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Tried Curves and brought a Ninja

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So I clicked on the "Try Curves free for a week" banner and I made my appointment online at the Curves that's about 8 miles from my house.

To join it's about $40-44 depending on how you do payment.
Right now at this Curves, they waive the $99 joining fee if you bring in a bag of non-perishable food for the local food bank.

The hours are weird, open from 7 to 12, then 3 to 7. Don't know if that's how all of them do the hours *shrug*

I have issues using machines because left side weakness from strokes. My left hand has poor fine motor control. I have problems with spasticity which makes it difficult for me to grasp things with my left hand and hold onto them.

I also have some issues with balance, especially in unfamiliar places. It takes me a while to be comfortable when doing new things. My brain does not process instructions like it used to. I used to love aerobic step classes, I would be totally lost if I tried one now because I cannot follow the steps. I would have to practice over and over to get a routine and I would have to do it slow.

The owner was there and two other members. The owner (Rachel) demonstrated each machine, then let me try it. I was super surprised that I was able to do all of the machines without a problem. They have wide handles and were easy to hold on to. The machines are hydraulic resistance strength training machines so they work with how much your pushing or pulling. You don't have to change weights or do anything. I had to stick a booster behind my back for a couple machines due to my vertically challenged 5'1 status. (I'm short).

"The exercise circuit consists of hydraulic resistance strength training machines for the upper and lower body and aerobic recovery stations."

The "recovery station" is a springy board you stand on and march in place or whatever you want to do to keep your heart rate up. You are supposed to do two circuits, plus stretching at the end. They claim it can burn up to 500 calories.

Its supposed to be a full body workout. I can't say yet if it is or not because I was just trying the machines. I am interested in the machine's because its strength training in a controlled setting, guiding me where I should be. I need that help with my disabilities.

My biggest issues will be speed, as you are only supposed to be on each machine for 30 seconds. Yeah, it takes me that long just to position myself! I also don't like the speed in which they do each set, seems to fast. Since 3pm is the dead time at my Curves, Rachel said I could take my time on each machine and not worry about the 30 second rule.

I was see-sawing back and forth about going back today, I really don't want a $40 dollar fee every month but I will try the free week and decide then!

So I will go over at 3 and give it another try, then come home and do a Zombie's Run mission which is about a mile.

I brought a Ninja Master Prep at Walmart for $40 yesterday. My old blender just sucks and will barley work. I made a smoothie yesterday with Greek yogurt, carrots, celery, kale some Almond milk and banana and watermelon. Was the first time the color was not green!

The Ninja has a great lid system so you can just pop it in the fridge without hassle. Me and the boy had a glass, it was pretty tasty. Then this morning I threw in another banana and some frozen blueberries and had another glass. It's good. So far its working great.

Off to do boring stuff like putting away laundry.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh man ... I was so looking forward to the story about bringing a ninja to Curves!

    If the machines can truly compensate for your lifting ability, then Curves is not "the same thing" all the time, it's adapting to your lifting ability as you go.

    A lot of Sparkers do find that Curves is a good start but quickly becomes boring or not enough, though.

    Glad you liked it! Definitely go a few more times in the free week and see if it's something you feel you want to stick with.
    2182 days ago
    See, my problem with the curves model is that it has too much potential for plateauing, you know? If you do the same thing all the time, your body eventually gets used to it, and from what I understand, everyone does the same thing at curves!

    No thanks... I prefer a more open-model plan, myself. To each his own, though. If you like it, awesome! Anything that gets you moving is good. Just don't forget to keep challenging yourself!
    2183 days ago
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