or 4 hours just talking and having fun. She's so awesome and I had a load of fun.
On Monday I drove to Brian's house and we ran a few errands and said hello to some other friends, then went to a different World of Beer to meet up with some of his friends for a little before returning home.
On Tuesday we came home.

It was just fun to be back in Miami. It reminded me how much I LOVE living in a big city. (every other time I've gone to Miami has only been for a day or two, so this was a nice little break) But, once school is finished here we're moving else where to finish up the Masters Degrees, and a requirement is that we move to a big city and one that isn't so slow paced and country. I'm sure for a lot of people (and a lot of the people I meet here) are so shocked when they hear how I feel Orlando is slow paced and so country. But I've lived in Miami and have visited New York family more times then I can count, what can I say... I'm a city girl :)

But it was fantastic hearing people rave about how much weight I've lost. It felt good, it really did. But honestly, if I didn't have my "before" photos I would have no idea what they are talking about. I see myself in the mirror every single day so I don't notice the change (like today) where it sucks, but I just look at my old photos and remind myself how far I've come :) I've saved the pictures on my phone so I can remind myself. I am not losing sight of that finish line, but I can't lose sight of how far I've come.
I realize that I am going to JA in 2 months and I am so excited. May is a big month for me! It is a year that I've been losing weight. It's a year of the scale going down, going up, staying the same. A year of me tracking calories and not tracking calories. A year of me learning how to eat health and the days where I just binged. A year of me pushing and motivating myself, me stumbling and getting off the path but picking myself back up. (Fall down 7 times, stand up 8) A year of me not giving up on the journey, no matter how many speed bumps I encountered. So I'm celebrating with all my girls in Jamaica! But I realized today, I am 169 (WOO-HOO) and only 15 pounds away from my original goal of 154lbs but learning that isn't enough! I won't be bikini ready for JA (but I will be looking fabulous is an amazing 1 piece, so I'm not going to complain!!) but I'm thinking... I should really change my weight loss goal. I am still a size 12, 40" around my lower belly... So I'm thinking I'm going to shoot for 143lbs... But we'll see for sure when I hit 154. I'm losing about a pound a week, so I should be 161LBS by JA, so my goal (because you always have to have one to push yourself!) is going to be 159lbs by JA. I know I can do it! But 15lbs until my original goal and until I figure out where I want to be. Wow, it's right around the corner... Crazy.

They have this "Tough Mudder" event in Miami in February, right after my birthday... I think I'm going to tell Brian that's what I want to do for my birthday. It's a 10-12 mile obstacle course that is INTENSE and at the finish line they give you beer haha. But it seems really fun, and it's about team work and being able to DO the race not about the competition. So I'm going to be working towards that because I think that sounds like an absolute blast! So I'm gonna tell Brian and a few of my friends down south to join me in the event, I'll force them to do it! LOL.

Okay, just wanted to give a bit of an update! The Knicks game comes on soon, so I got to get ready to go!! :) xo
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ANONSI 3/29/2012 9:46AM

    Ok, yes, I can't believe you think Orlando is slow paced and country!! You should see where I live! Haha.

But aside from that, wow! Congratulations on accomplishing so much. It's so great that you were able to go down and see friends and family and have them notice all of the changes you have been making. And I'm very jealous you get to go to Jamaica!

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