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I officially hit 100 pounds gone... w/ photos

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Warning Another Brag blog....

I hit over 100 pounds gone today. I began my journey on June 22, 2011 at 323 pounds and today I weigh 222.2 pounds. That is 100.8 pounds lost.

I am a little happy but the post about the shirt fitting that I made yesterday. It was a NSV and I love those.

Here is a comparison of a photo I took yesterday vs. a photo in July 2011 (In July I had lost about 7 pounds)

I am amazed sometimes I have lost this much weight. I honestly do not realize how much weight that is...

So I gathered some photos of things that weigh 100 pounds!

100 pounds of fat

100 pound pumpkin

A baby hippo weights 100 pounds

100 pounds of bananas

What I have learned about my weight loss journey

1. Healthy food makes me feel good
2. I eat less processed food I lose more weight
3. I like to eat healthy
4. I like to exercise
5. It is not as hard as I thought it would be
6. I am a food addict and one bite can be dangerous (of certain foods)
7. I will have to be patient
8. My losses come in spurts not the same each week
9. If I don't drink as much water I feel bad
10. When I don't eat enough I might binge
11. If I eat smaller meals and snacks I feel full longer and it is easier to last through the day.

Some things that happened (or that I can do) since losing 100 pounds
1 Paint my toenails without hurting my stomach
2. Tie my shoes!
3. Stand for long periods of time without pain
4. Fit into seats better
5. Sleep better and snore less
6. Save my legs without some kind of aerobics in the shower
7. Sweat less when just sitting around (used to always be hot and sweating)
8. I can actually run
9. I do not fear dying young anymore
10. I spend more time with my kids
11. More energy
12. I can climb stairs without being out of breath at the top
13. My skin is looking and feeling better
14. I can wrap my towel around my body
15. I cannot fit into any of my clothes (a good problem to have)
16. I can see shopping in "normal “sizes happening soon
17. My feet got smaller (an entire size)
18. I look younger
19. I feel younger
20. I don't worry about breaking chairs as much
21. My BMI went from 52.9 to 36.4 (no longer in the morbid obesity category)
22. My cholesterol went down
23. I am no longer Pre-diabetic
24. I am excited to get on the scale at the Doctors
25. I am smaller than my husband!!!
26. I have almost lost the weight one of my kids weighs (20 pounds to go)
27. I know when I substitute in classrooms I can run around and play with kids
28. I am loving myself!
29. I have confidence
30. I made some great sparkfriends
31. I know I have my spark friends for support
32. I have ran 5k’s
33. I want to have my picture taken now
34. I feel like a woman not a blob
35. I have less aches and pains
there are many more….

If you are just starting or feel like giving up please don’t!

If you need help ask your spark friends. Mine have been the best support I have ever had!!!!

Even though my journey is not over I am happy about where I am right now!
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