A little worried but dealing with it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hmmmmm, i am a little worried about how much weight i am losing,
i am getting great comments at work about how much difference my efforts are making- i have overhauled my diet so much.. i eat little measl every couple of hours- though my night meal is still big (just not as big now) i still have a beer one day on the weekend and i like my rich foods at night but during the day i am a model healthy eater... a boiled egg or banana around 7am then at 9am a handfull of nuts, 12pm a a meat and salad wrap on rye mountain wraps and 3:30pm a piece of fruit.. i try to make it so im never hungry or if i am its only like 1/2 hour till i eat again, .. my nightly meals are ok, i have cut my portion sizes but they are probably still big sometimes- last night i had 2 small lamp chops- creamy potato bake with salad. i dont eat desert anymore except i might once a week have a small freddo. i cut the coffee and stick to milk with 1 sugar tea. most 3 a day anything else is green tea, except at night i curb the sugar cravings by having a glass of lowe joule cordial mixed with soda water (yummy). ... last week i lost 1.5kg, the week before 1kg, and before that 1.2kg. i am not drastically exercising... IS THIS NORMAL.. i realise i am eating about a quater or the carbs i was eating before and low fat too.. i am wondering if this drastic change in time and amounts of food im eating has powered up my metabolisim or if im not eating enough???
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    A lot of people find that if they are not eating enough their weighloss stalls. So if your weight loss stops for a few weeks, eating more might be something you need to look at.

    I am a bit of a stickler for the SP program - if you use the tracker, it will tell you what your minimum intake should be. If you are eating that for all the categories, I would just go with it.
    If not, you will need to think about if this method of eating is sustainable for you (are you feeling deprived? are you waiting until you lose weight, so you can eat 'normally' again?') and if you are eating enough nutrients to keep well.

    Good luck with finding your way
    2180 days ago
    How are your energy levels?
    Are you tracking your food intake? I would suggest that you put everything into the tracker and make sure that you are eating enough of the essential nutrients as well as enough calories. I always like to have a good protein breakfast and one egg or banana doesn't seem to me to be enough to fuel you up to face the day.
    If you are not so active you will need less food of course - listen to your body - make sure that each food you choose is healthy - not empty of good nutrition - my research shows that around 1 kg per week is desirable - usually more is lost at the beginning and loss slows later. As long as you are meeting your needs for calories and nutrients - you are doing well. Enjoy the great feeling as your body gets healthier!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2180 days ago
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