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On the road again...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pain. Is it really just weakness leaving the body? Or is it more likely your body going, "OMGWTF!? What the hell are you DOING to me?? AAAAH!" *snerk* I kept trying to convince myself it's the former, but tomorrow as I hobble around with a severly sore butt I will go with the latter.

Why for all the whining? Well... Today started off bad. Tres mal. I've been rockin' a headache for a while now, and combined with the lack of sleep the last couple nights... and I do mean lack. Right when I'd feel myself nodding off I'd get so excited I'd wake myself up again. Er, whut? O_o Anyway, my inability to sleep is a tragic cocktail of a headache caused by upset tears that started Saturday night, depression and heartache mixed with anxiety on Sunday, more headache and more anxiety on Monday, and all the tossing and turning and worrywarting Monday night. I did manage to catch a nap Monday afternoon, but couldn't sleep for love nor money later on. So, this morning after no sleep and my body starting to reflect my head... grr... I called in and stayed in bed. I started going mildly stircrazy when afternoon hit, feeling guilty over calling off (though I really shouldn't; I need to learn to make my health a top priority. Brainwashed, mebbe?). I went out and picked up all the grocery items I'd been meaning to pick up for the last week or so, also remembering to get a padded envelope for a book I'm loaning the BF, plus his keys he accidentally left behind when he headed back to Arkansas. Silly boy. ^_^ Love him to pieces. Anyway, I thought, since it's such a nice day, why don't I, oh, I dunno, ride my bike to the post office and then to Walgreens to drop off a 'scrip. Can't be too far, maybe 3 miles or so round trip. That is NOTHING. Hell, I used to do 10+ a day when I lived in the 'patch.

Note that it's been 3 years since I lived in the patch and owned a bike. Right now I'm borrowing my sister's bike, and it is radically different from mine. It's way shorter, with about 15 more gears, shocks, and 2 sets of brakes. Mine is taller, more a casual street bike than a rough-n-tumble bike, with only 3 gears and 1 set of brakes. Had to remove the front set 'cuz the tire is wonky and kept rubbing. *sweatdrop* That happens when you accidentally ram it into a fence. Long story. *lol*

So, I throw everything I need in a messenger bag, get on the bike, take off... oh dear gawds. Stop, loosen the seat, pull it up about 6 inches, tighten the seat, take off... stop, loosen, raise, tighten, take off... lather, rinse, repeat. I got about a half mile from the apartment, hop off, wrench the seat into a more comfortable position, one where I don't look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when I ride, and take off once more.

By the time I got to the post office, I thought I was going to pass out. My thighs were burning, my lungs were losing efficiency, and I had this uncomfortable pressure around my ears that told me I was in for an evening of hurt. I felt pretty crappy standing in line at the post office; sweaty, pink faced, panting... I'm sorry, there's only one situation where I enjoy those things, and this wasn't it. *LOL* Anyway, I felt like a lunatic when I went back outside, unchained the bike, and GOT BACK ON THE THING. Really, self? *sigh* I distracted myself by mentally plotting how to get to Walgreens while avoding traffic.

Oh, btw, who forgot to remind me how hilly this town is? For real, the worst part of the 'patch was in the middle of town and could be avoided. My current town is all hills and valleys! GARK. I managed to get to Walgreens without much trouble, ran my errand, bought some water, and started for home.

Here's where it got rather funny. As I'm pushing myself to ride into the wind, I'm thinking I should just give up and walk the friggin' bike home. But instead of giving up, you know what happened? I had a song pop into my head.
ôConquer the weakness, work through the pain,
I can't be defeated, I will remain...
I will not quit!♫
I kept this song running through my head until I got to my street. I think I'm officially adopting this song. XD "Kick Ass" by Egypt Central.

I didn't walk my bike until I got to the last incline. By that time I was exhausted and couldn't push myself at all. No shame. Interestingly enough, when I got back, the stairs up to the apartment were like nothing at all.

So... Wins:
Did not die! *lol*
Discovered some good side streets to ride
Got a feel for an unfamiliar bike
The smell of GREEN. Everything's blossoming and it smells amazing!
Saved gas and was eco-friendly
Drank more water as a result
Got in at least 10 fitness minutes as my sidebar keeps harping on me to do
Completed errands

and... well, the downsides:
My butt will be killing me tomorrow
Bike seat is wonky and wouldn't stay adjusted
Road I live on is tore-up from the floor up
5pm traffic to contend with
Figuring out the gears was a pain in the butt
Almost caught pant legs in chain on several occasions
KILLER inclines
No bike racks to be found

In other news, I'm getting back down to a normal weight faster than anticipated. Normal for me, that is. I went higher than my normal fluctuation because the BF and I sat around doing bupkis, eating whatever tasted good for a week. I've been back on my norm for 3 days now and it's already gone down to the normal high-end of my flex space. Next time I go see him (4 weeks 3 days and counting) I'm really going to have to watch myself.

He is also trying to get back into shape, as I said in a previous entry. He lost 14 pounds since he started running with his mom in the mornings. This last week of Final Fantasy and red meat did not do either of us any favors. *lol* His goal is to get back to how he was in the Marines. He's a solid dude, buff, can lift me off the floor like I'm no bigger than a lapdog, but he's got a bit of chub over the muscle. He wants to get his definition back. My goal is to just get a shape I'm happy with. I just want a waist, that's all. *lol* The belly and side flab has got to go. *nods emphatically*

Enough out of me for the day. Just wanted to state that (finally) got off my arse for a change. :)
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